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Methods of fasting

Fasting is effective for allergic diseases, obesity, migraines, increased nervousness in the moral exhaustion, lack of immunity, nicotine addiction, chronic inflammation.Fasting also treat digestive disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, high blood fat, uric acid and cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, fibromyalgia, menstrual disorders, menopausal disorders.

Full fasting

It is also called "wet" treatment of hunger.This starvation without limitation receiving water.In this procedure, patients taking daily least 1-1.5 liters of clean water.While fasting no smoking, coffee drinking any alcoholic beverages and even.On the first day canceled larger number of drugs.In parallel, a set of different cleaning procedures.It is important to maintain an active lifestyle - spend most of the day outdoors.Night sleep should not be less than 9 hours sleep is necessary in a well-ventilated room.

physician must examine the patient every day, measured pulse and blood pressure.The medical history of the patien

t fits the dynamics and the overall tolerance of the fasting.The duration of treatment depends on the age of indicators on the condition of the patient, the tolerance of the wet starvation.It is considered normal passage "ketoatsidoticheskaya crisis."In most patients it takes place at full starvation 7-9 th day.

Dry (absolute) fasting

It involves the complete elimination and food, and water.Typically, clinical practice applies one or trёhsutochnoe short dry fasting.No cleansing enemas before and during not appointed.From the "wet" absolute fasting is different in that here is completely absent drinking regime.This facilitates fast and efficient breakdown of fat.Trёhsutochnoe dry hunger treatment efficiency corresponds to 9 days in the wet fasting.

In dry treatment hunger except barring any contact with food and are not allowed to contact with water.This prevents any form of fasting water ingress both inside and on any part of the body.There is a partial dry fasting, in which you can only once a day, rinse your mouth.

Fractional fasting

This technique provides three re starvation cycle (fraction) treatment of hunger.Approximate duration of the entire discharge period at the same time - two weeks, and the subsequent restorative power - one month.The spacing between the individual cycles, including reducing power cycle is 60 days.The total course of treatment - at least six months.This method gives a great reabilitapionny effect in patients with bronchial asthma and pulmonary sarcoidosis.

correct approach to therapeutic fasting

single treatment fasting is not free from all "sores."Very rare such cases the authors of the above techniques.Man, feeling better, will try to periodically repeat such an effective cleaning of the organism.Over time, it will be more and more improved in the technique of curing hunger.Such treatment - a lengthy process, sometimes - a constant.

the first time, fasting is necessary to pass only under the supervision of a good doctor, having this kind of treatment personal experience.Any of the methods of fasting cleanses the body, but if the body is too intoxicated, then fasting is fraught with dangerous consequences.Dirty excretory organs (skin, kidneys, lungs) can not even cope with the full flow onto toxins.Before long course of treatment hunger, we need to cleanse the body.This will ensure the elimination of tension when the immune system and enzymatic systems for the destruction of non-standard connections for the body.

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