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Status of women after cesarean section

first few hours after surgery, you will feel very exhausted.You can not get up, you will have a headache, no matter what will not force.The first night you spend in intensive care.This is usually the most serious challenge for women, since she did not see the kid does not know where he is and what happened to him.But the main thing - do not worry.A child under the supervision of doctors who take care of him, and your task - to recover quickly to see him soon.

you can navigate only within 7-10 hours after surgery.First, all traffic will be given to you is very difficult.Even just to sit is a real problem.Stomach will pull down wildly as if to it suspended weights.So be very careful with movements that directly affect the abdominal muscles when you are standing, lying down, cough or sneeze.As can be less tense abdomen to not cause gapping.This does not mean that you are prohibited all movement.On the contrary!The more you try to move, the faster will be the adaptation.The main thing - to do everything

slowly and carefully.And listen to your body - do not "break" through force.
Removing joints made about a week after caesarean section.Then you need to continue to strictly abide by the doctor's recommendation.Probably the first few days you will not be able to wet the wound and dressing are made only health workers.If any redness or inflammation of the seam should immediately consult your doctor.Problems can arise even when you'll be home.

For the first time after a caesarean section will probably be assigned to a special diet.It is common for all people who have had any surgery.Loads on the stomach at that time is highly undesirable because feed usually chicken broth and the liquid of porridge during the first few days after surgery.The very same day caesarean you will not be there at all, confining only a small amount of water.

condition of women after cesarean section is often associated with increased gas production.It is inevitable after any operation.It is also not uncommon, and constipation.Avoid in its menu of beans, cabbage, and all products, from which could "become swollen" and that violate peristalsis.Eat soup and fruit.

main trouble after cesarean - it's a pain.It will bother you about two weeks, without giving move normally.Do not lift at least 3 months after the operation to prevent internal damage.Remember that your wound is not only outside of the joint, but also inside.And the wound is not small.Of course, your body will require recovery.How would you not want, do not wear the baby in her arms in the recovery period.Keep him sitting on the couch, or even lie down next to him.And the right to entrust the Pope wear or other relatives.
should recognize that your stomach is not in good shape after a caesarean section.It's not just about the seam, which is now, by the way learned how to make the most inconspicuous, but the very form of the abdomen.He droops, and then bring it into the form of a lot harder than after vaginal delivery.All women are concerned about when they can start doing exercises to restore the shape.This severely individually depending on your physical condition.But definitely not the previous month after surgery.Typically, doctors call a single date for the start of normal physical (and sexual) life - 40 days.

should begin with general exercises that we do in the morning exercises.Do not immediately try to download the press.This will not lead to anything good.Muscle mass will not grow until the body's hormonal balance is not established.You will simply be nothing to risk their health.Most important for you is the retraction of the abdominal wall, which within a few months of pregnancy has been stretched.If you decide to do gymnastics before you need - you are likely to disrupt the natural process of retracting the abdominal wall and get the opposite effect.

How good was your physical condition before delivery, so fast will be recovery.If you were previously untrained muscles, and then restore them after the operation will be difficult.But this should be done in any case.

Do not worry about the overall weight loss.This is normal.Many mothers immediately after cesarean are more slender than before birth.The main thing is to follow the milk production.If it's enough - all right.
important rule for a speedy recovery and normalization of the woman after cesarean section - is breastfeeding.There is an opinion that after the operation the milk disappears.It is not true!Indeed, the first few days after a caesarean with the outflow of milk can cause problems, as the child is not with you.But normal immediately after the first lactation.It all depends on your attitude and internal installation.If you clearly decide for yourself what you want to breastfeed - nature will give you everything you need for this.

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