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Tips and warnings Gad

Who can participate in the sessions of divination.

There are many ways of divination.For the most advanced - rune stones, tarot deck, personal evocation of spirits.These methods make it possible to understand the advantage of the situation, identify weaknesses and hidden features.For those who are not versed in the predictions, perfect divination on wax, water on burning candles on the holy books.

To the result lived up to expectations, it should be correctly identified with the participants of divination.Just the right kind of like-minded company can count on the participation of knowledgeable spirits in the divination.And for this session, all participants must meet certain requirements.It must be people who firmly believes in the existence of the afterlife - it was from there you're going to get information.Participation in the session requires a serious, business-like approach and right attitude.It is unacceptable to ask for the reptile unimportant questions.

Only in those cases where questions
are worried, concerned, make people feel a deep emotional experience, reptile can expect to participate in a serious and knowledgeable spirits, even from the lower worlds.Frivolous approach flippant attitude toward divination and empty questions will attract the lowest spirits - elementals do not have any information, and present themselves as participants in a similar divination, just "fun."

place for divination.

place for divination is selected in advance.This should be a separate room, where during the divination will not be anyone but the participants of the session.During divination in the room and beyond should be quiet, all windows and doors must be kept closed to the room there was no draft and the slightest movement of air.

guessing Usually held at a table covered with a tablecloth monochromatic light, which set the candles.Number of chairs standing around the table, should be equal to the number of Gad.

How to behave with spirits.

most important in numerology is the willingness of the spirits that are accessed guess give the requested information.We should not deceive ourselves by assuming that the answers to the questions may come from the higher powers.Typically, these forces do not condescend to ordinary people.But lower spirits willingly respond to appeals and requests for assistance.

Whichever method of divination you have not used, it should be remembered that during the session you are dealing with the forces of the underworld.If you're very careful, you can feel them - they serve you the signs that are present in this place.

Wondering on the water, fire, stones should be treated first and foremost to their spirits, the spirits of the elements, their nature.During the session of spiritualism should be handled by the name of the spirit, which you call.In other divination simply it refers to the spirits who are always present in great abundance around us, asking for help to get answers to important questions.

Any spirit needs to pay off.Prepare a small treat for each spirit.It can be sweet, a little milk in a glass or jar, even a handful of wheat and modern coins.Evoking the spirit, ask them to take your gift is modest, pointing at him.From that moment no one should touch his hands to the mercy that you have decided to bring the spirit.At the end of the session all the treats and gifts should rake in the bag and throw it away, including coins, if you use them as a gift.


frivolous, flippant attitude to the spirits and the inability to be grateful will certainly be punished.Inferior spirits can stay with you and not leave the place of divination by the end of the session.Their presence in your life will benefit them but not for you.You will become a source of energy for such an entity, and your own life force will begin to melt.

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