Fasting days // Kefir

Miracle kefir unloading days

Do not rush - at the correct weight loss has its own philosophy.If you use the miraculous kefir unloading days can be slowly but surely, without much efforts and rigid restrictions in meal to lose weight and at the same time get rid of problems with the intestines.In general, if you use a lot of your issues, whether overweight or intestinal disease disappear.Dairy products help you lose weight - the conclusion made by nutritionists.Long-term observations of scientists for a group of women between the ages of eighteen and thirty years showed that when included in their diet of dairy products rich in potassium, the process of parting with excess weight took a much easier.Immediately the question arises.But what actually happens during the use of kefir, and how extraordinary and supernatural properties it possesses?
Firstly, in yogurt contains a substantial amount of potassium, which displays good sodium from the body and the excess liquid.So, if often consume yogurt then removed from the body of the sodiu

m salt, and sodium, it is known to retain water, which accumulates in the tissues and this causes swelling.That is, yogurt - a great diuretic.
Secondly, yogurt contains a small amount of carbohydrates, it has a low calorie content.
Third, in yogurt contains specific lactic acid bacteria that restore intestinal flora, regulate the gastro-intestinal tract, it helps get rid of constipation, cleanses the body of harmful toxins and revitalizes the whole body.
Efficiency kefir diets tested on himself and public people.Known singer Larisa Dolina, constantly adheres to one embodiment of kefir diet.

But let's move from theory to practice.Probably everyone knows about what experiences overload the entire gastrointestinal tract after holiday feasts.Two or three-day marathon of holiday feast can inflict harm and to give you an extra kilogram of weight.After the holidays, many note that they exhibit greed for food, the appetite becomes brutal.What kind of food to eat the next day after the sabbath, on which you have tried all of mayonnaise salads, destroyed more than one piece of chicken and heartily regaled cake?But if you are on the limit the next day calorie of food consumed, or arrange Kefir discharge date, then all you have absorbed the eve of goodies will not be reflected on your figure.For handling of the day, you must first buy a minimum of 1.5 - 2 liters of yogurt and a bottle of mineral water.During the day, consume two liters of yogurt prepared in divided doses (every 3 hours).Kind of yogurt can be anything: from fruit to bifidokefir.You can also take the place of Kefir yogurt drink (250 ml yogurt 1 tbsp. L. Hawthorn juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon) - this drink will give a great energy boost for the day.
should not forget: in Kefir discharge day can not take any other products more than water.Drink water or mineral spring is better but without the gas.If your fasting days coincide with the workers, bring a liter of yogurt package to work and eat small amounts of food throughout the day.If the fasting day fell on a weekend, it will be helpful to go somewhere out of town, without taking anything with him from eating except miracle yogurt.
is necessary to note that the acidity of the stomach sour yogurt is better to replace the weak, and an exacerbation of ulcer or gastritis yogurt drink is not recommended.
not necessary to keep buying in a store ready to yogurt, you can cook it yourself.We must remember that milk is fermented at t 20-25 ° C.First time as a leaven must still use yogurt, store-bought.Add it to be in such proportions: 2 tablespoons0.5 liters of milk.And in the days that followed have made use yogurt as a leaven.
If many diets are fraught with unpleasant consequences, such as metabolic disorders, or rather a set of even more kilos, the day fasting days kefir quite harmless and beneficial if done regularly - once a week or once every 10 days.Besides the effect of weight loss, held regularly kefir fasting days will help clean your digestive tract will establish peristalsis, by restoring microflora, improve the functioning of the liver and cardiovascular system.

remind you that contraindication for the use of yogurt is almost nonexistent.It is not recommended to drink yogurt only when general plethora, rheumatism, gout, since these diseases intake of excessive amounts of acid is undesirable.But most importantly - kefir diet is not harmful to health.
Be healthy and drink kefir!