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How to learn to skate?

Choosing skates

To pervoekatanie leave you a pleasant experience, pick-quality skates.Vkoem not buy skates on the principle of "a few sizes too big," as they have to sit tight on your feet.The shoe is desirably iznaturalnoy skin.

ideal method of selection is a skate shop vspetsializirovanny campaign.There you can choose from a large variety of models, skates suitable for you.

In the world there are four kinds of skates curly, hockey, cross-country, and children (with dvumyalezviyami), but in this article we will only talk about the figure skates.Konkidlya skating are of three types: professional, amateur poluprofessionalnyei.The difference between these types is only in price and quality.

runners located on the skates are made from high nerzhaveyuscheystali hardening.Expensive models are equipped with removable runners because chtokorpus boot time does not wear out as fast as themselves lezviya.Pokazatelem good quality blade is dull luster.These skates nuzhnobudet less sharpening and they

will have a pretty good glide.

most valid argument when choosing skates yavlyaetsyasobstvennoe feeling.Arriving at the store and examples 5-6 models, listening ktomu that tell you your own experience.You need to boot your foot firmly sidelna rigidly fixing it at the ankle.Skates should krepkoohvatyvat ankle to the foot is not turned up.Otherwise vysokaveroyatnost serious injury.

Now let's talk about how to select for us razmerkonkov.The best option is the shoes one size larger uchityvayato that will need to wear warm socks and rub his leg.It would horoshoproytis the store in a well-laced skates.If it is convenient, toi ice is likely to be the same.Now you should check ustoychivostkonkov.Put skates next to each other on a flat surface and if they do not disperse, it is possible smelooplachivat package.

Learning to skate on the ice

So, in order to begin to skate you nuzhnoprodelat following steps:

  1. Snachalavy buy skates or take in rent.Upon receipt of skates sleduetobratit attention to their size.If your skates are a little high - wear thick socks.It is necessary to konkiplotno hugged your legs and sit securely on them.This will reduce the risk of falling ioblegchit skating.
  2. Nadezhnozashnuruyte skates as tight as possible on all the holes.After all, judge for yourself, chtonamnogo better to sit on the bench and lace up the skates are not so tight, than upastna ice while skating.Note that the skates to rent, will plohogokachestva, so after some time should pereshnurovat svoikonki to reduce the risk of injury.
  3. Posletogo as you become on the ice, the first time it is necessary to hold on to some support (board or his companion).Peredkataniem slightly bend your legs.Man is designed so that on straight legs ondaleko not leave.
  4. esliv got horses with teeth located in the front, you naive mozhetepredpolozhit that these teeth will assist you at first.Not pytaytesottalkivatsya ice teeth.Can you imagine that you are wearing hokkeynyekonki.
  5. Kaknachat skate on the ice?From the rules of riding the next thing to ottalkivatsyavnutrennim edge jogging legs, with a driven leg to stand on.Nuzhnoprochuvstvovat himself.
  6. Razveditenoski in hand so that his feet were angled toward each drugue start skating.
  7. Prodelavneskolko steps, try to slide on the blades.Body tilt nemnogovpered better to avoid being hit on the back of his head ice or board.Take a word that is not without falling oboytis.Vse newcomers passed through the fall.All is learned by trial and error.
  8. While driving tsentrtyazhesti need to move from one foot to the other, not forgetting to keep your knees in sognutomsostoyanii.Make a push the left leg and the center of gravity moves to pravuyunogu, and then vice versa.
  9. Popravilam basic skating step is executed with the help of external rebrakonka.It should be understood chtoottalkivatsya need not toed, namely an edge ridge.Snuggle right konkomko ice.Try to push off and overcome any distance, gliding tolkolevoy foot.Then tighten the right foot closer to the left leg and once obenogi will together try to ride on two legs.Do not forget chtonuzhno bend your knees before you will generate thrust.Staraytessohranyat balance when delaetetolchok.Keep your head up and your back straight and your knees bent.Begin movement perenosyaves his body from one foot to the other.

The secret to maintain balance while driving at konkahzaklyuchaetsya in the art of riding.

Consider the technique of skiing stages:

  1. Vstaetepo direction of travel
  2. Vypryamlyaeteplechi
  3. Golovui keep your back straight, knees flexed
  4. Ladoniderzhite near the hips
  5. Medlennorazvernite right leg and confident push off right skate
  6. Nemnogosgibaya knee, continue sliding the left foot
  7. Konkompravoy foot tear away from the ice.It is important not to push off the toe itself, otherwise mozhnoupast.
  8. Kogdanogi will be together, bend your knees for one more push.Ottalkivaytesteper already left leg.Remember that vtsentre gravity should be only one leg.

Another important point in skating konkahyavlyaetsya proper braking.Proper braking looks like this: you take out the leg forward and the brakes on ldurazvernutym hip or heel.To brake it went well, not too much should be dispersed on the ice.

When riding need to give due attention to the care of the ice.Misrepresented case you could not help feeling that the fall can not be avoided, tostaraytes to fall on its side.Then, slowly rising to his feet and get doborta.

Care skates

  1. Uhazhivatza skates should be the same as for Any other shoes.
  2. Neve circumstances do not dry skates on the battery or on the gas stove.
  3. Vraglezvy - it certainly rust.Therefore, if it appears in at least one place, they will not be as good as before.Blades nuzhnoderzhat always dry.
  4. Nederzhite skates Bags and Cases for too long.They must be stored so that they are well ventilated.
  5. esliv decided to forget about skating, it is best to lubricate the skin cream dlyaobuvi skates or petroleum jelly, grease the skids engine oil and fill the skates bumagoy.Zatem wrapped in paper and put in a closet.

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