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Divination New Year's Eve

So children have waited for Santa Claus, gifts and received svoidolgozhdannye satisfaction sopyat noses in their beds.Tepernastal turn to take the time so mysterious and exciting action kakgadaniya.

A clock twelve beat

One of the most famous New Year fortune-telling is the following: take a piece of paper, it is written the most vivid, the most cherished desire.At a time when the chime will sound, you need to burn a leaf, and the ashes dissolved in a glass of alcohol, for example, shampanskogoi drink.The main criterion of the success of this fortune-telling - is the speed vypolneniyarituala if drunk champagne before sounded the final blow, zhelanienepremenno fulfilled.Do not be afraid to wait for next year will not have to vedimeetsya are plenty of interesting divination that can be done in the same night.

Ice cold ice

Be prepared for themselves and for each of the guests bolshielozhki or saucer on which the water will be poured.Once the containers are filled, ihneobhodimo bring to

the place where the temperature drops below nulyagradusov.Fortunately, New Year's Eve in almost all regions of the country stoitmoroznaya weather, but because this place could be a balcony or porch.

essence of divination as follows: if an ice poverhnostipoyavyatsya deepening - the coming year will not be too calm, rovnayapoverhnost says that no major changes are not considered to be favorable predviditsya.Naibolee appearance of small icy hill that govorito that next yearyou will find success in business and on the personal front.

try as Poles?

We all know that this method of divination vylivaniyarasplavlennogo wax water.But some Poles have perfected the way to look at the future.So, the first stage of the wax melts as usual, but it does not pour forth in a container with water and passing through ushkoklyucha.Moreover, the old keys and more ear, the better.Then we look napoluchivshiesya figures and try to understand their meaning.The success of such gadaniyazavisit not only on the type of the resulting figures, but also the imagination of Gad.

shadow paper tells

Each guest who wants to take part in guessing, dolzhenskomkat sheet of paper, put it on a safe surface, such as a metal tray, and set on fire.As soon as the paper burns out, podnosimpoluchivshuyusya figure against the wall and trying to see, to whom or what pohozhaten.In order to get the clearest picture in the room mozhnovklyuchit subdued light, and burnt paper highlight fonarikomili small candle flame.

Threads help determine the fate of

This divination is the type that rekomendovanoisklyuchitelno unmarried girls.So, take the three strands of different colors: white, red and black.Each of the separate strands threaded through a needle's eye ikrepitsya on the back of a girl who should blindly pull out one of nitey.Rezultat interpreted as follows: white says that the wedding will not be predstoyaschemgodu, red suggests that you can prepare for the wedding, black Avot - ita sign that it is better not to focus on his personal life, azanyatsya solution of other issues.

Find out what sex the baby will be your first

Some girls passion as you want to know in advance what sex will be their first-born.Guessing is simple, but it osuschestvleniyanuzhno that the company was a pregnant woman.If all conditions are met, you can start: take a long thread of any color, vdevaem it in the needle and budemderzhat on open palm pregnant.If the needle is in circles, the first-born is a girl, but the wide arc or dvizheniyasvidetelstvuet pendulum in favor of boys.

Much depends on us

One of the most simple, but they are not less effektivnyhgadany is to use the leaves with cherished wishes.For this vamneobhodimo 3-5 (can be more) separate pieces of paper write svoizhelaniya, which will be placed under the pillow on which you sleep vnovogodnyuyu night.In the morning, rising up, you need to pull out from under the pillow first popavshiysyalistochek - desire, described it, it will surely come.

decide how seriously to such metodamuznat future will have only you.But even if you do not believe in such things, so interesting guessing can be a great distraction for the company, gathered to celebrate the New Year.About that, in what outfit is best vstrechatNovy 2103 snakes, I have told before.

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