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Menu and rules for handling the day

Rules of.

  • The first thing to remember - this is the frequency of treatments.Spending should be 1-2 times a week.
  • Fasting days on the composition of acceptable products can be divided into 4 groups: carbohydrate, fat, protein and combined.It is easier to rest the body is transferred to the protein diet, which includes meat, cheese, fish, yogurt and fat diet, which allows the use of sour cream and cream products.So to start the fight against obesity is easier with such fasting days.
  • For efficiency, you can arrange two consecutive fasting day, but it provided a good tolerability of hunger.

carbohydrate diet for fasting days involves selection of products, which include complex carbohydrates and fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals, namely fresh fruits, vegetables and berries: unsweetened varieties of apples, plums, cherries, currants, watermelon, cucumber, tomato and others.Proteins and fats in the diet these days because it is necessary to exclude the possibility.Should eat foods raw small

portions 150 g five times a day at regular time intervals.The fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, so drinking extra fluid is not recommended.

During fat fasting day can 500 g of 20% sour cream or cream divided into 5 equal portions and eat during the day at regular times.Twice a day is necessary to drink the infusion of rose hips or coffee with milk (one glass, sugar excluded).The result will be activated enzymes break down fats, the conversion of carbohydrates into fat will be suspended, and the pancreas will be able to relax.

in protein fasting days allowed 4 times a day to eat 150 grams of cottage cheese with a dollop of sour cream or 6 times a day to drink 250 ml of yogurt.Can also twice daily drinking cup of coffee with milk sugar.Such fasting days a beneficial effect on the body's metabolism and increase the activity of enzymes responsible for breaking down fats.

For the meat of the day boil 450 grams of lean meat and distribute it to 5 servings.Drink a cup of coffee with milk and 2 cups of rosehip infusion 3 times a day.Sugar excluded.

combined or integrated fasting days designed for the use of similar composition products.It can be rice and apples, yogurt and cottage cheese, meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, and so on. D. Eat foods should be 3 times a day portions of 200-250 g

For those who practice double discharge day , it is recommended to choose the first day of meat, and the second - vegetables or sour cream.Changing menu of the day is not necessary, but it is desirable to take food away from those who do not follow the diet.This will help to better cope with hunger.Night sleep should be prolonged, at least 9 hours.

Recommendations for handling weeks.

based diet - it soup for weight loss .To prepare it, you will need 6 medium onions, some fresh or canned tomatoes, not very large head of cabbage, a pair of green pepper, celery, and vegetable stock cube.Vegetables, cut, cover with water, add broth, salt and pepper to taste, you can use any spices and seasonings.Bring to boil and keep on high heat for 10 minutes.Then the fire abated and cook until tender vegetables.The soup is ready.

There is a need to dish every day, every time there hunger.In addition to soup, the menu should include those products which are recommended for a particular day diet week.As usual, do not fasting days, soup for weight loss should not be there.

menu by day.

first day: you can eat soup, fruit (except bananas).Beverages - coffee, tea without milk or sugar, water or cranberry juice.

Second day: soup, vegetables in any form, greens.For lunch permitted Baked potato with butter.Under the ban corn, beans, peas, fruit and all drinks except water.

third day: soup, fruits and vegetables.You can not bananas, baked potatoes and beans.You can drink the water.

fourth day: soup, vegetables and fruits.You can eat up to 3 bananas.Drinks - water and skim milk.

Fifth day: soup, beef (600 g) fresh or pickled tomatoes.It is recommended that on this day to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water.

Sixth day: soup, beef and vegetables.Drink water and refrain from baked potatoes.

seventh day: soup, brown rice, fruit juices without added sugar, water.Permission is granted to add any spices to the soup.

a result of this week's diet, if all the recommendations, it is possible to lose 5-9 kg of excess weight.

If you missed any day diet - do not worry, you can resume it at any time.Start it at the same time it is necessary from the first day.

On the diet you need to give up alcohol, carbonated drinks and bread.It is not allowed to fry foods and fat added to food (except for Baked potato with butter on a certain day).You can drink alcohol after the course, 24 hours.

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