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Should a man be present at the birth of his wife?

with nature, as we know, do not argue, but modern psychologists say that popes who were present at birth, there is a sense of fatherhood in the first minutes of visiting a baby into the world, whereas men deprived of such an opportunity, it will be formed for a number ofyears.And they say there is nothing that strengthens the family as a joint childbirth.However, it was emphasized that all these bright prospects await only those couples who have gone through harmonious pregnancy and childbirth, which this time proceeded in an atmosphere of love and support.And this is possible only if the approach to the process of consciously, to start deal with their own fears.Should a man be present at the birth of his wife - the theme of the article.

At the time, I have long tried to persuade her husband to attend the birth.Which only reasons I did not cause!It argues that it would be the first person etched in the memory of a newborn baby, that one I would die of fear and pain in a totally unfamiliar place, someon

e must control the actions of doctors, while I can not think ... My emotional demands, alas, almostWe had no impact.As the most long as we do not attend classes together in training for childbirth, which were the main debunked myths about what fear like the plague modern man.They explained to us: the man, who was forced to attend the birth, only harm the process, it is important to the mutual desire.As a result, I left behind my husband, and he unexpectedly agreed with all of my thoughts and, when the time came, he went along with me to the hospital ...

Daddy fears

Perhaps most modern men are afraid to feel helpless in a completely incomprehensible totheir situation.The classic scene from the American film, where the happy father faints in front of his wife giving birth, can plunge the stronger sex in the depths of despair and suddenly this happens to me?Yeah, very impressionable men psychologists recommend to stay at home.However, fathers who have undergone training, such a scenario is unlikely to face - it's they who are well aware of what happens during the birth of the child, and the addition of American melodramas in their arsenal repeatedly viewed documentaries, which chronicled the birth processwith all certainty.No less fear associated with the common misconception that the presence of men in the labor affects the subsequent sex life partners.In fact, childbirth only exacerbate latent conflicts between spouses.And if the couple had problems with sex before birth, during this period they will be felt in full.But you can finally see the truth and find a way to deal with the situation.And one more thing.Difficulties may occur in couples where the man - the absolute leader, who just need to keep everything under control.This pope will give advice and recommendations to doctors and his wife, and it's only hurt the process.Therefore, it is important that a man aware that he is allotted a secondary role - ambitious and proud future dads this may be hard to accept, but to participate in childbirth need to learn to follow the course of events.

Chief Assistant

If, in spite of pressure from relatives, their own fears and fatigue accumulated during the pregnancy, the pope nevertheless decided to go to the maternity ward, he should know that just watch the process will fail.Of course, it is believed that the mere presence of a loved one reduces stress and acts as a pain reliever.However, the only thing that is worth to attend the birth - to be an active participant in the process, which depends on how the baby will be easy to come into a new world for him.In the opinion of experienced obstetricians if a woman during labor has a chance to relax, childbirth will be easy and painless.And to create a space in which there is no cause for fear and anxiety, it can only be a man.He seriously ease the task of the wife, if, for example, will take over part of the responsibilities: the hospital will bring a bag with the necessary things that will make all the necessary calls to doctors and nurses to answer questions on his arrival to the hospital.However, the main events will develop in the maternity ward, and then help the pope is truly invaluable.In that case, of course, if the main point of his life, he came really prepared.Most courses are taught to prepare for childbirth analgesic use massage, special exercises, which can significantly reduce discomfort during labor, in all possible ways of relaxation and breathing techniques.Woman, fully immersed in their own feelings, all these wisdoms usually forgets.But man, being of sound mind and memory, can successfully apply their knowledge in practice.It is true that the Pope should remember that behave during intense battles you need to tactfully as possible, listening carefully to the wishes of any women: suddenly you may find that some touching her uncomfortable, and some of the exercises, in contrast, brings more relief than anything else.It often happens that the tender words and gentle touches nothing but irritation, do not cause.In this case it is necessary to show wisdom and patience: it is important to understand that at this point all the negative emotions are not directed against a woman of her husband, and against the pain she feels.Just quietly to relate to shouts, groans, and other emotions.But when the baby is finally born, my father, too, can afford to show emotion - when the long-awaited baby is born, hold back the tears of happiness impossible.... Looking for a happy man holding a newborn son in her arms, I could not understand what actually made him contrary to their own convictions, to be here, in the delivery room.The desire to support me in a difficult situation, pride in the fact that his son will be born not without its participation, or curiosity, podstegnuvshee him to go to an absolutely unknown space?"I do not know - he replied, not taking his eyes off peacefully snoring kid - I think I just realized that, if I refused, miss the main point in my life ...»

10 pleasant duty Pope

baby waslight.Did you take active part in this difficult process.It was strange to stay there and leave all the subsequent care of your wife crumbs.The pope could not only take care of the baby, but get real pleasure from it.

Go for a walk

Pope's strong, he can lift the wheelchair desyatikilogrammovuyu flick of one hand.So take the responsibility to walk with the baby when the time permits.The street children are usually like to sleep, so the happy parents, who had gone for a walk, there are plenty of free time to read your favorite book or to call an old friend.And benefit from exposure to fresh air, too, has not been canceled.

cuts the waves in the bathroom

Kids love to swim: the water for them - a familiar element, so in the first three months of a child's life can easily learn how to swim and dive.However, this would require assistance of a qualified professional.Armed with the information, the pope can become an experienced instructor.And how cool ride a little swimmer in large and strong hands on the water - first on his tummy, and then on the back.Thanks baby would be no limit.

Sing lullabies

Find your own way to calm the inconsolable baby - some fun, if you apply a creative approach.It is known that babies cry when they want, and when they have a need to change a diaper.But if you hear a scream after basic needs are met, it is time to offer an original idea.For example, sing a lullaby to rock style, the baby stopped even by surprise.

change roles

To allow mom always busy feeding, washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, little sleep or enjoy a favorite pastime, Dad can take over household responsibilities.With one hand stroking the diaper and the other - to stir the soup at first does not work, but over time the process can be improved and added to it, such as contact with the child lying in a deck chair and admiration, watched how cleverly dad while wielding an iron and ladle.

section "night shift»

Duty jump at night appeals to children's mother will give with joy.The main difficulty - to learn in a few seconds to come to consciousness and to navigate in space.

Speak kind words

As a rule, men do not like to be scattered in compliments.And for good reason.From the words of support from his wife must cheer up and eating diminutive nicknames in relation to the child, dad is sure to earn the title of "the very best in the world."

Take shopping

Even if all the essentials - crib, stroller, clothes, bottles and diapers - bought before the baby is born, continuously updating the wardrobe has not been canceled: children grow rapidly, diapers are consumed quickly, my mother in the first monthspostpartum shopping would not want to, so that will have to go shopping for dad.

Call for help

Most nursing moms idea to arrange a day off and go to the movies or theater for some reason, even in the head does not come.Therefore, the organizer of the cultural program may make only the Pope.Its mission - to ask grandparents or friends to sit with the baby, buy tickets and bring discouragement manifestation of such attention in his wife a place of cultural activities.

to massage and gymnastics

learn a few exercises for newborns is not difficult: it is enough in a certain order to bend arms and legs of the baby.But then you can proudly show workouts incoming guests.

Create a home chronicle

worth to fix on a photo, video, or in a special album, the most important events in the life of the baby - the first "ASU", the first smile, first steps ... Let fall in love when he grows up!