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Discharge day: tips nutritionist

How useful fasting days?

Fasting days are particularly necessary and useful in cases of:

  • strong overeating and remedy its consequences;

  • during the process of weight loss;

  • to reduce the volume of the stomach, because, as a rule, serving food in the fasting day low;

  • to consolidate the results of weight loss.

How to choose your discharge day

In an effort to reduce the number of extra kilos worth thinking about how to allocate your stomach for one day a week for fasting day.To do this, do not neglect the advice of a nutritionist.Even with the well-being there is a risk to choose the wrong products for the discharge of the day and thus provoke unpleasant consequences for themselves, and sometimes even the development of diseases.

Do not confuse fasting day hunger because the body is not experiencing stress, get a certain, albeit minimal amount of food.Food in the fasting days is to limit the pair of natural products.

nutritionist in each particular case, it selects the appropr

iate discharge day.This is really important because with proper selection of body easier to tolerate this day and in the psychological and physiological sense.Whether or buckwheat kefir, it is also recommended that these products have been loved by the patient.

What are fasting days?

Fasting days are classified as follows:

  • carbohydrate group - rice, cucumber, apple, buckwheat days;

  • protein group - is kefir, cottage cheese, meat, fish;

  • fat group - a creamy, dairy fasting days.

How to spend fasting days?

There are general guidelines, regardless of the type of discharge of the day, to be followed:

  • during the unloading of the day increases the number of times the meal up to 8 or even 10 times;

  • important point is the use of water.For the whole day you need to drink at least 2.5 liters;

  • necessary to alternate food fasting day.

Good to know!

There are diseases in which it is impossible to choose the fasting day, in certain types of severe mental or neurological disorders such nature day contraindicated.All other patients fasting day you can pick up, given the characteristics of a particular organism.When kidney disease, for example, do not unload the body by means of eggs and protein foods, in peptic ulcer disease - should avoid citrus fruits and vegetables, people suffering from constipation should not arrange rice fasting days.