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Contests and games for children at a birthday party

Holiday without a game, according to child psychologists - only passive and sometimes even harmful in relation to the educational show.Most certainly, the children conceive any games usually chaotic, noisy and unsafe.In these spontaneously occurring games impossible to foresee the emotional overload.What is manifested in children's moods and tears.And that spoiled the holiday.Quite different feel children if the family celebration will be organized fun games and competitions.Games with the movement give children unique, bright moments of human communication skills form of behavior contribute to the development of courage, agility, coordination, strengthen the muscles, helping to acquire knowledge about the world.Is it possible, for example, do without the famous song game «loaf» ?It's just us adults, it seems that the game is out of date.And you ask the children to play it and see with what pleasure they play.Here and movement, and song and dance.And surely someone from the children to ask their parent

s: "And when I have a birthday?" Is not score game !?

So you've decided to hold contests and games in the child's birthday ... Before playing with the children, explain the rules, accompanying their show - it will facilitate their assimilation.It is possible on such a scheme: the name of the game, the rules of the game, game action.Well, if the game is open to all children at the same time.And if you join the adults will be just fine!Suggest, for example, the game «saw and hammer» .The rules are simple: one arm simulates with a saw, the other - with a hammer.These movements are performed simultaneously playing.It turns out very funny!

Spend «Volleyball with balloons» .Right in the middle of the room at a height of about one meter rope stretched from wall to wall.Instead, the ball taken two balloons interconnected.Each of them must be a few drops of water.This makes the balls a little harder and, more importantly, because of moving the center of gravity of the flight will be more unpredictable.On both sides of the rope placed teams of 3-4 people each.The players can beat balls hands, driving them on the opponent and not letting fall on the floor.If you miss the ball - penalty point!Wins the team with the fewer points.If you think to hold this game, be sure to buy replacement bulbs.

Some contests and games provide for a role, among which there are major and minor.The role of the lead offer, of course, a birthday.Continue to monitor the changing roles of the participants.You can distribute them on the principle that anyone who wants to be, but in this case is difficult to keep track of equitable distribution.Sometimes the constant performance of a particular role, the reluctance of a child to play or, on the contrary, its special interest in any role can cause a feeling of superiority over the other children.Therefore, the birthday child better, and more interesting to determine the leading or major role to use the draw of rhymes.

When the draw children stand in a circle, and an adult or a child (if you wish) featuring rhyme speaks in turn to each player.Leading is the one to whom have the last word rhymes.Examples schitalok:

There was a goat on the bridge

and wags its tail.

cling to the railing,

landed right into the river.

goat can not swim,

Waits, well, who would help her?

To whom falls the last word, says: "I" and becomes the master.

swarm of bees flew,

buzzed, buzzed,

Seli bees on the flowers.

and said, "You can drive!»

Schitalki good use in a game like «Read voice» .The rules are simple.The selected driving, standing in a circle with their eyes closed, must find out who called him (you can change the voice).If found, it yields its place called.

or play «Song leads» .The leader is removed from the room.The rest of the kids are hiding any toy accessible for inspection, sit back, leaving most of the room free.The returning player is trying to find her.This song helps him if he would be closer to the hidden objects, all will sing loudly, and if removed - quiet.It is best to choose a simple, familiar song ("Let run clumsily ...").

Game «Who will gather» : a medium-sized spill toys on the floor, and two signal-conducting collect them.The point is who will collect more.This game can be carried out, tying his eyes playing.

Or «Go round objects backwards» .To play the game you need to arrange any toys at a small distance from each other in a row.Rules of the game its name suggests.One note: before you perform the task, the participant is given the opportunity to circumvent the subjects face forward.

fun game «Guess who» .The leader gets in the middle of the circle, he was blindfolded.There may be options to continue playing: or a turn around itself, or The leader is in place, and the game are reversed.At the signal of the adult The leader steps in any direction with outstretched arms in front of him, and touching any of the players surveyed his hands, should name who it is.

interesting a game as «fish, animals, birds» .The kids are in a row or in a circle, leading - in the middle.Passing near the play, he pronounces: "Fish, animals, birds."Staying near one of participation :: on any word, waiting until he would call the appropriate animal.If a child is wrong or long can not be called an animal, he gives some object - a phantom.After the game the players are buying back their forfeits fulfill the wishes of the birthday boy sitting with his back to the proposed phantom.

like this game «Air, water, earth, wind» .The leader (better if at first it will be an adult) suitable for any of the players, says one of these words, and count to five.During this time, the player should call the appropriate elements inhabitant or wander on site (wind).Who did not give an answer at the time of leaving the game.The leader turns to another player, etc.Suddenly, instead of the proposed words The leader says: "Fire."All the players have to change places again forming a circle (The leader and eliminated too).The player who takes the last place in the circle, it is driving.

Game «nose, ear, forehead» also amuse both children and adults.Addressing the participants of the game, leading said: "The hand touch the nose (ear, forehead ...) and say: nose (ear, forehead ...)."Sam is doing the same.The highlight of this game is that, calling any part of the body, leading to a completely different show, and many could not help repeating it.

can play in a game like «Do the opposite!» with the choice of driving or distributed in pairs.The leader shows the various movements, the others playing must perform the opposite effect.

easy and game «Guess that did» .One of the game - a "solver" - out of the room.Children, until it is not, agree what action will portray.Upon returning "guesser" appeals to them with these words: "Hey, guys!Where were you, what to do? "Game in the answer:" Where were - did not say, and what to do - show. "And imitate any action (playing guitar, riding a bike, swimming, comb wash ...).The leader determines what the children were doing.If you guess, choose another "solver", and if makes a mistake, then back out of the room, to play another action conceived.

play well «Gingerbread» .Children sit in a circle, in the middle - two of the leading ("Grandfather" and "woman", they can offer Accessories: Scarf - "Baba", a hat or a beard - "grandfather").Sitting in a circle children pass "bun" -myachik each other, and "grandfather" and "woman" are trying to touch or catch it.If this is successful, his place in the circle goes player after throwing a ball which was osalen.

attract the game «Who gets» help bright soft toy.She was put on a chair, and on either side of it are located two playing face to face.At a signal from the master should try to grab a toy.Who will do it first, he won.

will bring diversity and entertain guests and games with drawing."Draw blindfolded sun (a pyramid, a snowman ...).""Draw a butterfly with both hands simultaneously (a ball, dolls, or other symmetrical object).""Doris ..." (the players agree that they will draw, and take turns blindfolded dorisovyvayut missing parts).For these games you need to prepare in advance a large sheet of paper and markers.

interesting to determine if there is a dynamometer whose handshake stronger hold bowling or "lasso mace."A series of competitions and games offered in a child's birthday is simple in content and organization, does not require special training, but it develops coordination of movements, educates the will, perseverance, resourcefulness, to practice communicating with each other children and adults, creating a relaxed joyful atmosphere.This holiday will long be remembered children and adults will delight.To please the kids can not only on the day of birth, not "only once a year."We need only your desire!