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Antigraviti yoga or yoga in the air

Today antigraviti yoga is very popular in the US and Europe, most recently this subspecies of yoga came to the post-Soviet space.From the atnigraviti yoga looks very strange, but many people claim that poprobyvav once, this activity draws from him not refuse.

Antigraviti yoga has a powerful rejuvenating effect, it rejuvenates not only the body but also the spirit, and rids the body of tension and discomfort in the back, neck, lower back, raises the level of hormones, as well as stretches the muscles, tendons and increases mobilityjoints.At the same during the entire class a sense of joy, and after a busy man feels not only pleasantly tired, it feels like every bone and muscle has been worked out.

Yoga in the air helps reveal the hidden potential of the human body.Usually a person gets used to the two positions of his body: horizontal and vertical, but in the classroom antigraviti yoga man can conquer the three-dimensional space.Often, during the flight from the ground and tumbling in the air comm
on problems lose their importance and are not quite so insurmountable, with attitude to life changes completely.

Antigraviti Yoga is a very useful exercise, which consists of many disciplines.Yoga in the air was invented recently in America, by Christopher Harris (choreographer and director).This man invented the acrobatic show, which uses dense fabric, suspended from the ceiling.The tissue he called antigravity hammock.All of this was invented in the early nineties, and has long been used for the production of complex acrobatic show.In the early 2000s, Christopher noted that after a long flight, he is very tired, but after he hung upside down in a hammock for a short time, his spine is straightened, and with it comes a burst of energy.
Very quickly enterprising Americans realized that using antigravity hammock can do yoga, and it is possible to practice meditation.

in hammocks person feels as if he is in a cocoon, and this sensation helps you to relax, while the heads of all the excess out, it helps to forget about everything and a person begins to enjoy the current moment (in this moment there is no place for the past, northe future, only the present time).

This hammock is best to meditate under the name Butterfly.You need to relax, a few deep inhale and exhale, imagine that you are in a tightly rolled cocoon in this very dense cocoon hard to breathe, and as soon as you want to be outside, you need to draw and present like a cocoon is broken, and you as a beautiful butterfly flying start.

In Buddhism, meditation titled butterfly is used to pacify the ego and the inner mind.The founder aeroyogi urges Each session of meditation.

Traditional yoga is increasingly performing different asanas.The most used antigraviti yoga asanas most common, but they all moved into the air.Imagine asanas that you used to do on the ground, you can now practice and in the air, and during their performance one feels completely different feeling.Many asanas in antigravity hammock will be much easier than on the ground.Antigraviti Yoga helps a person learn to balance.

Do not worry, that while having this kind of yoga your hammock breaks (it is designed for 400 kg).During the lessons aeroyogoy human body constantly feels intense physical activity, which means that soon the body will begin to lose weight.

During the lessons of yoga not only lose weight, but also replenished the vital energy, which in everyday life very quickly used.This type of yoga is unique in the world, as you can quickly replenish vital energy, the person feels relaxed and refreshed.

aeroyogi Another advantage is its positivity, because the exercises can be performed in a hammock, playing with the fun and most importantly, you end up with a perfect body.

person who is engaged in atigraviti yoga in front of changes and becomes more attractive, strong, successful, and also adds a bit of growth.People who have aeroyogu become happier and healthier.

Today antigraviti yoga are engaged in 21 countries, every year the number of its practitioners is growing.Despite its popularity and usefulness aeroyoga also has its contraindications (pregnancy, diseases of the eye and the heart, transferred spinal surgery).If the list of contraindications is your illness, do not be discouraged, for starters, try to do ordinary yoga, and then see whether your body to endure the increased loads.

Yoga change a person's life for the better and it is a proven fact.

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