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Fasting at home

There is a positive effect of fasting on the human body in the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system, which developed because of intoxication, infectious diseases, skin diseases, diseases of the joints, and so on. Usually, fasting is carried out under the supervision of specialists, but in some cases allowedcarrying out the procedure at home.

What happens in the body during medical starvation

with each course fasting rejuvenates the body, as a result of acute mind, increases efficiency.When medical starvation the body uses force (back-up), restores the natural metabolism.Simultaneously, the activation of regenerative processes in the body at the cellular level, as well as the destruction of contaminated or substandard cells and molecules.

Before you start fasting at home need to clean the bowel (enema).Also, experts advise fasting place procedures such as: breathing exercises, massages, baths, and so on. When medical starvation in times of famine home must change the recovery.Fas

ting person completely, 1-7 days refusing food.The recovery process should take as much as days went on starvation.

Many people at home use fasting to lose weight.This method of getting rid of excess weight and obesity is harmful and dangerous to health.If long-term fasting, are lost and disintegrate tissue proteins cease to flow into the human body minerals and vitamins.Reduce the number of plastic materials needed for building cells.During fasting uncontrolled products of incomplete oxidation of protein and fat and lactic acid are accumulated in the blood acid-base balance is disturbed and lowered blood sugar.

Prolonged starvation at home could plummet blood pressure may develop vitamin deficiencies, anemia.It is also the case of violation of the psyche, the defeat of the hair and skin.Irreversible changes can develop in the bowel, kidneys and liver.That is why in the home long fasting can be dangerous.Before proceeding to starvation, necessarily you need to consult with your doctor and the implementation of all recommendations.

Daily starvation at home

Daily fasting is carried out at home or from breakfast to lunch or supper until the next meal.Fasting is carried out only with the use of distilled water.In the water you can add a little lemon juice or honey.These additives facilitate the dissolution of pollutants, toxins in the body, for easier their passage through the kidneys.The body in the daily fasting plays a major role.

three-day and seven-day fasting home

At home also allowed three and seven-day fasting.This can be done only with a doctor's permission, after passing the required examinations.The specialist must fully explain how to conduct fasting at home and how to get out of it.During fasting it is recommended to stay at home and rest in case of sickness.In this medical starvation poisons the body and leave it cleared.

to refuse food needed to prepare mentally.You can not start fasting during emotional stress.The mood should be only positive.Needless fasting should be divided into three stages.This is the entrance, refusal to eat in and out of starvation.Also, the preparations for the purification of the body is necessary.It consists in nutrition for some time before fasting.It is important to know what feelings may be present during the fasting - it should explain specialist.

There are other methods of fasting, appoints professional doctors, taking into account individual characteristics of the organism.