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"Star Vacation": what kind of hotel to choose for a trip - a fast and convenient way to search and book hotel rooms in more than 548,000 hotels in 205 countries of the world.Its simple and accessible interface allows in a few seconds to pick the best option of accommodation.On can view the most economical offers, sorting hotels by necessary parameters by means of special filters.Picking liked option, you can instantly book it and pay for the stay.In addition to can view photos and hotel rooms, and also has the best reviews of guests.These advantages make it much easier choice service hotels, especially when you consider that is completely free resource.

So, first you have to understand that there is no single international hotel classification.Yes, there is the well-known "stars", "crown" and even their literal counterparts, but often the "star" hotels in various countries differ substantially from each other.For example, a typical 5 stars hotel in Egypt inferior in quality four-star Boutique Seven Days

in Prague.Therefore, when choosing a hotel to better focus on its actual title, reviews of former visitors and the purpose of your trip.

Hostel: budget option for young people

most economical option, of course, the hostel.This is the most popular place of residence of young people who prefer to budget leisure activities.The hostel is an analogue of the student hostel, where guests provided only in a multi-bed room.Typically Capacity in a room varies from 4 to 8-12.Cost of living in this room is quite acceptable for a purse of the average student.In addition to the bed to provide customer service shared shower, safe, and sometimes breakfast.Do not rush to exclude this type of accommodation, as many European hostels have nothing to do with familiar to us all "dorm."For example, you will be pleasantly surprised by a cozy atmosphere in one of the best hostels Petersburg Graffiti L.

Traveling with the whole family!

course, hostels are not suitable for travelers with children.In this case - only the standard of the hotel or apartment.To accommodate the whole family in a hotel room is best to choose Triple or Family Room.In the first room you are waiting for two full adult beds and a sofa, which can put the child.Family Room is a room is bigger than the standard and has a separate sleeping room for children.Typically, Family Room are in hotels Level 3 stars and above.It is also beneficial to remove large family apartments - apartments, small houses, or separate buildings on site.

Business hotels for business trips

for serious business travel is best to stay in special business hotels, which have all the necessary conditions for work.It offers guests not only quality service and good facilities, but also free internet access, fax machines, computers, telephones and other office equipment.The best business hotel in the business capitals of the world: New York, London, Hong Kong.Successfully combine business trip and a good vacation can be, for example, by visiting The Hesperia Ramblas in Barcelona.

complete rest in a resort-hotel

For those who go on vacation to the beach resort is the perfect accommodation in a resort-hotel.On its territory there is everything you need: several swimming pools, beach, spa, gym, disco, restaurant and even a cinema.Resort-Hotel is built so that tourists can enjoy vacation without leaving its limits.Good examples of this type of hotel complexes hotels Burasari Resort and Pattaya Discovery Beach Hotel Chic Tower in Thailand.