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How to spend fasting days

How to spend fasting days.If you follow the exact wording, the so-called "slag" are non-combustible residues digestion.As for harm are in the body toxins, it is the concept of a medical point of view, at least controversial.In cooking wastes are identified with ballast substances, popularly known as slag everything accumulates in our body as a result of unhealthy lifestyles and are often deposited in the body for very long, and not necessarily that they are the cause of completeness, although in any case a significant effect onWellness.

All of which makes now your diet for a long time contain a minimum of calories, but a maximum of vitamins and substances that stimulate the activity of the digestive system.Thus washed and unnecessary body substances, some of which have an adverse effect on his condition.

Even after you are through diet achieved the desired result, start a family at times fasting day.That will help you enjoy a festive dinner.And it does not matter, you'll be in the diet eat only vegeta

bles or fruit, or just cheese or yogurt, most important, to this day there was a strong sense of hunger.Perhaps you will not strong headache, possibly irritation and an uncontrollable urge to satisfy hunger, come what may.

each fasting day, start always with the usual breakfast.It should not be less than 200 calories, and even better 300. Breakfast should contain a lot of carbohydrates and fiber.First of all, take care of dietary fiber, especially if during the day you eat foods in which they are little or not at all, for example, drink juice or eat animal products.In that case, the breakfast is recommended to eat a slice of bread from wheat flour.Then your body gets sufficient amount of dietary fiber and carbohydrates that will give you the necessary energy for the morning bustle.

breakfast is best, take a piece of bread from wheat flour with bran or two slices of crisp bread and wholemeal bran, smeared them with a thin layer of low-fat margarine, butter or mayonnaise.Drink coffee or tea without sugar, or even better a glass of fruit juice vegetable silt.In the fasting days, when you include in your diet only grapes, fruit or juice, be sure to eat for breakfast boiled egg.

Even if during the diet you allow yourself to drink a glass of wine, beer or champagne - in the fasting days do not do it ever.The most suitable drinks for the day - mineral water, green tea or fruit compote without sugar, and occasionally as a means of invigorating black tea.Coffee is best avoided, as it contains a negative impact on a relatively empty stomach substance.

That day should drink at least two liters of fluid.On the one hand, the body is required to purify the liquid, that is, for the conclusions of the nutrients that it is during the fasting day will borrow from their fat reserves.On the other hand, a fluid-filled stomach smaller signals the feeling of hunger.

Vegetable day.

on all day to distribute about 1.5 kg of vegetables.Prepare the vegetables in their raw form, they chewed slowly and as a result cause a feeling of satiety.

Cooked vegetables with fresh herbs supplement to make up for the lack of vitamins.All vegetables are classified into four meals.For breakfast, eat an additional 200 grams of salad from raw vegetables, as a second breakfast drink low-fat milk yogurt.

For lunch, eat 700 grams of any vegetables, stewed in the vegetable broth cubes in the afternoon again 200gramm raw vegetables, and dinner - 400 grams of cooked vegetables on the plate.


On this day you will only 600 grams of sauerkraut, better svezhezakvashennoy from the barrel.For lunch, eat 300 grams of boiled cabbage, along with 150 grams of boiled potatoes.At lunch and dinner, eat 150 grams of sauerkraut, mix with half the grated apple.For breakfast, be sure to prepare yourself boiled egg and a glass of vegetable juice.As a second breakfast, eat a small banana, and in the afternoon an additional 150 grams of grapes.

This diet is not recommended for thrombosis, for sauerkraut like no other product provides - vitamin "K".

Grape Day

this day you can eat 2 kilograms of grapes, 250 grams for the first breakfast.The rest of the spread on four receptions.Buy a not very sweet grapes and the best arrange a diet on Saturday."Treatment" can cause grapes relatively loose stools, from which the next day, so easy to get rid of: eat only crackers or crusty bread for lunch eat mashed additionally flavored with lemon juice, a banana.As a cook drink black tea or tea made from fennel.

Cottage cheese and yogurt

Take 500 grams of low fat cottage cheese and 300 grams of yogurt.Cottage cheese is apportioned as follows: 100 grams for breakfast and 200 grams for lunch and dinner, with cheese supplement ordinary breakfast.Yogurt drink for lunch and afternoon tea, along with it, drink 100 ml of vegetable or freshly squeezed orange juice.

Breakfast pound cheese with a small amount of mineral water, and for lunch and dinner, each time with 100 ml of skim milk.Spice up his greens, grated onion, pepper and any sea salt.For lunch, eat an additional 100 grams of potatoes in their skins for dinner - a piece of crusty bread.

Fruit Day

Buy 1.5 kg of any fruit or berries, and is preferable to buy apples, pears and bananas because of the high content of fiber.Bananas are weighed in a purified form.

Breakfast certainly drink 1/8 liter of low-fat milk, and in the afternoon - 150 grams of low-fat dairy yogurt, so that the body received sufficient amounts of protein.As the main drink is best suited fruit compote.


this day you are sure to experience a strong sense of hunger.Arrange a diet, only when you have a calm and good humor.

For breakfast, drink an additional 1000 ml of juice from sauerkraut.Then the whole day spread 1.5 liters vegetable or fruit juices without sugar.Additionally, you can drink 0.5 liters of mineral water.

Rice and apple fasting day

for it, you will need 500 grams of apples and 300 grams of cooked without salt unprocessed rice (from 100 grams of uncooked rice).From apple - peel and core - to cook mashed potatoes, rub it through a sieve and season with sweetener, cinnamon, ginger powder, then mixed with unsalted rice.The dish is divided into three portions of 200 grams for breakfast, lunch and dinner and two portions of 100 grams for lunch, and an afternoon snack.On this day you should give up the usual breakfast.Lunch supplement cooked soft-boiled egg or a piece of beef, weighing 150 grams, grilled.

The same can arrange fasting days in a row twice, if you want to arrange the three unloading consecutive days for each day, choose different diets to ensure a balanced diet.Before each diet should consult with a specialist.

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