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Exercising to lose weight at home

set of exercises at home

This exercise is designed for slimming buttocks and thighs: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands on your waist, foot push to the floor, stand straight, and during squats try not to lean forward, breath shouldbe flat and not intermittent.Do 25-30 squats so low, as soon as you can.The number of sit-ups should be increased gradually.This exercise helps to eliminate excess fat accumulation in the thighs and buttocks.

following exercise - attacks on one leg.Take a long step forward, his hands on her waist.On the inhale immerse knee back foot as low as possible, and then slowly rise to the starting position and breathe out.Alternate legs, each to do 30 lunges.With each week of employment increases the load.Through this exercise, the hip will become elastic and slim.

Next exercise for the chest.For him you need dumbbells and a bench or three stools set around.Lie on a bench, grab a dumbbell in your hands and raise them above your head.On the inhale as much as possible

breed hands apart, then return your hands back and breathe out.Exercise repeat 12 times.Do not forget that every week dumbbell weight and the load should be increased.Exercise helps to make breast more toned and elastic.After that, we take the situation lying down on a bench, taking in both hands a dumbbell, lift it over the chest and slowly allot a hand behind his head, then return to starting position.Breathing maintain steady, avoiding discontinuities.Repeated at least 15 times.This exercise helps to make the chest high and firm.

next step is to work on the waist.Take a half-meter stick in his hands, put on his shoulders and holding it at the ends, leans forward, turning the torso to the left and right.The trunk should be rotated until it stops struggling.Must be made in one pass at least 25 slopes gradually increasing load.Exercise helps to make the waist thinner, and to some extent lose weight.

most problematic area is the stomach.Most often it is because of him you can not wear a short dress or a tight T-shirt.To bring the stomach in order, perform the following exercise: take a supine position, so that it is possible to take up something heavy.Undertake hands on is something, bend your knees and exhale carries them over the head, while inhaling omit the back.Repeat 10 times.Then sit down so that it can be walked on feet for something heavy, bend the legs at the knees, drop the hands and head on your chest and start doing lifts the torso.Exercise is repeated 20-40 times.This will help you get rid of excess fat and wrinkles on the stomach and develop beautiful news.After 14 days, the load can be increased twice.

For greater efficiency above exercise to bring the figure in order to be more moving, are particularly well suited for long walks - they strengthen and slim legs.The diet should be as little flour and sweet, at least once a week should do fasting days.It is recommended to take vitamins, as well as vegetables and fruits.Dinner needs to be done as far as possible light, so as not to overload the stomach at night.After the exercise is useful to take a contrasting shower - it tightens the skin and helps to keep yourself in good shape.Activities such exercises should not be interrupted, the minimum duration of the course exercises - seven weeks.Strong makes morning exercises, small, about 10-15 minutes - it will enhance the effect of exercise.It can include running on the spot, sit-ups, abdominal exercises.Remember that your success depends on you!