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How to extend the legs with exercise

How, then, to combat the spot men idlinnymi his tanned legs "by ear"?We have to find a way to lengthen them.Mnogiezhenschiny even do not mind to go under the scalpel to become the owner of dlinnyhnog.After surgery, have long held the rehabilitation of vosstanovleniyu.Eto extremely unpleasant procedure.Not everyone is ready to go for it, especially since there is an easier way to extend their legs.For example, mozhnodelat series of exercises that will be able to cope with the problem.

Useful tips girls

should pay attention to their posture.This is very important.Eslichelovek walks hunched over, then all the exercises to lengthen the legs will prostozrya.Because of poor posture develops scoliosis.Therefore, it is worth considering obuprazhneniyah for back and correct posture.And you need to eat vitamins.VitaminD person needs for normal growth and development of bones.Poetomuneobhodimo walk more during the day and be under the lukewarm sun.

Now the Internet can find a lot of "interesting" books.Th

ey advertise that they can help lengthen the leg by a osobennoymetodiki or even hypnosis.So you can be fooled and pay nemaluyusummu for fraud.Exercise will help to make beautiful legs istroynymi.

did it all begin?

Before starting an exercise program, it is necessary posovetovatsyaso your doctor.It is possible to health does not allow to carry out all ryadfizicheskih loads.The first thing that will help a person to lengthen the legs, it obychnyybeg.Therefore, regular jogging - is the path to a beautiful figure and stroynymdlinnym legs.

recommended to run the park where paths.The bolshenagruzka, the better the result.Runs do not need to menee30-40 minutes daily.Running should be fast, I can be on the trot.Vazhnopodobrat very comfortable shoes, it must be sneakers or shoes.Many times you can bylouvidet some only ones running in flip flops or ballet flats.So you can stay voobschebez feet.

It turns out that after a good run in tissue and micro cracks are formed kostnoystrukture feet.Very soon, these cracks budutvosstanovleny.We have these cracks are necessary for its exercise.So what struck work!

Exercises for long-legged

Immediately after the run is necessary to do the exercises for the legs.Pridyadomoy, you must immediately begin to implement them.These exercises stretch the muscles.

first exercise

necessary to sit on a chair.It has to be high to the feet nekasalis floor.On the legs need weights.1 kg will be sufficient to pervoevremya.In the future it will be possible to increase the weight.They can be purchased vsportivnom store or to order via the Internet.Too big to hang nestoit.The more powerful lower leg, the greater should be the weight.Maximum them massadolzhny be 4 kg.Sitting in this position takes about an hour, eslihvatit forces, h.

weights do not have much to compress the lower leg is mozhetnarushit circulation.If the weights are too heavy, it vyzovetdiskomfort and pain in the legs.For the comfort should be a little push kolenivpered or put a soft pillow.You need to relax their muscles and sidetnepodvizhno in this position.Think about how soon your leg stanutdlinnee.

second exercise

Stretching feet - path ksovershenstvu.The second part of the exercise is to stretch.Without it, nothing.There neskolkoeffektivnyh exercises.Exercise called "butterfly".It is necessary to sit on the floor isoedinit his feet.Now, clasping her hands feet, waving them as krylyamibabochki.Then, stop and try to go smoothly to his feet.You can pochuvstvovatmyshechnuyu pain.

We try to stretch the legs wider.Hands at this time opiraemsyaob the floor and tried to go down smoothly down.To begin cant seconds 30.S every time you need to increase this time.

very simple exercise.Become straight, feet together.Sohranyayanogi smooth, you must reach palms to the floor.After kosnulispola, in this position you need to stand for 30 seconds is very useful to sit in a pose of "lotus" .Neobhodimo longer try to sit in this position.You can even carry it kogdaprosto relaxing in front of TV.

deep lunges with dumbbells - great exercise tolkodlya not stretch, but for the buttocks.It is therefore necessary to make 10 attacks nakazhduyu leg.The deeper the attack, the better the result.

for the next exercise you need to lie on your stomach.Now rukamivzyatsya for the feet and bend your back and lift your head up.In etompolozhenii must be charged for 30 seconds.

In fact, it's not all exercises for stretching, kotorymimozhno use.There are many different exercises that mogutvam like.You just need to select a number of exercises for your stretch.

third exercise

already almost bedtime need a little warm up svoimyshtsy feet.For example, to jump on the rope.Now, put weights of 1-2kg.Getting kicks at a rapid pace.A great exercise for burning fat leg lengthening.

Mahi forward, backward, left and right for 8 reps.Better vsegodelat several approaches.Now you are ready for the final phase.After about an hour uprazhneniynuzhno relax.At this time it is read or posmotretinteresny film.

After one hour's time to go to bed.Time to sleep.And just dreams stretch the legs.Feet need to hang the bed, and under koleniluchshe put a soft pillow.Perhaps not everyone will be able to sleep in this position, nokrasota requires sacrifice.

fourth exercise

walking on tiptoes.This is one of the easiest and dovolnoeffektivnyh exercises for leg lengthening.We get up and walk on tiptoes so on kvartire.Pri it is necessary to try to pull the leg back up and keep exactly iuvereno.You can even put a book on your head for better posture.

fifth exercise

Kicks contribute to lengthening of the tibia bone.It dovolnoslozhnoe and tedious exercise.If anyone noticed, then people zanimayuschiesyatayskim box, have a pretty long legs.Kicks should perform vsportivnom hall with his coach, but if you have a punching bag at home, Toet general ideal.

Before you start training, you need to stretch your myshtsy.Nachat stands with light jogging and swings down.After an easy set of exercises razminochki mozhnovypolnyat.Make a 200 strokes with one foot, then drugoy.Otdyhaem few minutes and perform another approach.The amount should be 1000udarov.At first it will be very difficult and feet will hurt terribly.But it's worth it.

With complex exercises can be obladatelnitseykrasivyh and long legs.Of course 10 centimeters, they will not grow, but 3-4tochno.Such work will be rewarded.And you have to deal not only with krasivyminozhkami, but also the whole body.So you should go to the gym or fitness zapisatsyana.

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