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Baby theft: causes and what to do parents

Davayterassmotrim situation with child stealing all the details, understand the reasons for takihpostupkov and how to behave in such a situation, what should you do, do achego is not recommended.

First of all, we must realize that there are cases kogdaeto not theft.Your child could just change their toys drugimmalyshom consensual.It is not so rare and very good if etodeystvitelno similar case.

What parents delatnelzya

Now, here is a list of actions that kategoricheskinelzya do if it turned out that it was still stealing:

  • think happened irreparable;
  • scandals and tantrums;
  • specifically deprive the child of something "as punishment";
  • are indifferent or endorse the fact of theft;
  • Do not pay attention to the fact, if his friends are so-called "bad company";
  • accuse him, if there is no absolute proof of his guilt;
  • hang tags on it the thief and similar;
  • demand that he publicly confessed to the crime and repented;
  • compare with other people or children, such as: "Here I never stole!";
  • Do not try to force him to swear that he would never do is to do;
  • In no case do not like to discuss in the presence of any strangers.

If you try to do any of the above, the most likely result is not what the child will no longer steal, but rather that it will close and cease to trust you, leaving, thus, control of podvashego.

moguttolknut What causes a child to steal?

  • child may simply not distinguish between their own and other people's things.It occurs in children aged 2 to 4 years.It should be gently explain to him that he is doing wrong in any given situation, until the child learns the boundaries of others, and his;
  • child so desires a specific toy, so he wanted her to him was not even aware of the fact of theft.This may occur if the child needs ignored.At the same time, parents should pay attention to the wishes and needs of the child, who remain unsatisfied.Of course, it is hardly worth immediately run to the store and buy a child a toy (it can lead to the fact that the child has formed an idea that stealing will appear toy).Try to explain to him that the toy he is, just a little later, for example, a birthday that he will present to the grandfather or grandmother that buy after receiving a wage, etc .;
  • possible that the child stole toys, which boasted in front of him for a long time and hurt, just to get back at his assailant.In this case, you need to help him to take the right position and develop this behavior, which does not need to steal a toy.The opportunity to develop this behavior indirectly by means of toys playing scenes where this happens, "fun";
  • If the child feels the lack of attention from parents.It sometimes happens that a child so lacks parental attention, he becomes able to even theft.He does not matter that the focus will be negative, the main thing - that it will be;
  • Theft can be a way to gain prestige among their peers.This item is directly related to the previous one.If the child is lacking attention in the family circle, he may try to compensate for this recognition and a sense of significance in the group of his friends.Here we have to deal not with the theft, but a global problem in the relationship with the child.
  • Try to develop the talents of your child - it's pretty much raises his self-esteem;
  • possible extortion by any party, for example, by the older children.In this case it is necessary to protect a child.Explain that in such cases should be referred to a senior - parents, teachers.Make sure that the problem was solved.

What parents

What else should I do, if you have found a fact of theft committed by your child?

  • think and talk about how that child "took" someone else, and not "stealing" him;
  • softly and kindly to talk with the child to understand where it came from a toy, what she did, what relationship with the owner of a strange thing it is - all this will understand the reasons which have pushed him to such action;
  • If the child feels guilty, to shift the focus on the feelings of the person he had been robbed;
  • If he does not feel guilty, we should condemn the fact of theft.However, we must do it carefully so it is condemning the act, rather than the child;
  • sure to return the thing to its owner, but to do so, like a child found her;
  • thing you need to return with the child.If you want to take his side to protect it from possible attacks by the parents of the owner of a thing or other people.Let the child realizes that in any case you'll be on his side;
  • can try to persuade the child to he returned the thing to its owner;
  • Explain that taking a thing without permission can be only if it belongs to himself, but to take someone else's - you need to ask permission from the owner;
  • Behave in a dignified manner, the child can take with you an example to follow, do not cry and do not skandalte;
  • If you have seen with your own eyes the fact of theft, openly tell about this child;
  • Give it explicitly clear that you do not like his behavior;
  • Boss things should give it regardless of its cost;
  • avoid situations that might provoke a child to steal;
  • encourage him to confess to their mistakes and recognize them;
  • Read and thoroughly discuss the literature on moral education.If the child is not enough years, you can do it in a playful way.