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As in the past month to tighten chest muscles

However, in your power to lift the breasts, making them vizualnobolshe, make them more palatable form.To do this, pull grudnyemyshtsy.Increase muscle tone can be unpretentious exercises that can lyubayazhenschina regularly at home.

№1. Stand near a wall or sit on a chair with a straight spinkoy.Spina been pressed against a flat surface, otherwise budutzadeystvovany back muscles, not your chest.Connect palms before a breast.Nadavlivaytena palm with such force that the chest muscles tensed noticeably.Count do10ti palm and move forward a little.Again, push hands and count to 10ti.I again - is the length of the missing hand.After that, relax your palm potryasiterukami and repeat 2 times.

№2. Stand in the doorway, hands upёrshis in school.Nadavlivaytena school 1minute.Then lean slightly in the doorway to load grudnyemyshtsy increased and 1 more minute push.

№3.Do similar exercise at the wall.Try both bysdvinut wall.Do not lean too hard, otherwise the maximum nagruzkipridёtsya on his back, not th

e chest muscles.Enough of three approaches, each dveminutki.

№4. Lie on the floor, putting up a dumbbell.Podnimayteganteli simultaneously with both hands straight up, while straining grud.Vyderzhite small pause and then lower them.Weight dumbbell pick up so that the seventh-eighth presses were given with great difficulty.Aim for three sets po8-NIL regimes.

№5. takes a dumbbell in each hand and stand up straight.Slowly, from the hip, slowly, hands outstretched in turn raise the dumbbells up - kurovnyu chest.Fix weight and slowly lower.Right-handed - left pravoy- left.To perform 3 sets of six repetitions.

№6. Sit with a straight back chair.In the hands - neizmennyeganteli.Keep them in front of chest.Elbows bend, push them to the side.Vosemraz dissolve in the parties hands with dumbbells, from the sides of the elbows, do not release!Following the approach plant hands with dumbbells, "tearing" elbows from body -ruki thus should be bent at the elbows at right angles.Two approaches through 12 divorces hands.Exercise helps to stretch the muscles and give the breast a krasivuyuformu.

№7. pushups - very simple, with an effective uprazhneniyadlya breast augmentation.An important condition - a few push-ups are not dostatochno.Optimalnaya rate - 20 push-ups for the approach.If the first couple dvadtsatotzhimany - an impossible dream, should not abandon this uprazhneniya.Delayte least the 1st Wrestling for the approach, but to the day in the amount of vyhodilo20 Th pushups.

№8. Backs become a chair and place your hands in nego.Vytyanite foot forward at an angle of 35-45 degrees.Keep in this position push-ups: three sets of 7-8 times.

№9. At the end of the exercises required to do stretching chtobyrasslabit muscles.Good to just rest against the wall with his hands and stand paruminut.Or quietly stand with dumbbells in the lowered hands.

These simple exercises after a month of regular zanyatiypridadut additional volume of your breasts by strengthening the muscular frame, covering the breast from all sides.Otzanimalas month Needless throwing sports.Effect need to constantly consolidate and better to do it in trenazhёrnomzale under the supervision of a professional instructor.