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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, or where to go on vacation in the spring

Where to go on holiday in March

March - a great time to explore the old Europe, as well as an exotic holiday on the ocean coast.And what do you prefer?

  1. Italy.Although the carnival held in Venice month earlier, still in March - a great time to visit the diverse and temperamental Italy.Kholodov had no thins stream shopaholics in Milan and south Apppenin - ever hospitable and friendly to the guests.The biggest advantage of the March trip to the home of Michelangelo and Dante - a small number of tourists, reasonable prices in hotels and no queues at the most famous Italian landmarks.

  2. France.Lovers of unusual traditions happy chosen in March - a vacation in France.Namely - in Nice.After all, in the first month of spring is held a grand parade - famous carnival in Nice.Although the sea is still cool, many tourists that did not bother.The main thing - is to immerse your head in a bright color "city holiday".

  3. Goa.Southern state of India, Goa, in March, still continues to receive tourists from all
    over the world.Let the March weather in the resort become hotter, but the flow of tourists and much shallower.So, you can relax with the whole family on the banks of the majestic and delectable Indian Ocean.

  4. Egypt.Another great option for lovers of exotic holiday and warm sea - rest on the Egyptian coast.Air temperatures at this time - the most comfortable for relaxing, yet fierce heat, but not cold.Yes, and you can find the right hotel easily.Especially because most of them work on a convenient "all inclusive".

Where to go on vacation in April

  1. Thailand.The rainy season, which falls in the spring, deters many tourists and hotels because at this time are unusually quiet and thin.However, those who like to save money on vacation, but it can not indulge in a trip to the exotic coast of Southeast Asia, is pleased to choose a vacation in April in Thailand.After all, prices in this time there are sharply down, the ocean water - a comfortable temperature, and no unbearable heat.Although, it should be noted, the humidity at this time is high enough.

  2. Spain.The legendary island of Tenerife unusually good for a holiday in April.In particular, for the tourists that do not tolerate heat.And though the ocean waters warmed enough yet gentle spring sunshine, do not confine only on a beach holiday.Tasting local wines, sample authentic paella and learn to dance flamenco - dance main burning Spanish beauties and beauties.

  3. Greece.Dreamlike beauty of Santorini and Crete mythical Travel Cyprus and ancient Athens.Greece in April - wonderful!Comfortable, mild maritime climate, not yet crowded to overflowing hotels and easy access to the ancient shrines and tourist attractions.

Where to go on vacation in May

beginning of May - the time of long-awaited May holidays.So many to think seriously about where to spend the first days of May with pleasure and benefit.

  1. Czech Republic.The Czech capital of Prague is striking in its extraordinary beauty and ancient history.Moreover, Prague is so close ... To see her legendary landmarks, enjoy the famous Czech beer with a head dive into the mysterious labyrinth of ancient streets - is not this the best holiday for lovers of the May holiday?

  2. Turkey.Vacation in May in Turkey - is one hundred percent guarantee that you will have time to sunbathe, as the fun to many tourist attractions, and relax on the Mediterranean coast.Temperatures here in May - the most comfortable for those who can not stand the heat.Yes, and the tourist season is not yet in full swing.Traditionally delight and accommodation prices in Turkish hotels.So if you have not decided where to go on holiday cheap in May - pay attention to the rich tradition and entertainment Turkey.