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Healthy lifestyle: aerobic fitness

How it all began?

Despite her young age, aerobic fitness has a long and interesting history.In the 60s of the last century American physiologist Cooper created a complex strengthening exercises, called Aerobics, which stands for "filling the cells of the body with oxygen."First, for the training of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, he suggested the use of cyclic sports: skiing, running, swimming.Later, experts have come up with a brilliant and simple at the same time as the wheel, the idea - to create a mix of dance and gymnastic movements.They have developed a special program, tested it in practice and have been pleasantly surprised: the effectiveness of rhythmic gymnastics is not inferior or running, for example, swimming.Now it was necessary to tell the world about the "invention" and as a "horn" was chosen well-known actress Jane Fonda.

correct choice

And the woman saw on television the charming Jane.The actress spoke with inspiration about aerobics, so easily and beautifully

moving rhythmic, catchy music, the desire arose to try almost every telezritelnitsy.All were delighted.Now, those who would like to lose weight or just to keep yourself in good shape, do not need to vigorously waving his arms and legs pumping up a sweat press and squat to cramps in the calves.Half an hour of aerobic exercise brings joy and pleasure.And no wonder that video cassette with studies by Jane Fonda quickly spread throughout the world.Incidentally, the actress later start coming up with exercise.Her passion and dedication were contagious.Fund even published a book "My aerobics", which openly talked about that desire at all costs to lose weight almost killed her.

From small to large

It is no exaggeration to say that it was in the 80s began to flourish aerobics.Everywhere we began to open the studio, where he studied both adults and children.People keen on aerobics, united in a kind of clubs.After training, they are not eager to go home as soon as possible, and going to the cafe for a cup of tea and told each other how much progress they have made over the last month, week or day.Engage in fitness became fashionable and prestigious.

Moreover, began to produce special clothing for aerobics: headbands, leggings and bright, tight body leotards and swimsuits.Now, from the training would receive not only the load but also aesthetically pleasing.Thanks to this aerobics became popular all over the world.Today it includes 200 species, there are lessons to develop not only the cardiovascular system, but also flexibility, endurance, strength, coordination.

aerobics has become a 90-year, when the US San Diego held the first unofficial world championship.And there was just two types: aerobic fitness and sports aerobics.

Availability and mass

Yet most massive of them, and therefore all can be considered a favorite fitness aerobics.But why a seemingly ordinary exercise system has gained such popularity?There are several reasons.

  • Firstly, none of the areas of fitness aerobics are not used traumatic things, so can deal with almost anything - from small to large.But, of course, to start training on aerobic fitness, you need at least an elementary physical preparation.
  • Secondly, the sport is more modern.In one of the most attractive destinations for young people - dance aerobics movement, elements of hip-hop and funk.Razuchivaya them in training, the boys then showed real class on the dance floor in a club or disco.
  • Third, aerobic fitness - a team sport, and thus helps to bring together and unite the people.By the way, during the competition the judges evaluated not only technical performance, but also a community team.So, one of the world championships team performed "pampushek" from Germany.When the girls came out on stage, they looked very funny.But the surprise of many athletes is easily reached the final program and performed so smoothly, and moved with such enthusiasm and energy that everyone was just shocked.
  • Fourth, aerobic fitness helps to unlock the creative potential: the choice of music, creation of costumes, hairstyles and make-up - all this must be combined with each other.

Listed me once again confirms that the aerobic fitness - one of the most accessible sports.They can be engaged in any complexion at any age to perform at the event.The main thing that was a desire, sports passion and emotional.

colorful show

What else plus fitness aerobics?This sport does not require expensive equipment.All you need for training - room, and if doing step aerobics - step platform.But this does not mean that the training of athletes are boring and monotonous.Music, good mood, rhythmic movement - all this creates a special atmosphere.Whatever mood you did not come to the gym after a few minutes you feel the joy and cheerfulness overwhelm you.Is not it great?The team gets to the athletes something of a second family in which everyone - the identity of all for each other.

In fact, aerobic fitness classes, regardless of the direction, reminiscent of the rehearsal theater artists.This is not surprising, because in spite of the fact that athletes have day-to-day work and to perfect certain elements (all of which have to fulfill synchronously), you can in training to improvise.Creativity is encouraged, because each movement must not only perform well, but also to invest in his soul.Apparently, so everyone involved in the sport, in one voice say that aerobic fitness - not just a sport, but an art.And when the person has the opportunity to discover creativity, he is transformed.

If you are inspired by this story, if you are interested in this relatively new sport, if you want to not only watch, but also to compete in fitness aerobics, resembling a bright show, you should not put off until tomorrow, begin to deal with.I'm sure you will not regret it!