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Conditions for women during childbirth necessary in any hospital

And the weakness quickly forgotten when you start to take care of the crumbs.Some, on the contrary, against the right to be with the child as the birth - a lot of stress for mom, and you should try to recover as much as possible - a little more sleep, for example.What are the conditions for women in childbirth necessary in any hospital?

Currently, the hospitals can be taken from the following modes:

♦ rooming (SP) of the mother and the newborn;

♦ separation of mother and baby stay when the child is brought to the mother for feeding on the clock.The rest of the time all the kids are in the children's ward and women 2-10 people - a total of postpartum.

♦ In addition, in some maternity hospitals can arrange to have the child taken away when Mom wants to relax, and all the rest of the time he was with her.As a rule, it is possible for a stay in paid room.

will not be boring

believed that with the joint stays mum is much less prone to postpartum depression, as newborn care is natural for a woman ju

st given birth.When less worried about how there without you your kid when you see it, hear it and feel the smell of milk comes faster, better, shrinking the uterus, joints heal faster.If a mother is all right, give her newborn within three hours after birth, making sure that his condition is stable.Otherwise, neonatologists may insist that the child needs constant supervision of medical staff: for suspected congenital malformations, intrauterine infections or birth injuries, of prematurity, severe malnutrition, in case of conflict on the blood group or Rh factor and so on.

tells Elena: "Immediately after the birth, I started talking about what I want to be together with your child, even for a fee.I dissuaded midwife assess the condition of the baby.In fact, my son quickly developed the so-called neonatal jaundice, and he was transferred to intensive care.Almost 24 hours he spent on a drip and under a special lamp, and to breastfeed at first it was banned.Only in vain I threw the money paid for the room, but still had to watch as neighbors day and night coddle their children.But second, if everything is okay, I only focused on being together! "However, in some cases, the joint venture - is what we must impaired infants. The proximity to the mother soothes mother's milk on demand helps to start to gain weight.

Mama doubt

When a baby is in the same room with you, breastfeeding on demand will be adjusted quickly. In the case of a split stay kids bring to the feeding by the clock. In some hospitals children lying in the children's wards, finish feeding mixture or water with glucose dopaivayutand bring the mothers had fed and sleeping. As a result, my mother could be in trouble with the breast, mastitis or develop lactostasis or its expected difficulties with the establishment of breastfeeding (will not be enough milk). The child may be allergic to a mixture or glucose, upset intestines begindysbiosis. The risk of these complications, and infection of the baby hospital opportunistic strains at the joint venture is much less.The main argument in favor of co-host mother and baby in the hospital - the establishment of feeding on demand.Mothers gripping anxiety: how to cope with the child if they did before had never seen?The newborn is very fragile creatures that easily cause harm if it is somehow wrong to pick him up.Maternal instinct tells you what to do, and experienced medical staff will be only too happy to give advice on how best to care for the crumbs.Nurses children's department at first can show you how to undercut the baby, rub his eyes and nose, to process umbilical wound, and after - to trace whether you are doing.Once home, you will feel much more confident than after the separate residence.However, everyone is different, it may be that children's nurses will not be up to you, because they have to care for the crumbs that are separate from the mother.In preparation for the joint venture, read the book in advance for the care of newborns.are like the courses for parents.

♦ If the House there are other children who do not interfere with each other if the kids to bed her cry?No!First, a baby who is with her mother, much less cause for mourning.At the slightest signal, it can immediately get the mother's chest, and the rest of the sleeping newborn.Secondly, in the children's ward of babies and more hours before feeding (if they do not finish feeding mixture) is a real ruckus!Third, there is a theory that newborns do not hear the noise around me and sleep, he does not stop them.

♦ In the children's ward baby finish feeding mixture, while the joint venture?What if the milk comes only on the fourth day?The kid is hungry?The body after the birth mother begins to produce a valuable food - colostrum.If applying of the child at the request of his usually enough of these drops.If the child is weakened and can not be sucked breasts mother may need help in rastsezhivanii.And it will come!You will be discharged on the third or fourth day, and at home, as is known, the walls help.All you have to come and everything will be fine.The main thing that you are together!

Who should not?

contraindications to co-host may be two: the state of the mother or the child.In addition, they can play a role other factors: for example, the joint venture in the hospital practiced only in a limited number of chambers and there just are not any free seats will be a joint venture is possible only in private room, and you do not have the physical facilities.If a Caesarean section or the birth was complicated, a woman really need time to recover, otherwise anemia, low blood pressure, headache, or weakness may even lead to tragic consequences (mothers are afraid to drop the baby).Do not hesitate to tell the doctor that you are not willing to venture.In such cases, the doctor makes the decision about placing the baby in the children's department for the required period.