Fasting days // On juice

How to arrange fasting days on the juice

To juice diet should be ready in a week, excluding the fake food - mayonnaise, ketchup, fried and smoked food.Should eat steamed vegetables, whole wheat bread, cereals from whole grains, salads, soups.

For dessert should eat fruit and yogurt.The day before unloading only eat cereals, vegetables, fruits, green tea with honey.Drink plenty of clean water (at least 2 liters per day).

Fasting days: how to conduct

These days help the body get rid of harmful savings and throw a couple of extra kilos.The volume of the stomach is reduced, and if you do not go for a meal the next day, the portions that you need to be reduced.

can arrange fasting days, based on different variants.For example, drink 2 tablespoons.juice instead of the meals.You can not drink pure juice and dilute it with water beforehand at a ratio of 1: 1.

If to this day you rarely drank juice, you must first enable the body to get used to them.For this drink juice for breakfast and afternoon tea.If you have high acidity, it must be carefu

lly defined with juice, t. To. You are contraindicated many kinds.

If you find it difficult to hold a full day only on the juice, the juice with pulp is suitable.It will help satisfy your body needs carbohydrates and fiber will satisfy your stomach.

Types juices, suitable for handling days

drink only fruit juices during this diet is not recommended because of the high content of fructose and calories.Therefore, they should be alternated with the juices of vegetables or mix them in all possible combinations.

For this purpose, perfect celery juice, deducing toxins and excess fluid from the body.In addition, it low-calorie.In pure form, it is not very pleasant to drink, so adding to other types of juice is very beneficial.It blends perfectly with fruit and vegetable juices.And helps to lose weight.

Pumpkin juice you can drink in the pure form or in combination with other juices.In its composition it contains pectin, vitamins and minerals.It helps to improve the functioning of the intestines, cleansing the kidneys and liver, and, in addition, helps to burn fat.For better choose unsweetened juice pumpkin.It has more minerals and fewer calories.

Watermelon juice is not mixed with anything.You can drink all day and there is a fruit pulp.At 100 grams of watermelon accounts for 38 calories, but it fills fairly quickly.This beautifully berry flushes the kidneys and liver, resulting in normal metabolism, reduces swelling, improves complexion and skin condition.Watermelon contains a huge amount of vitamin C and B vitamins per day per 10 kg weight can eat 1 kg of watermelon flesh and part in the form of juice.

Apple juice is the best juice for the population of Russia.This juice is always available and it contains almost all the human body substances.The ripe apples contain a huge amount of pectin, perfectly cleanses the intestines and causing digestion to normal.Apple juice restores metabolism, perfectly nourishes and energizes.Acidic varieties of data much preferred the sweet fruit.Apple juice can be mixed with a variety of fruit and vegetable juices.

morning at breakfast you can enjoy a glass of apple juice with pulp, and already during the day mixed with vegetable juice.The perfect combination - apples and carrots.

Carrot juice is a fount of carotene, various vitamins, micro and macro.It should drink to people with poor health.

Beet juice contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and sucrose and a positive effect on the blood.

You can prepare a mixture of carrot and beet juices.Mix the juice of carrots and beets in the ratio 2: 1, and drink for 2-3 hours in the morning or afternoon.You can eat in parallel pomace (100 g), t. To. They are rich in fiber.This mixture to cleanse the body.It should drink well for atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes.

Freshly squeezed fruit juices are recommended to drink during the day, but it should be remembered that they stimulate appetite and fat in them is not very much.Because of this suffering intestine, irritate the stomach.Therefore, you should mix these juices with vegetable juices.

Perfectly cleanses and also rejuvenates the cucumber juice.This juice is also known as juice beauty.In its composition has the trace minerals that strengthen hair and help to improve the skin condition.For a day is recommended to drink no more than 1 liter of cucumber juice, and at one time - 100 ml.With this juice perfectly match the juice of tomatoes, sweet peppers and courgettes.

The day you can drink 8 to 14 glasses of juice of different fruits and vegetables.Apple juice blends with carrot and tomato juice, carrot - with cabbage and cucumber juice.

in fasting days, reduce physical and mental stress, walk more.

After unloading of the day not to throw food, and eat small portions of cereal, fruit, yogurt, yogurt.

Since juices lots of useful elements and their compounds may have a strong effect on the body, accustomed to eating unreal.It is best suited for handling days following juices:

  • peach;
  • plum;
  • apricot;
  • pear;
  • apple.

In no case do not take this medication daily.These combinations may cause allergic reactions and attacks of chronic diseases.

Fasting days on the juice is best done in the summer or autumn, when many vegetables and fruits of the new harvest.During this period, you allow your body to receive the necessary material and get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

juice of the fruit, which lay all winter, will not do much good, but you can try to lose weight on them.Just keep in mind that will have to take extra vitamins and various trace elements.