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How to calculate the daily calories

Calories - what is it?

Calorie - a unit of heat, formed as a result of mastering this or that food.Carbohydrates are considered to be the main source of energy value.With their failure begins to burn proteins and fats, which in normal supply of carbohydrates consumed for other purposes.It is proved that in a gram of fat contains approximately nine calories per gram as protein and carbohydrates - about four calories.But the majority of used products we have an inhomogeneous structure, and therefore caloric each product will have its own (one hundred grams of product).The calorie content indicated in kilocalories (1000 calories = 1 kcal).The most high-calorie foods are high in fat.There are norms of calories with the amount of their consumption can be compared using a table of caloric.

How many calories is optimal for humans?

different contingents of people require different amounts of calories.For example, the male body needs more calories than women because men all metabolic processes proceed mor

e intensively on the basis of which require a large expenditure of energy.More energy, and therefore calories, requires the young growing organism, and in old age, exceeding the number of calories can be harmful because such a body would be difficult to process a lot of food.

calculates the number of calories you need depends on whether a person wants to get better, or lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and increase muscle mass.

For example, for the body of a young woman who does not lead a very active lifestyle and do not resort to hard physical labor, the daily rate is about 2800 calories.At the same lifestyle men need 3,300 calories a day.When heavy physical work or sporting activities will increase the daily norm of calories: women need about 3,500, and men - 4500 calories.The greater the number of calories required lactating and pregnant women - 3200 - 3500 calories.In old age the same for women will be enough 2100 calories and men about 2500, because at that age have already conducted a sedentary lifestyle.

How to calculate the daily rate of calorie to lose weight if desired.

To lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than your body uses.But do not forget that every body needs a minimum basic rate of calories, it provides the necessary flow of processes for metabolism, physical activity and normal functioning of internal organs.In cases where the diet is so limited that it is not covered by the minimum standards, a person begins to lose weight, just his body begins to consume less energy, and therefore violated the overall operation of the body, there will be decrease in metabolic processes, there will be listlessness.The human body is under an excessive lack of energy starts to lay fat "in reserve", so the expected weight loss will not happen.

Here is an example of correct calculation of calories if you want to lose weight, the method used in countries that adhere to lower standards of calories consumed (England, USA).First you need to calculate the daily rate of caloric content for the stabilization of the weight and the weight to calculate the rate, which want to achieve, and then calculate the calorie norm is multiplied by a factor of 14.

In this example, the calculation is made in pounds (1 pound = 0, 453 kilograms).Proizvedёm calculation on the example of a woman with the weight of 65 kilograms, and I wish to throw it up to 55 kilograms.To stabilize the existing weight would need 2,009 calories a day: 143, 5 pounds (65 kilograms: 0, 453 pounds) x 14 = 2009 calories.For weight loss to 55 kg it will need to consume 1700 calories (55 kg: 0, 453 pounds) x 14 = 1700 calories.

calculation of calories to build muscle.

Men always want to have a beautiful body, so most of them are trying to build muscle in the gym.But to build muscle one physical activities will not be enough, and more need a special diet.In this case, you need to caloric (energy value) exceeded the daily norm of calorie for this weight.The calculation can be performed so as to reduce weight, but here the desired result should be more than this weight.It is important and quality of food in the diet, because muscle mass is made up of protein, so it is desirable to avoid foods high in protein.

Calculation of daily calories for each individual and depends on many parameters.Get it yourself, given the exercise, it is not easy.There may come to the aid of a coach or expert who is specially for you to calculate the load and the right diet.But remember that in order to achieve the beauty of your body does not need to drink anabolic hormones.After all, in addition to the improved assimilation of protein, they can cause a lot of complications.