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Yoga for elastic buttocks

Nekotoryeveschi we can not change, for example, wide hips, it depends on nashihgenov laid down by nature.If you have wide or narrow hips, then etimuzhe nothing to do, but you can adjust the shape of the buttocks and make ihbolee elastic.It is also possible to get rid of cellulite and make kozhumyagonkoy.

vetom you to come to the aid of yoga.Performing various asanas can be influenced naizmeneniya shape of the buttocks and make them resilient.Using yoga dlyasovershenstvovaniya body, you will be able in a short time to see prekrasnyerezultaty!If you will practice asanas every day, then your buttocks budutprivlekatelnymi your entire life.

complex exercise-asandlya uprugihyagodits

Pose stulaili utkatasana

This is a very effective and challenging asana.Often practicing yoga asanas we pay bolsheevnimanie that napravlennyna stretching completely forgetting about restorative asana.To make popuprivlekatelnoy is important to strike a balance between focusing on the muscles and razvitiemgibkosti.

Utkatasanunazyvayut chair pose, as in appearance seems as if we sat down nanevidimy chair.This exercise works the hips, back, legs and body as a whole.

  • Stand straight, feet together somknite.Hands over his head, hands folded.
  • Slowly squat down, feet do not tear off.The back is straightened.
  • Try to sit as low as possible, calf and thigh should form a right angle.
  • If you can not keep his balance, put feet on width of shoulders.
  • Spine pull up, shoulders down
  • Survive in this position as you can, but not less than two minutes.

Pose warrior or virabhadrasana

Etapoza got its name from the name of the soldier, whose name was Vidrabhadra he bylsozdan god Shiva.There are several variations of this asana.Each of them slozhneepredyduschego but also efficiently.The exercise for the formation of beauty yagoditsvklyuchili two that will remove the remaining fat on the thighs.

Etapoza require you to attention and effort.As a result, the muscles of the back and nogukrepyatsya.After all, strong legs - it's support.This asana stretches and myshtsybeder.

  • Stand erect, feet closed.Hands over his head, hands folded.
  • Breathe, arrange leg using a jump somewhere in the hundred and twenty centimeters.
  • Exhale, while turning to the right side of the torso and right leg, pull the left and right, to the position was stable.
  • bend your right knee so that the thigh and calf were at right angles.
  • Stay in this position thirty seconds, then return to the starting position.
  • The same asana do the left side.

Pose warrior 2 or virabhandrasana

  • straightened foot closed.Inhale and jump using dilute feet on the one hundred and twenty centimeters.
  • Exhale, torso and right leg, expand the right, the left, for a sustainable position, turn to the right a little bit.
  • as much as possible pull the left leg, with the foot push to the floor.
  • Stay in this position for thirty seconds and return to starting position.
  • Make asana on the other side.

Pose elongated triangle or utthitatrikonasana

Vseasany this group need to maintain balance in the complicated poses.Kogdamy begin to fulfill them, the way we train the legs, hips iyagoditsy, but it is important to remain in a stable position, even if it slishkomslozhno.If properly perform this complex will be a sense of power istabilnosti.

Chtobyostavatsya stable in this position, we need strong and flexible muscles of the buttocks ibeder.

  • Stand up straight, feet somknite, arms along the body
  • legs, spread on a bit farther than a meter.
  • right leg dilute ninety degrees, the left - the left forty-five.
  • As you exhale, bend to the right as much as possible, keep the spine straight.
  • left hand lift straight up, right hand - on the thigh, lower leg, knee, foot.
  • Looking aim at his left hand, stay in this position twenty to thirty seconds.Breathing even.
  • Return to the starting position, do the asana in the other direction.

Locust Pose or shalabhasana

Etapoza is considered to be the most effective in order to strengthen yagodichnyemyshtsy.It is used in absolutely any school of yoga.The rest of the complex to the right you smozhetpodgotovit vypolneniyaetogo complex exercise.

Etapoza absolutely harmless and suitable for all types of shapes, and if it primenyatezhednevno, you will see dramatic results.She actively fights szhirovymi deposits in the hips and trains gluteal and abdominal muscles.

Mozhnovypolnyat this exercise as a separate asana, but the muscle is recommended vnachalerazogret.

  • Lie down on the floor, on his stomach.Hands pull over your head.
  • simultaneously separates from the floor hands, head, chest and legs.
  • gluteal muscles keep on their toes, legs straight, hold them together.
  • Try to stay in this position longer.Breathing smooth and unhurried.
  • Make repeated twice.

esliv take it a rule daily yoga classes, it will soon become tolkoprivlekatelnee not physically, but spiritually and calmer.Acquire vnutrennyuyugarmoniyu.Yoga normalizes the organs, corrects figure.Kromedomashnih exercise, you can enroll in courses of yoga and deal sinstruktorom.This is a great activity to escape from the daily hustle and bustle iprivesti normal inner "I" Yoga will allow you to maintain a healthy youth.Pay attention to the appearance of yogis, they are always balanced, physically fit.So do not be lazy, go in yourself!After all, only vysami can change your life and yourself for the better!Ifizicheski develop spiritually!Moreover, yoga is suitable for people of all ages perfectly.