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Raising a child as described in Cecil Lupan

She stopped using strict principles Doman method ipererabotala it, creatively adapting it to your needs, adding eyzanimatelnosti and emotionally.These methods of the development of children under their care idostignutye results woman described in his book "Prakticheskoerukovodstvo" Believe in your child. '"Also in France, she founded a community stacks same name.At the moment, many people around the world ispolzuyutsya technique.

On the method of Cecile Lupan

At the beginning of the period of maternity Cecile heard about the procedure GlenaDomana and extremely interested in it, even visited him weekly seminar vAmerike.The technique came to her liking and infect the enthusiastic home, Lupanstala engaged with his daughter, which at that time was eight months ispolzuyamatematicheskie card with painted dots on them.However, along the way he onastolknulas certain difficulties, and although some progress udalosdobitsya her, yet her daughter is not particularly interested in it.After a vremyaSesil moved

away from this technique, but it has kept those principles kotoryesochla working:

  • The best teachers of the child are always the parents;

  • Training should be given in the form of the game and stop it before a child gets tired of it;

  • Do not check the child;

  • To maintain curiosity, you should use the novelty and speed.

Using these four principles, and techniques that Lupanvychitala from various books and told her theatrical training, she eventually made the system of games and exercises for children with samogomalenkogo age, which are based on the formation of their personality traits iraskrytii their potential.

woman trusted her intuition and concluded that the child is not etovovse vessel, which the teacher has to fill, and the fire that uchiteldolzhen ignite.It does not educate the child according to a strict schedule, kakprinyato in the method at home, and try to develop innate talents kid catching sensitively than at this particular moment the child is interested in isootvetstvuyuschim way on top of the interest to conduct classes, kotoryebudut devoted to this topic (which is the main sayin metodikeMontessori).Contrary to claims that the house, the child's brain is not sleduetzagruzhat information, and we must teach him to handle this information and summarize.That is, you should not just talk to the kid, it's a carrot and vzanimatelnoy form beat story about how to grow this vegetable that MRC can do and so on.

fundamental principle techniques Lupan is that obucheniedolzhno bring joy as the baby and its parents.Children should uchitsyas interest and ease.

The main idea is that the child is actually in the form of neglect requires care, and attention in the form of interest.If you are too navyazchivoopekaete child, it prevents him from expressing themselves creatively, and slishkomnavyazchivaya assistance may be perceived as a violation of boundaries lichnogoprostranstva.Lupan says that one should not by any means dobivatsyamaksimalnoy efficiency and try to use every second chtobyizvlech the most of it.Child often need to be left alone with him, so that he can independently do what he is interested.

And, of course, trying as much as possible to develop a child's intelligence, we should not do it, forgetting about his feelings.We need to give him the love, hugs and kisses.If the child is adamant that the parents love it and have a positive view osebe, its development is much faster than what other children he was happy to know the world, aims to find out how mozhnobolshe and easily find common language with others, easily adapting to the conditions lyubymsotsialnym.

In this case, claims in his book, Cecile, we must not forget chtovospitanie child is a heavy daily, so that there -ezhesekundny hard work.

second child Lupan showed that children can bytneveroyatno different from each other, and that their training should be flexible and kakmozhno chutche because that is perfect for training odnogorebenka may be totally unacceptable in teaching others.By etoyprichine Cecil warns parents that we should not blindly follow vsemsovetam and do everything exercises that were developed by it.

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