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What is fasting

What is fasting?
Fasting implies an abstinence from eating for a certain period of time for healing.Fasting is an important link in the calorie restriction, used in the treatment of certain nervous diseases, certain forms of asthma and hypertension.When properly organized starvation are not observed degenerative changes in the body, there is only spending an excessive amount of fat.Self-organization of fasting is recommended for no more than 1-2 days.Fasting for a long time should be carried out only under strict medical supervision and only steady-state conditions, because the use of such a therapy for a few days, vitamin deficiency occurs, start consumes muscle proteins may exhibit other metabolic disorders.Some people in the medical starvation develops weakness, dizziness, nausea, decreased blood pressure.After fasting period followed for several days to make the transition to a reducing diet that is for each person individually.Failure to comply with the rules of fasting and misuse of reducing die
ts in humans may develop symptoms of pancreatitis, gastritis, cholecystitis.

Deciding Whether to Use starvation in order to get rid of excess weight?

to reduce body mass starvation apply in any case is not recommended.The fact that in the absence of food in the body starts the process of storing nutrients in the adipose tissue.In subsequent return to normal dietary body weight rapidly recovered, and often within a short period of time becomes longer for a few kilograms than before fasting.
Applications received huge popularity of so-called "fasting days" and should only be prescribed by a doctor and provided a rapid return to normal diet.

What happens in the body during starvation, uncontrolled doctor?
In the absence of proper medical monitoring, which can be provided only in hospitals, fasting can cause significant harm to human health.In some cases, the consequences may be irreversible and constitute a threat to life.For example, in people with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers with prolonged fasting can open internal bleeding.

What is a contraindication for use of this type of therapy is fasting?
Fasting is contraindicated in states of exhaustion, the active form of tuberculosis, disorders of the liver and kidney, infectious diseases, cancer, peptic ulcer and gastritis.Fasting completely contraindicated in children.