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Pilates: Exercises for the back

Exercises to strengthen lower back muscles

Some people at work have to sit or stand all day long.Hence, the underlying muscles are in constant tension, which causes pain.We continue to go to the chiropractor, implore them to the right back.This causes a curvature of the back and muscle imbalance.Just imagine that you can constantly monitor your back muscles and can independently correct any imbalance.Pilates strengthens the lower back muscles, corrects muscle imbalances due to the fact that strengthens and stretches the muscles, which causes curvature of the back.

first exercise "Stretching back»

If you are going to relax the spine, this exercise is for you.Do this exercise every day after school or work and then the spine will thank you.Performing this exercise works your abdominal muscles, flexor extensor muscles of the spine.

We sit on the floor, straighten the spine, shoulders relaxed, arms extend forward and place them shoulder-width apart.Feet bend at an angle of 90 degrees.Take a deep b

reath.On the exhale, we begin to fall, rounded spine.Hands facing forward.Pull the spine and take a deep breath.On the exhale, begin to straighten the lumbar spine.At the end of the exercise straighten the cervical vertebrae.Make a minimum of 4 approaches.

second exercise for the back "Sequential stretching legs»

This exercise stretches the muscles of the lower back and abdominal muscles.

lie down on your back, lift your head and shoulders off the floor, while straining abdominal muscles.His shoulders straightened hold.Bend one leg at the knee and tighten the chest, the other will raise by 45 degrees.Change legs in turn, pull and attract to yourself the one leg, then the other.Remember that the closer attract foot to the chest, the abdomen is much less work and back.To increase the load does not draw closer to his knee 90 degrees.

repeat this exercise 20 times, do not forget to breathe deeply and every time draw in the stomach when attract the knee to the chest.This exercise is aimed at stretching the muscles of the lower back and abdominal muscles.

third exercise "floated»

popular exercises to strengthen the lower back muscles during this exercise intensely reduced muscle while working your abdominals.

lie down on your stomach and stretch your legs and arms in different directions, take a deep breath and pull the abdominal muscles.Thorax and head slightly off the floor Lift and nose "looks" at the floor.The neck is the spine aligned.

Inhaling Tear off the floor left arm and right leg in this position linger.Then lift your left leg and right arm, and again Hold this position.Hip and chest Tear off the floor.We continue to change hands and feet, creating the effect of swimming, inhale for 5 accounts and exhale for the next 5.

Be careful, this exercise can not be performed for people who suffer from osteoporosis, and safe for patients with spinal stenosis.And try before you do this or that exercise, consult your treating doctor.