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Accessories blue dress

In fact, the blue dress can be combined with all the accessories.It is important to correctly choose only their shape, color and material.

accessories blue dress

short blue dress appropriate to emphasize using the waist.Its thickness is to choose, starting from the figure.The belt looks great with a simple cut dresses that you can wear every day.

RememberNever combine a wide leather belt with a blue dress.

If you plan to wear blue evening dress to the floor, it is best to supplement it with a small clutch.Ideally, it will be chosen to match the dress or shoes.

Shoes should always be in the tone of the dress or handbag.Depending on the style, you might like to put on classic boats, and open sandals.

Some models appropriate to complement the bolero or jacket.

White jacket with blue dress creates a gentle and accurate way.

color and accessories

Regardless of what you choose an accessory, the most important thing to pay attention to its color.Never combine with the blue dress things brown, beige and green.The perfect combination - blue with white, black and

gray.You can also use other colors, but it is important to remain the dominant blue.

  • Do not wear a dress, shoes and handbag blue.You will merge into one spot.
  • White shoes are perfect for dress pale blue color.Also in this tandem will look great white handbag with zipper metallic colors.
  • gray, silver and blue color are considered the perfect combination.
  • Black shoes better not wear a short blue dress.They will make the image of the standard, and take away the feeling of freshness and lightness.But if you need more formalities safely wear them.
  • spectacular way will create a combination of blue and red.Just put on a blue dress and red shoes, take them to clutch in the same tone.This is an excellent option for a cocktail party.

    To create a bright and somewhat extravagant use accessories red.

  • No less impressive is possible to combine yellow and blue.But it is important to yellow was too much.His task is only to set off the color of the dress, so it is best to restrict a thin belt or bracelet.

    Table that helps you choose the accessories to dress the color blue.

How to choose jewelry to the blue dress?

considered a classic combination of blue and silver color, so feel free to wear silver jewelry and rest assured - you look great.But do not be upset fans of gold, it is no less impressive is combined with a blue dress, especially if the ornament is decorated with red and pink stones.

A win-win combination blue dress with silver ornaments.

Looks great and jewelry.Depending on the accessories that you picked up the dress, use ornaments with stones.They may be blue, pink, red.

not required to use ornaments with jewels.Very organic look: red spinel or garnet, lapis lazuli, kyanite, cat's eye.

If you prefer a massive ornaments of large stones, wear them only with a dark blue dress, as they make the image more overweight.

Features selection of jewelry to dress blue.

Excellent look of coral jewelry.Choose a pastel shades.So they set off the beautiful blue color and make your way harmonious.

Remember, dress, accessories and jewelry must be combined with each other.Only in this way you will create a truly stylish image, which is suitable for any occasion.

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