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The health benefits of different types of physical activities

Walking Walking - available to everyone, and convenient form of exercise.It improves blood circulation, metabolism, stimulates the internal organs and the nervous system, strengthens the muscles and ligaments, prevents reduction of mobility in the joints, short, walking - it is one of the surest ways to the health and physical perfection.

While walking no pronounced tremors typical of the run and, therefore, dramatically reduces the possibility of injury.In addition, walking is easy to adjust the degree of load.Also important is the fact that walking does not stop, but rather animates mental activity, in connection with which you can combine movement with creative work of the mind.

Walking perfectly relieves stress.This is the easiest and most affordable way to discharge.In addition occupations walking - a good prevention of early atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Note also that walking - the safest form of exercise (it can be practiced even after suffering a heart attack).

Long-term medical monitoring of runners suggest that if jogging regularly (if not every day, then jog at least 3-4 times a week), it is possible to gradually eliminate or significantly reduce the severity of obesity and help sessionsjogging and hypertension, chronic respiratory diseases, reduce high blood pressure and reduce cholesterol in the blood, which counteracts the development of atherosclerosis and helps get rid of the major risk factors for coronary heart disease, is the most frequent cause of early death for the modern man.

In addition, running, if you follow a certain dosing regime and exercise, is beneficial to the course of neurasthenia, arthritis exchange.If jogging, it is improving sleep, mood, general health, increases resistance to stress, gradually passes dyspnea, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthens bones, increases endurance and muscle strength of the body.

Swimming Swimming has a great effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, it improves stamina, excellent water massages the skin and muscles, also because it takes the body hardening.Swimming helps to increase the vitality of the body, enhances immunity and resistance to infection.If you complete the physical training sessions leisurely swimming, it is very well relaxes the muscles of the body, fatigue disappears, recovering heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.

Swimming is also good in that it has beneficial effects on the skeletal system, it is recommended for people suffering from arthritis and some other diseases legs.Also, indulge in the indoor swimming pool you can regardless of the weather outside, without significance and the fact that the swimming lessons rare case of injury.

skiing - still the best means of tempering and strengthening health than swimming.It is difficult to name any other form of exercise so effective for the development of the circulatory system and respiration, increase performance and endurance.Skiing helps to increase mobility in the joints, strengthen muscles of the trunk and limbs, and in general, the strengthening of the entire musculoskeletal system.It is also important that they are conducted in a clean frosty air, which in itself contributes to hardening and recovery of the body.

very useful and cycling.In addition to the good development of the cardio-respiratory system, increase endurance, improve vestibular function and stimulate metabolism bike will allow you to save time and money, if you will ride it to the store, work, etc.He will introduce you to the possibility of changing impressions, take walks with your family, go cycling.But there are drawbacks.For example, a good bike is good money riding on it is some danger, and sometimes a lot of inconvenience (for example, if on the road busy traffic, dusty, rain or cold weather is).

Many complain of leg pain after the first sessions, breaks them, or when significant load increases.It is convenient to use the bikes.They make it easy to achieve the desired heart rate.During training, you can talk, listen to music or watch TV.You can train without outsiders, do not depend on the weather, you do not risk to get under the car.However depressing monotony of training, besides a decent bike is also not cheap.

Perfectly revitalizes class rowing.They increase the possibility of circulatory and respiratory system, strengthen the muscles of the body, calm the nervous system.Rhythmic contractions of the abdominal muscles helps to improve intestinal motility.You can talk a lot about this kind of exercise, a well-developed and improved motor and autonomic functions, have a restorative effect on the entire body, but we confine ourselves to yet another attractive aspect of rowing - it is easy to dose.

Sports Games
As for playing football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and the like playing sports, then at least they can give sufficient to reduce the burden of excess weight, well trained coordination and overall endurance, but have several disadvantages: demand and sufficient physical and technical preparedness, sudden movements and stops, are associated with collisions, which leads to an increased susceptibility to injury.