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How to choose a fitball?

to choose the right ball, you need to know the basic trebovaniya.Diametr goals may be different: 45, 55, 65, 75 and 85 cm. It should be the criteria for selecting rassmotretosnovnye ball fitball.

vyboremyacha main criterion is the material from which it is made.It must withstand a load of B150 kg, and in addition have a uniform dense teksturu.Vtorym most important parameter is the size of the ball.Best of all eslimyach withstand a load of 300 kg, but other than that, when a person sits on it, and shin mezhdubedrom should form an angle of 90-100 degrees.

With this posadkesohranyaetsya correct posture.If a seat on the ball between the thigh and golenyuobrazuetsya acute angle, when such diseases as varicose veins or arthritis mogutnastupit backfire because such a posture increases the load nasustavy negative impact and it is also pregnant.In addition, the choice of the ball Important When you focus on growth, if growth is less than 154 cm, the diameter of the ball should be 45 cm;person with growth

155-169 see fit myachdiametrom 55 cm rise 170-185 smsootvetstvuet ball diameter of 65 cm;with growth of more than 186 cm must be stopped svoyvybor on the ball with a diameter of 75-85 cm.

Another important criterion privybore ball feetball is arm length:

  • for arms length 46-55 cm fit ball diameter of 45 cm;
  • people with long arms 56-65 cm need the ball diameter of 55 cm;
  • at arm's length 66-68 cm - the diameter of the ball should be 65 cm;
  • the length of 81-90 cm is necessary hands the ball diameter of 75 cm.

What properties must have the ball for fitball

elasticity.If gently press on the ball by hand, the palm dolzhnaslegka bounce and not fall into the ball and meet too strong vstrechnoesoprotivlenie.To check the quality of the material from which sdelanmyach need its "pinch" if, after this operation melkieskladki formed on the ball, we can conclude that the ball is made of nizkokachestvennogomateriala.If the ball is made of high quality material, it should bytplastichnym and even after deflation to restore their full pervonachalnuyuformu folds on its surface to form should not.

strength. An important criterion in choosing a ball yavlyaetsyaprochnost material from which it is made.It is thanks to the elastic strength myachstanovitsya has resilient properties and, therefore, yavlyaetsyafunktsionalnym.To produce high-quality balls used tires vysokoyprochnosti.These balls can vyderzhatnagruzki 300 kgdo 1 ton.To work with children is best suited antivzryvnoysistemoy balls with ABS.

form.If the ball quality, all connecting joints prakticheskine seen and not felt at the ball zanyatiyah.Esli poor quality, all joints are visible and noticeable, moreover, estnerovnosti and burrs, the structure of the fiber.All this testifies to the fact that the manufacture of the ball were made technological mistakes or materialploho processed.

If the ball izgotovlenkachestvenno then nipple firmly vpayanvnutr .In the classroom, he does not stop, can rest on the carpet, it is not hurting the person who is engaged on this ball.If the ball is fake, the nipple protrudes, often it is not soldered, but simply prikleivayut.Forma ball unnatural because the nipple can cause and prevent travmutomu who uses the ball.

Electrostatic properties. for quality balls tend obladanieantistaticheskimi properties chistitpoverhnost this ball very easily.As a rule, the ball izgotovleniyakachestvennogo chosen hypoallergenic environmentally friendly material such ball will vredazdorovyu.The ball of quality material will not adhere dirt and small chastitsypyli.

porous surface. ball sohranyaetteplo of quality material and poor quality - cool to the touch.In addition, counterfeit zachastuyuochen sticky and slippery, making for such exercise balls kraynezatrudnitelno.Especially should be paid to the quality of the ball, if it predstoitzanimatsya child as a child with a fake ball will not delatuprazhneniya.

color ball.Colors quality goals may be different: dark, light, transparent, metallic colors, with a variety of pictures, etc .;If myachpoddelny, its color, usually varies from a poisonous phosphorus-milkmaid-rainbow.

now known triproizvoditelya who are engaged in manufacturing balls razlichnyhgimnasticheskih exercise: TOGU (Germany), LEDRAPLASTIC (Italy), REEBOK.

Choice fitball fitness

fitball is one of vidovfitnesa, now it is becoming more popular.Man kotoryyuvlekaetsya doing this, it becomes more nimble and he uluchshaetsyakoordinatsiya movements.With a fairly small load on the body fitball daethoroshie results.As mentioned above, it is very important for a variety of zanyatiyfitbolom ball.You need to know the basic requirements kotoryepredyavlyayutsya the ball for fitball.

Only through ball pravilnopodobrannomu can fully enjoy fitball classes.This involves classes with vidfitnesa ball, it would have to sit, lie down ivypolnyat many other exercises.As the ball fitball plays osnovnuyurol, it is worth paying attention to egokachestvo.Keep in mind that the smallest load that dolzhenvyderzhivat the ball is 150 kg.

It should be remembered that the bolsheves one who is engaged with the ball, the more pressure on the ball itself.Kachestvennyymyach should it survive.The best quality among the goals are the ones that come with antivzryvnoy system.As a rule, the presence of such sistemyimeet special notation on the ball.For example, Anti-BurstSystem (antirazryvnaya system) or Burst Resistant Quality (antivzryvnoekachestvo).At the ball, which is equipped with such a system, there is the notation ABS or BRQ.

To vybratkachestvenny the ball, you need to check it out with the purchase.It's enough to sestna it is necessary to take a stand on a chair to get the angles 90 gradusovmezhdu torso and thigh, upper and lower thigh, leg and foot.If direct ugolne turns out, this indicates that the load on the joints deystvuetuvelichennaya.As mentioned above, the additional stress on sustavyprotivopokazana individuals with disease as the varices, arthritis.Priberemennosti also comes additional stress on the joints, exercise ball stacks contraindicated.

Balls feetball are raznyhrazmerov.To choose the most suitable, nuzhnoorientirovatsya on its growth.Be aware that if the ball podobrannepravilno, when classes can get a nasty injury.

Elasticity ball escheodnim is an important parameter.It is up to the elasticity of envy zanyatiyah.Esli load when the ball has a high elasticity, the load increases to uderzhatravnovesie on such a ball is necessary to work, if the ball is soft, then nagruzkanevelika but power is still being spent.If the elasticity of the ball is increased, the myshtsybudut train with high intensity, with a soft ball and takes their training, but not takintensivno.The ball must deflect the average elasticity for 2-3 cm at nebolshomnadavlivanii.

All of the above kriteriiyavlyayutsya mandatory when selecting the ball, and the rest depends on the taste and zhelaniyatogo who have to deal with it.For example, you can choose a sleek ilishipovanny ball.Smooth balls are selected for employment are pregnant and dlyazanyaty with infants.Studded ball is called a massage, when doing MRC takes a kind of massage, because it poverhnostpokryta small spines.These balls help you relax and are naiboleepodhodyaschimi Sports fitball.

There balls osnaschennyeruchkami-holders.They are most suitable for pregnant women, for those ktotolko begins to engage fitball and children.Due handles traffic priuprazhneniyah easier to coordinate, the ball becomes more "stable".Minusomtakih goal is that the exercises are performed more slowly, Noonu help avoid injury.

Balls feetball vrazlichnoy available colors.The color of the ball - is an individual choice for each.Nodavno noticed that bright coloring helps to engage more intensively, improves mood and overall health.There is a category of athletes dlyakotoryh important that matched the color of the ball interior.

should be remembered that the ball nuzhendlya lessons and to use it as often as possible.In addition, zanimatsyanuzhno on a flat smooth surface to protect it from the heat and do not store vspuschennom form.Following these simple rules will increase the life of the ball.