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Diets for weight gain

Not much there men who are attracted to thin persons.Moreover, together guys (and ladies with curvaceous) "paste" them hurtful labels.However, women are not always to blame for their thinness.Most often, weight loss and, accordingly, explained the forms of hormonal disorders.Also lead to the depletion of thinness and allergic reactions, lack of sleep, chronic stress, bouts of depression, digestive disorders.So before you go on a diet to gain weight it is necessary to determine the causes of weight loss.Thereafter, the composition may be adjusted, and diet more efficiently.The selected mode should be introduced gradually in order to avoid overloading of the body.It is important to comply with regularity.You can not start a diet and it is premature to end, going to a whole other options.

the early stages of the diet should consist of low-calorie dishes.The total number of calories consumed per day should not exceed 3000 - 3500 Kcal.Proteins thus should be approximately 15%, half of - preferably of animal

origin (130 - 150 grams per day).Fat - not more than 30%.Carbohydrates - not more than 55%.With such a diet may increase the acidity of the body.To reduce the acidity can be taken with food cooking (ideally olive) oil in the amount of three teaspoons a day (in salads or just).Choosing a diet for weight gain, avoid excess carbohydrates.Excess carbohydrates lead to excess fat mass, which is why on the hips and waist may be additional folds.

Refer to the following tips for weight gain:

- before a meal (within 30 minutes), drink half a cup of fruit or vegetable juice.

- Eat four times a day in small portions at a certain time.

- Avoid food after intense exercise.

- Include in the diet to improve digestion beans, pasta, white bread, fruit, sugar, honey, mineral salts, juices.Eat vitamins.

- Eat rationally.Every day, the diet should be varied.

Breakfast. to diet for weight gain will be the best variety of breakfast cereals, omelettes with milk, cottage cheese, cocoa, cheese.Do not eat every morning the same.Kashi cook from different cereals, a filler is added (nuts, honey, dried fruit), alternate products.Control the amount of food intake.If you diet for weight - it does not mean that you can eat everything in any quantity.Any diet, even for a set of masses, is first of all control their desires.Uncontrolled power will make the body flabby and not appetizing.

Lunch. veal meat and poultry should be the basis of your dinner.Meat boil, simmer or cook for a couple.Increase the number of fishing days to two.Marine fish most useful steamed, so as not to boil useful minerals.Garnish choose at your discretion, but better cooked and steamed vegetables until nothing came up.To fish or meat, steamed, were tasty, they can be quite a bit of fry.

Snack. You can make any salad at lunch, snacks, exotic oriental dishes with nuts, dried apricots and raisins.Try a variety of variations.Feel free to use new combinations of vegetables, herbs, spices and various delicacies.But remember - this is not a second dinner, and afternoon tea.Do not overload.

Dinner. For evening suit casseroles, eggs in any form, desserts.Dinner should be nutritious and satisfying, to not want to eat at night.But you can not overeat at night.

Following a diet to gain weight, you can make a more feminine body shape.But it must comply with the measure to the pursuit of femininity did not develop into obesity.If you really want to have between planned meals, you can make a snack banana, light soup or gruel.

Do not eat very cold or very hot writing - sudden temperature changes slow down the production of enzymes that help absorb nutrients.By following a diet for weight gain is required to engage in physical exercise.Physical exercise in the gym or on your own, together with power supply option will help transform the calories consumed in the muscle, rather than fat.