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Bob muscle or burn fat?

There are many myths that people believe.Most vsegoimenno and therefore can not achieve the desired results.In this article we swami see what is true and what is false.

Myth 1: For pohudeniyaneobhodimy water aerobics, aerobics, Callanetics and trainers should leave last

You should know that weight loss helps to not name the lesson achastota your heart in the classroom.If you train with a frequency pulsado 160 beats per minute, the training will be on endurance.It thanking and burn fat.When the heart rate exceeds 170 beats per minute - it's silovayatrenirovka, which helps build muscle.

high pulse can be achieved as step aerobics and vbasseyne.The less frequently you engage in sports, the more will be beat vasheserdtse.If you miss the aerobics for breath, his head will stuchatmolotochki, the body sweat to flow and staggering legs, you will trenirovatsilu and not burn fat.And this load is not the best obrazomskazyvaetsya on your heart.Therefore it is necessary to find a slower lessons, for exam

ple, begin to engage on a treadmill.There you will be able to ustanovitdlya the suitable pace.

Myth 2: trenazherahnelzya lose

This is incorrect.To get started is to take into account the factor chtotrenazhery are different.For example, cardio: bike, begovayadorozhka, stepper, ellipsoid.All of them give a load similar aerobnoy.Sleduyuschee that it is worth considering - many operate properly exercises silovyhtrenazherah.Even exercises with weights, ropes, blocks and so on, not tyanetna real strength training.With the right approach, your heart rate to 170 beats dolzhenpodnimatsya, the number of times a repetition must be no more than 10. This means that the weight must be very large.Most often begin with a half sobstvennogovesa to the chest and shoulders, and its own weight for the back and legs.

Such training should last no more than 40 minutes.Etogovremeni you will be quite enough.The fitness club exercise should last dodvuh hours.The weight should be small, and in one approach kolichestvopovtoreny should not exceed 30 times.Do not forget about the rest between podhodami.Pri this training you will not build muscle, and introduce them to the tone.A samoeglavnoe - it helps to burn fat.

Myth 3: From silovyhtrenirovok can strongly build muscle

It is, but it is necessary to engage with bolshimvesom.In some people, as soon as they come to the gym, the muscles begin to increase in volume.Why so?All very prosto.Poka you lead a sedentary lifestyle, your muscles gradually atrofiruyutsya.Kak Once you begin to engage in the gym, the muscles begin to poluchatnagruzku and accordingly, they are a little increase in volume.In the first polgodakrupnye muscle can increase by 2 cm in size.But if you get rid of this lishnihkilogrammov, the hips will not increase, but will only become tighter.If vyhotite pump muscle mass, then you have to work hard.Uzhenschin muscles grow much worse than that of men.

Do not be afraid to muscle growth.After all, they have sostavlyatprimerno 30% by weight of a woman's body.Without training, we lose up to 3.5 kg of muscle mass for 10 years.Because of this reduced elasticity of buttocks and breasts, ports posture kozhastanovitsya saggy.We observe age-related changes of the body.Blagodaryatrenirovkam can hide your age from others.

Myth 4: The domashnihusloviyah very difficult to build muscle

This is a misconception.At home we mozhemispolzovat our own weight.Try to download them to maximize those muscles that you want to disappoint.If this is the buttocks and legs, then learn how to squat on a single leg.If this back and chest, then push-ups from the floor.You can ispolzovatturniki and even dumbbells.The sporting goods store, you can find the bar iganteli any weight.

Myth 5: Chtobyizbavitsya of fat in the hips and abdominal exercises need delatspetsialnye

As you already know, to get rid of fat, neobhodimozanimatsya a heart rate of at least 130 beats per minute.No matter how vyetogo achieve: endless strides or walking on a treadmill.Drugoedelo change their body proportions.It requires strength training.

Myth 6: First nuzhnoskinut weight and build muscle mass loan

best to do everything at once.During the time until vybudete lose weight on your muscles will be nothing left.Therefore sovmeschaytetrenirovki losing weight and build muscle.You can select and takieuroki where there are just two types of load: this group classes with a dumbbell, barbell and other small weights.Do not forget about pravilnompitanii, otherwise no good there will not be.

Myth 7: Dumbbells ishtangi for "advanced strokesĀ»

classes with barbells and dumbbells will not interfere with anyone.Nasilovyh simulators muscles will work separately: on one - leg morrow - hands - the third spin and so on.Why spend so much vremenina all trainers, if possible in one exercise to use up to 80% myshts.Naprimer, with squats.Then work the muscles of legs, back and myshtsyyagodits.

Myth 8: After kazhdoytrenirovki should all get sick

This is not so.To after each workout your muscles hurt, every time you need to give greater load, with each session it nuzhnobudet increase.Perhaps in professional sports is acceptable.But do esliv health after training you should feel legkoenapryazhenie muscles and pleasant fatigue, rather than complete exhaustion.

Myth 9: From silovyhtrenirovok weight may increase

It's true.Our muscles are heavier than fat 30%, so vymozhete be harder, but it look slimmer than ever before.Here pochemustoit focus not on the scales, and tape measures.It happens so that in the first week of classes increases not only weight, but also volume.Needless That scared.After the muscles have already started to grow, and the fat layer is not yet uspelasgoret.Maybe you should just spend more time training navynoslivost rather than force.Although there is another option - wrong pitanie.Esli you eat a lot, then revise your diet and type the tolkozdorovuyu food.

Thanks silovymtrenirovkam can escape from:

  • back pain, spinal curvature iosteohondroza.They support the spine, even when the ligament with this nespravlyayutsya;

  • obesity - only muscles can get energy from fat, other bodies are not capable of it.Therefore, the muscles burn fat around the clock;

  • diabetes - proved that the load can povysitchuvstvitelnost insulin and glucose tolerance, so fitnesrekomendovan even those who suffer from this disease;

  • hypertension - right after your workout davleniepridet the norm;

  • atherosclerosis - improve training and a good ratio of bad cholesterol in the blood.

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