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Games and entertainment for a child's birthday

In any case, to prepare for such a holiday should be with the participation of the hero of the occasion.You can start with inventing holiday themes, for example, the characters of Disney cartoons.Well suited the theme of favorite cartoon or movie for children's birthdays.

What games to choose

child himself should choose games for his birthday.There category of games that will make the holiday fun and memorable, and there that can kill any fun.For this, please specify if your child likes the proposed game, as he knows better, what can cheer up his friends.If the game did not like, simply cross off their list.The celebration also can use educational toys.

Watch for children. If any game is not liked or are sluggish, then immediately stop playing it and move on to another game on the list.So the mood of the children will not have time to deteriorate.

Be prepared. All games must be fully prepared for the holiday.Make sure that you know well how to play in a particular game.

There should be no l

osers. on holiday should all have fun.In your plan is that each participant celebrations went home with a smile?Then, such a concept, as a loser, should have no place at the festival.If you are in any way encourage the winner, while the other participants need to give small prizes, too, for example, for candy.And at the end of the holiday is required to give each guest a small packet of sweets.

list of popular games and entertainment for children at birthday

Catch the ball. Children who take part in the game, stand in a circle and considered.The player whose number is the maximum, goes to the center of the circle and into his hands given the ball, it becomes the master.Throwing the ball, leading the number of calls, and the participant with that number needs to catch the ball.If a participant has caught the ball, then repeat the procedure leading to the different number and participant, if the ball is not caught, the player who did not manage to catch the ball, it becomes the master.

target. Each participant is given one ball.A poster with the markings and designated center, hangs on one wall of the room.Buttons or small needles stuck in the back of the poster.There the line from which the players have to hit the target.Babies inflated balls, and not tying ball, try to hit the target.The closer to hit the target, the more the player gets points.For this entertainment in your baby Birthday recommended divided into teams and each team to determine the color of the ball.

«Who am I?» When kids come to visit you, stick them on the back of a picture of a pet or some object and ask to ask each other questions that can be answered only "yes" or "no" toto find out who painted them in the picture.Ask the first question, "I - an animal or an object?" When the celebration comes to an end, build a number of children and ask them what is still painted on their backs.Options in the picture below can be a horse, cow, duck, train, etc.

«Fruit basket". Count how many participants will play, and put in the middle of the room number of seats, one less than the number of children.One of the participants becomes the center and the rest said, "I thank you for ..." (for example, for white socks), and children who have white socks should change places with each other.Anyone who does not have time to sit out of the game, and the last who managed to find a free chair, stands up and says to the center on "I am thankful for ...".With the reduction of members, the number of chairs is also reduced.

«freeze». Put some music that all the children will dance.And then you need to stand still in a position in which they were at the time of the termination of sounding music.Any participant, who will continue to dance after the music stopped, or if he could not stand still in the same position, out of the game.The latter, who is not out of the game wins.

«Imagine how much?» Make room in a bank or other dishes of candy, balls or other small items, and have the kids guess how many items in the bank.The player who guesses the number or call the number closest to the number of items in a container.

in children's parties on the occasion of the birthday of your child must attend the game.If a program other than delicious food and other entertainment events will include games involving the children themselves, the friends your child will have fun even more, and the holiday will be a success.Children are easy enough to cheer, and, thus, for the organization of gaming and entertainment, you do not need big investments.Actually, you do not need to invest money in it!