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Types of oatmeal diet

Benefits oatmeal diet
Eating oatmeal can saturate organizmkaltsiem, magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins B, PP Eu.If you are a regular sedatblyuda made with oatmeal, you resolve and metabolism, inervnuyu system posposobstvuete improve your immunity, while zhelaniisbrosite extra kilos.Of course, you need to lose weight without compromising health dlyasvoego, for this we must choose the most appropriate diet for you.Mygotovy to tell you about some of them.

Diet on porridge and vegetables
This diet involves eating as fresh vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and baked in the oven: it can be zucchini, asparagus, eggplant, peppers.Diversify your menu razlichnymisalatami of vegetables with the addition of either lemon juice or olive oil.Vkoem not use salt, various spices, and, of course, mayonnaise.These products do not contribute to weight loss.In general there is a lot of mayonnaise chemicals they cause accumulation of body fat, violate the body's metabolism.Spices prizvanypovy
shat appetite, and when a diet is not desirable.Solobladaet property retain fluid in the body, and hence the time required napohudenie significantly higher.

Fruit and oatmeal diet
This diet is not as strict as opposed to the previous one, and very sweet lovers.If you want to use it dlyadostizheniya its goal, you can afford to eat except for oatmeal: dried and fresh fruit, but only 5 times, a break between meals dolzhensostavlyat 3:00.Well, if your diet is not just ovsyanayakasha and cereal with different fruits iliyagodami.Add you and your favorite dried fruits, such as raisins, apricots, chernosliv.Tak as additives of fruit have different caloric value, they should be maksimalnayadolya just 100 grams per 250 grams of cereal.This will yavlyatsyaportsiey that can be eaten at one time.If you like nuts, add them, but not more than 50 grams.You prefer sweet porridge?Sweeten it with honey 2 teaspoons vkolichestve.Since the composition of the diet includes a lot of products, and frequency of porridge reduced to our usual 3 times: breakfast, lunch and uzhin.Na lunch and in the afternoon you can afford to eat no more than 300 grams of fresh fruktov.Priderzhivatsya this diet can be for14 days.The result will kolebatsyaot lost 5 to 10 kilograms, depending on your body.

Oatmeal monodiet
order not to harm their health using etudietu, it should keep for 3 to 5 days.It's because you need to eat oatmeal tolko250 5 grams per day.Call this diet fast.Its application sdelaetvas easier to 4-5 kilograms, it is possible to carry out six months later.Regularly arrange oat fasting days.However, in order to apply takuyudietu permanent weight loss, you can not.5 days, you can still survive, such as the need to quickly put himself in a more attractive appearance to any tovazhnogo event.

Cleansing Diet oat
Very often, people want to help your body get rid of toxins otnakopivshihsya, improve intestines and stomach.For this mozhnopribegnut a cleansing diet with porridge.In this case your dennachnite to receive cups of mineral carbonated water or with a glass zelenogochaya sugar.Wait 30 minutes and can eat 250 grams of oatmeal, cooked with dobavleniemvody or milk, of course, without sugar or salt.The diet dinner fish can vklyuchitparenuyu low-fat varieties, as well as boiled lean meat.In mid-morning snack or eat an apple or vypeytestakan nonfat yogurt.For dinner, it is necessary to eat 250 grams of oatmeal.

Important in this diet to minimize potrebleniekonservirovannyh, flour and sweet products.A big fan of sladkogorazreshaetsya in small doses honey, jam, cooked at home and, of course, fruit and nuts.Sticking to this diet may be for 1 mesyatsa.Hotya this diet has the goal of weight loss, but if you neskolkoprevyshaet rate, it will start to gradually decline as the body stanetvyvodit slag.

Diet drinks
Of course, with any diet the body needs prinimatopredelennye beverages, since not all of them are harmless and use pravilnyhnapitkov plays a big role.Do not drink cocktails containing large kolichestvoi chemicals and calories.Shop juices, soda and fruit compote sdobavleniem sugar have also exclude from your diet.His replacement vsemuetomu necessary to prepare tea, or black, or green, juice prigotovleniya.Mozhno own brew as a rose, and mint, but even all this neobhodimoupotreblyat sugar and in small quantities.If all the requirements imposed oatmeal diet you will achieve your desired result.