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Correct score a few kilos - a difficult task

correctly dial a few kilos - a difficult task, like to deal with it must be carefully and accurately.After all, you want to get better not by hanging rastolstevshie abdomen or buttocks, and has certainly not due to sagging double chin.Wanting to get better, many girls dream to purchase a pleasant roundness, get rid of bulging bones and clear lines of the figure.To achieve such a result is possible only with proper planning diet and combining it with exercise.Yes, in order to get better, you will also have to follow a diet!

main mistakes that women who want to gain a few kilos, this is what they begin to eat a lot while choosing the high-calorie and do not bring the health benefits of foods.This can result in the opposite effect.Diet for "tolsteyuschih" certainly means more nutritious food, but its essence is different.

To begin, it is necessary to understand the day you consume proteins, fats and carbohydrates.Most of the daily food should be, of course, proteins and carbohydrates.Proteins are respons

ible in this case for the building of muscle tissue, ensure the normal functioning of the whole organism.For weight gain tedious to calculate the amount of protein consumed per day: this amount is calculated simply - on 1 kg of your weight falls 2g carbohydrates.The protein should be of animal, and not of vegetable origin.Give preference to chicken meat or fish.Also, to make up for the rest of the protein using products such as milk, yogurt, cottage cheese.

Carbohydrates supply the body with essential life energy.If you eat fewer carbohydrates than necessary, the body will use the protein reserves, which will reduce the growth of muscle fibers.The main suppliers of carbohydrates - no muffins and cereals, potatoes and pasta.

Fats should come into your body with oil, which is rich in vitamin E, which in turn affects our good looks.

best to count your daily diet calorie food on the tables, assessing the necessary calories, you should "consume" per day.The overall increase in calories consumed per day should not exceed 500-800kkal.If a healthy person should consume in a day 2000kkal, then for those who want to gain weight this number increases to 2500kkal.It is better to increase the caloric content of food in a day, and during the week, so you do not overload your digestive system and will not harm the body.

Diet person to gain weight, should be strictly regular.You should not experience acute feelings of hunger, from food to substances carry out their functions.Instead of three meals a day is your daily diet should consist of 5-6 meals.Sample menu

person to gain weight.

Breakfast: cottage cheese with fruit or nuts or oatmeal with milk and honey, white bread with butter and cheese, tea with milk or coffee with cream.

Second breakfast: boiled egg, yogurt, juice.

Lunch: salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with sour cream or vegetable oil, meat soup, meat cutlet with garnish (mashed potatoes or pasta), bread, milk tea or coffee with milk.

Afternoon snack: fruit or vegetable salad, milk or yogurt, cookies.

Dinner: scrambled eggs or cottage cheese casserole, fish, steamed or baked, bread, tea with milk.

course such a diet should be combined with regular physical activity.Physical activity also should be selected properly, it is better to engage in strength training, contributing to an increase in muscle: pull-ups, push-ups, exercise with dumbbells.Engage need for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week.Do thin people usually their individual "problem" areas, so it is best at first to turn to a fitness instructor who will make you a set of necessary exercises individually for your figure.

Do not forget that improve metabolism swimming and breathing exercises, resulting in the strengthening of bone and muscle tissue.

Council for gaining weight: do not expect that if all the necessary conditions for your muscles begin to grow very quickly, such a result does not happen ever.In this case, you need to have a lot of patience exposure.Often the process of gaining weight takes a long time.Do not use artificial drugs for rapid muscle growth, they only hurt your health.Follow the diet and exercise, and you will achieve the desired result.After all, beauty requires sacrifice!

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