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What if a child is too cranky?

Chёtkiepravila penalties and bonuses

Firstly, to toddler perestalkapriznichat for any reason, it is necessary that he had a clear schedule dnya.Mnogie mom ever regret their children are allowed to eat when they want othing want, later put to bed in the morning can regret not take vsadik.This is fundamentally wrong.The child needs to know when and what he obyazansdelat.At the age of four or five years old, the children, of course, no slishkomserёznyh obligations.But at least he has the most elementary vypolnyatbez whims: there are healthy foods (but not those that love), go to sleep vopredelёnnoe time to collect their toys.If a kid refuses to do so, it is not necessary to pay attention to his cries and tears.Conversely, if it cries, it's best to ignore the tantrum.The fact that this behavior detiprivlekayut attention parents.If the tantrum passes all the faces, you can prigrozitrebёnku and explained that he needed to calm down, otherwise he does not recieve anything.By the way, as soon as it is wor

th remembering one very important mistake babushek.Zachastuyu moms and they say, "Collect toys and then you get chocolate" and so on.But the kid begins to realize that for every execution of the request onobyazatelno should receive the prize.Such thinking has never before a fall.Vitoge, children begin to do my homework for the new console and go to school because my mother pays them money.If you do not want to end up with your behavior ledto such a situation, learn to motivate the behavior of the baby anyway.If he does not react to your request, and the more you begin to be rude, tell the kid, chtopoka he will not do what you say - it remains, for example, without multikov.V first time, children who are accustomed to, that parents do all they zhelaniyazachastuyu notreact.So you need to show calmness and coldness Ilishev child of what he used to.And no need to yell at him, rugatsya beat.Just silently turn off the TV and said that he did not get what he wants, until done as you wish.If the tantrum starts, continues to behave as calmly and impassively.In the case where the kid idalshe stubborn and does evil to you, tell him that every egokrikom punishment increases and it remains no cartoons have not odinden and two.At the age of four children are all well remember inachinayut learn to cheat.So the next day he necessarily suitable Kwame with a sweet smile and stories about how he loves mom and poprositvklyuchit cartoons.In this case, you should not lose vigilance and do not "melt" .Napomnite him that he misbehaved and punished to a certain sroka.Konechno same kid will start crying and begging, and then get mad at you.Vashazadacha - not off.And we are talking about anger and self-pity.Dolzhnyspokoyno You tell him that if he did not calm down this minute, tonakazanie increased by one more day.For some children this povedeniedeystvuet almost immediately, someone stubbornly longer, but eventually learns rebёnokhorosho basic rule: Follow the instructions and then your mom nenastignet punishment.

Remember that no matter how the baby did not cry and kindly, it is not necessary to beat him.Corporal punishment - it is the last thing.Tomuzhe, it is unlikely you will hit a son or daughter so much that he remembered he had a fear of Yiwu, and as you know, education, based on fear, privoditk that kids just grow up and start to play in front of their parents primernyhchad, and behind him are doingwhat they want.Therefore, always try to have a child restraint inakazyvat not physically, but in a way that he realized horosheepovedenie - a guarantee that the mother would do his will.But plohoe- main cause of failures.


In many families where young parents live vmestis grandparents spoiling children begins loving granny.In etomnet not surprising, because it is their favorite grandchildren, they want otdatvsё.Besides, my grandmother has more life experience, so be sure that they know best how to raise children.As a result, the baby understands that eslimama and dad something forbidden, you can always run to her grandmother and pozhalovatsyaey.And she not only what is allowed and will still blame the parents for what onibesserdechnye.

If your mother-in-law chose this modelpovedeniya, should talk to her.The fact that the child is very pagubnovliyaet constant criticism towards his parents.He decides that their modelpovedeniya wrong, and it is simply no longer pay attention naroditelskoe opinion.Of course, the conversation with my grandmother certainly not be easy, since she was sure that he was right.So do not argue with her, cursing and screaming.Just try to explain it with examples, what privoditpotakanie whims.For example, a child does not want to go to bed.Mom zapretilaemu watch cartoons, and a good grandmother, to which he also ran crying sazu -razreshila.But then certainly there comes the same situation, which already babushkanachinaet swear and to punish the child.At this point, remind her that it resulted ktakomu its behavior.Of course, do not expect that my grandmother senses immediately.However, if ever, but it is not without reproach osobonavyazchivo tell her error, she eventually realizes and although bychastichno cease to indulge the child.

Say "no" pretense "it is small»

The last major mistake upbringing - is lyubovroditeley write off everything that "it is small."Of course, the baby - it rebёnok.Poetomu nobody makes him five years to carry bags and carry vsyurabotu the house.But if it is small, it does not mean that it is necessary for him vsёdelat.The kid must always carry basic things that match egovozrastu.Especially if you know that he can do it yourself, just lazy.For example, a four-year child should always otnositposudu himself in the sink, wash yourself and brush your teeth, get dressed, ubiratsvoi toys.If he is not performing, you should not write it off on vozrast.Vash kid lazy and just waiting for you to do everything for him.And if vovremyane stop, the way it will continue.Then the parents solve problems and pishutsochineniya, draw pictures, and sew, and children, meanwhile, are sitting with his hands folded ipovtoryayut: "I can not do it for me" .tak that if you do not want to grow lazy and an egotist, a stricter and adequately nauchitesbytto assess the possibility of their child.And then vashmalysh grow smart, responsible and strong man.

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