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Efficient low-calorie diet

low-calorie diet based on the fact that when a person begins to reduce energy intake to the desired level, then switched to the body to consume fat reserves.Same way, the active weight reduction is carried out not long, but effectively, for 2 weeks to 7 kg.Gradually, the body gets used to the low-calorie meals, working effectively with the need of a small amount of food.

low-calorie diet - deficiencies
Disadvantages low-calorie diet depends on the person.There are a number of methods and techniques for the successful solution of this problem.Need a psychological preparation to ensure that spending diet, know the principles of diet.

rules and guidelines for low-calorie diet
Caloric intake should not be reduced below the calculated individual level.If a person will tend to lose weight quickly, it will lead him to the opposite result, the body can not tolerate such loads.A low-calorie diet, he will accept, as a signal of hunger and will take measures to quickly digest the food consumed and compensa

te for the lost fat reserves when the power returns to normal.

low-calorie diet is effective and easy for 2 weeks allows you to lose up to six kilograms.Weight decreases rapidly, and immediately see the result.It should be taken seriously in a low-calorie diet.Products must be chosen with a low-carb, count calories daily.The daily ration of women should not be greater than 900-1000 calories per day and no more than 1500 calories in men.In view of the caloric content of products can make the menu, and use those products that contribute to weight loss, and that burn fat.

reduces insulin levels, reduces hunger, reduces the desire to eat.Boost immunity and cleanse your body of toxins grapefruit juice, when mixed with citrus juice.If before dinner to eat a quarter of grapefruit, you can burn 800 calories.

Green tea
It is rich in various antioxidants, which protect the blood vessels, heart, and affect the metabolic processes in the body.It should be drinking 5 cups of green tea a day and lose 70 calories.Eat it should be half an hour after a meal.

thins the blood, cleanses the intestines, stimulates digestion.The main properties of pineapple - the splitting of protein and fat burning in the cells.The process itself occurs within 24 hours after consumption.If possible, you need to use it every day.

Displays the body of excess water and, in addition, asparagus is delicious.If it is consumed every day for 14 days with 500 grams, you can lose up to 3 kilos.

Pears and apples are a good fit between meals, as a snack, they are rich in pectin.Pine nuts can also be used for a snack, they are good in salads and reduce appetite.

Cold soups body is saturated, and the process of saturation is stored for a long time, the digestion cold soup consumed a lot of calories.Fish is well digested, with no excess fat is deposited.Raspberries, fresh or frozen in any amount breaks down fat and easy to digest.

low-calorie diet menu

breakfast - oatmeal, green tea and asparagus.

2nd breakfast - one medium pear or apple.

Lunch - Beef broth with herbs, green tea and ¼ of the grapefruit.

Snack - 30 grams of almonds, orange.

Dinner - steam fish without salt, pineapple.

low-calorie diet - 4 days in the cottage cheese and bananas

low-calorie diet by taking into account calorie foods works wonders.Kilograms go away immediately, but after 5 days, but the extra weight will not be returned.We offer you the option of effective low-calorie diet: a banana, cottage cheese.According to experts, if every day to eat bananas and cottage cheese for 4 days, you can lose up to 3 kg.

This diet is used for cleansing the body of harmful substances, and in order to lose weight.Simple enough diet, you need to eat throughout the 1st and 3rd day of fruits and cheese.
And for the 2nd and 4th day should eat bananas, and foods with a high content of protein.During banana curd diet is necessary to use the liquid in large quantities.This may be unsweetened green tea and non-carbonated mineral water.To get the maximum effect, you should still combine diet with exercise.

Such food should be repeated no more than 1 time per month.In order not to cause harm to the body, it is necessary to fulfill this condition.This diet is well tolerated, it is not necessary to apply to the person who uses this diet for the first time.Separately need to select the menu of the day banana and cheese.

Finally, add that a low-fat diet allows the body to effective way to lose weight that the lost weight will not be returned.Compose your diet, experiment and do not forget the basic rules of a separate food.By following them, you will not only lose weight but also improve health.