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How to make yourself to exercise?

Make a schedule sequence for themselves where to start, what do you need, what kind of results you want to achieve in the end.Strictly follow the sequence of these actions.And we will help you cope with your laziness and walk to the ideal image.

Social media

Throughout our lives next to us is a lot of people.These are our parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.Each of them is any guide us and give some advice, although we rarely use them.So tying friendship with new people who, like you, are fighting for the beauty of your body, try to listen to them.Listen to interesting tips, share your experience, record and analyze all this.

benefit from social networks

Start do fitness and tell about their surroundings.Upon reaching the result, however small, photographed and expose photos on social networks, what happened before and it was after.Admiring comments make you achieve even better results.Pay more attention to sports news.Join the group to this subject that had bee

n close associates.Attend sporting events, if possible, participate in them.

Use the young man

course, loving man takes you just be what you are.But you will agree, is much more pleasant when you next is slim and attractive girl, a lover than a tightly eat.Let it often tells you compliments and then will want to look even better.

But even if your heart until it is free and you are in search of a better - still waiting for her prince with beautiful ass is better than a sagging tummy.

Use your coach

have a good coach - is the key to success.And if it is also a smart handsome, there certainly will be a real boost.Listen to stories or ask to see photos of those who have already achieved great results with it.

align with famous people

Look for famous people, such as Madonna.Despite her age, she's just in great shape, her body toned and looks quite slim.

Use table tools

Every day, preferably several times a day, measure your waist.Noticing positive, stop you certainly can not.And when, having gone to the store you finally buy clothes a couple of sizes smaller - there is no limit joy.

Record results

This method for many years, but he still remains popular.Be sure to write down your results.A better load your photo in Photoshop, and each time is celebrating the success on the part of the body where you have achieved them.

Use psychology

This method was developed in 1984.Take a notebook and draw on a sheet of plate, which is 4 graphs.To give the name of each column:

  • benefit for me and for the body

  • my losses

  • advantages of social networks

  • cons of social networking

The benefits for me is worth noting, for example,, health and beautiful figure, and losses - money.Do not be afraid to write the truth, because it is only for the good.Learn to accept yourself.

Various drugs

Buy movie discs that will spur you to achieve results.It is not necessary, of course, to believe in such fairy tales as she lived, she was ugly and fat and suddenly met a millionaire, he loved her.Naturally, this is a fairy tale.Good movie for you serve "Step Up," "Stick It" and others.


Or rather argue on anything substantial.Choose something that you would love to, for example, a trip to some exotic country.Argue with a person of high status: in case of loss, he certainly will be able to pay for the ticket, and do not lose it - would be a matter of principle.


Buy together with his like-minded subscription to any fitness center.And argue as to who will throw down 4 kg.Play fair, not to quarrel.

Use greed

Get the most expensive gym membership.It will be a pity to be absent from such a costly lesson, and expensive equipment such centers are always the best.Cheers yourself with positive emotions.For achieving good results go, for example, in a beauty salon.The main thing is do not buy food as a present!

You can choose to create and develop for themselves a program in which you will lose weight.Maybe a few years ago you were slimmer, get photos and see, better put this photo on the fridge.Each time will get food, you will see what you need to achieve.

Using these methods, you are sure to reach their goals.Importantly, do not be lazy!

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