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Vibroplatformy slimming

When training on vibroplatformene quickens the heartbeat, and in addition, a person does not get tired.Therefore, such a simulator would be ideal dlyalyudey who lead an active lifestyle, but do not have the possibility vydelyatmnogo time for long workouts.


Back in the USSR in 1960, developed a technology for vibration and uzhev 1975 it developed for space missions to post-flight uspokoitmyshtsy and bones of astronauts.Biomechanics professor Nazarov in 1980. nachalissledovat effects of vibration on the human body, and later nachalispolzovat Vibroplatformy to prepare for competitions athletes gymnasts.Onpokazal and he proved that not only increases muscle strength but also flexibility Krometogo during vibrotherapy began to participate absolutely all muscles of the body votlichie from regular strength training.That's when Russian gymnasts won ivzyali gold!

in 1998 in the Netherlands for athletes vibroterapiyuvklyuchili as mandatory training regime.

was then simulator V

ibroplatformy began to use people who could afford sebeeto, as well as the football club "Manchester United".While etoudovolstvie worth 7000 pounds.

Printsipdeystviya Vibroplatformy slimming

Feature muscles of the human body that vibration onisposobny relax and sokraschatsya.Imenno Towards this workout on a vibrating platform - proiskhoditvibratsiya with high frequency vibrations, and the muscles at the same time work andkaksledstvie that activate all tissues.In addition, bone, blood vessels isuhozhiliya not remain without work.Manufacturers claim that vibroplatformupridumali slimming.They say that because of the lymphatic drainage away cellulite, adjusted the whole figure, and especially the problem areas, so chelovekhudeet.Moreover, by vibrating the fabric saturated with oxygen and znachituluchshaetsya complexion.People who for health reasons can not pozvolitsebe active employment can not worry about, because the heart is not nikakoynagruzki.After training, the muscles are not sore and tired, for it can not be afraid.

mozhnoli lose weight, doing on a vibrating platform?

Manufacturers claim that for dovolnokorotkie timing can be corrected body engaged on a vibrating platform.Togdapochemu no ads do not show clearly?Usually advertising rolikahmy see beautiful, well-groomed, slim, young girls who do not have nikapli fat, tempting smile igovoryat that buying a treadmill, you will be as slim.There is not advertising, which would show a woman age 40 with fatty folds kotorayazanimaetsya on a vibrating platform and gradually lose weight.Why is that?Maybe at samomdele all nonsense and not all that simple?

Of course, this machine will be useful for people who move a little.Often, they have no muscle natrenirovannosti so imnuzhna least some load.In addition, as the Vibroplatformy otlichnopodoydet additional burden to the usual training, pravilnomuobrazu life and nutrition.These pressures affect the excellent rabotuoporno-skeletal system, the nervous and hormonal systems.Nasamom fact, Vibroplatformy allows you to remove cellulite.For a long time everyone knows chtomassazh great fights "orange peel".However, do not blindly believe the WTO that the daily ten-minute lesson on the vibration platform without izmeneniyapitaniya and lifestyle can make a lush ladies Thumbelina.To dobitsyahoroshego result and you need to work hard.

Proizvoditeliutverzhdayut that 10 minutes training on a vibrating platform are:

  • fast running two hours;
  • two hours playing tennis;
  • one-hour sessions in the gym in the gym;
  • two hours of training on the press.

Lechebnoevozdeystvie Vibroplatformy organism

  • improves the elasticity of the tissues;
  • prevents chronic venous insufficiency, stroke, osteoporosis and muscle atrophy;
  • stimulates the body to cleanse;
  • rehabilitate from injuries.

Classes on this simulator are useful for the whole organism, aosobenno for neuromuscular and skeletal systems.Moreover vibroplatformaobladaet relaxing and anti-stress effect and treats insomnia.



by vibration muscle tissue stretches and vsledstvieetogo reduced.Since all muscles of the body are worked.If regulyarnozanimatsya on a vibrating platform, it will increase endurance and muscle strength.


Vibration able to fight osteoporosis.Bones stanovyatsyabolee denser and this is the two factors.Firstly, thanks to the force exerted on myshtsuvelichivaetsya bone, and secondly, the simulator itself vibratsieymehanicheski affects bone.


Medical experts proved that whole-body vibration on otlichnovozdeystvuet mediators and hormones, they are not only produced, but inormalizuetsya their balance.Therefore Vibroplatformy great fights nervnymistoscheniem and stress.


During training on the simulator perifericheskiekrovenosnye vessels dilate, you can see it after the workout, when you see chtokozha blushed a little, and maybe even a tingle.Thanks ritmicheskimsokrascheniyam supported blood circulation.Slag output izorganizma better, so he quickly recovered.


With vibration improves circulation, due etogozadeystvovany and connective tissue.Vibration allows fluid luchsheraspredelyatsya joints.Due etogorazlichnye tissue differently absorb vibration and proiskhodittrenie between tissues.The joints become more mobile, adhesion in tissues weaken and hryaschivosstanavlivayutsya.In addition, all these points blagopriyatnyee, including ipoterya weight, affect the condition of the skin, which becomes velvety igladkoy.

Protivopokazaniyak vibroplatforme

Before you start doing this simulator sleduetznat that it is not for everyone.Be sure to proyditeobsledovaniya training and consult a doctor.

There are two groups of contraindications: absolute and relative.For relative include:

  • migraine,
  • spondylosis,
  • discopathy,
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • hernia during an exacerbation.


  • breastfeeding and pregnancy,
  • kidney and gallstones,
  • severe form of diabetic disease,
  • tumor,
  • fresh scars after surgery,
  • epilepsy,
  • bypass,
  • osteoporosis in severe stage,
  • disease in acute,
  • implanted pacemaker.

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