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Accessories white dress

choosing accessories is to start from a style dresses, but if you run eye over the latest models, we can conclude that the white board in the main light, have a simple cut and a minimum of decorative elements.Therefore, choose accessories will not be difficult.

How to choose accessories to the white dress?

We offer you a list of tips, through which you can choose the accessories To your dress and really shine in any situation.

  1. form-fitting white dress is best to emphasize the belt.Its width is selected based on the features of your figure.Restrictions on the color of virtually none.The only thing you should avoid is bright and pastel shades.Too light times lost in white dress.

    An excellent choice is a thin band of bright color.

  2. White dress in retro style can vary bright elements: belt, shoes and clutches of one color, such as red.
  3. To the long white dress perfect accessories made of metal.You can also use black, add the image contrast.By
  4. cocktail dress in white, you can use accessories of bright pink or purple color that will make your look g
    entle, but original.
  5. is wary of dark-colored leather accessories.If there will be too much, your views will be overweight and ridiculous.These things have to be graceful and subtle.Also watch out for color, because a bad choice can make your kind of dirty.
  6. dress with a pattern requires a special approach.Accessories should choose a pattern so as not to disturb the integrity of the image.It is better if in your way will not be more than three colors.
  7. ideal situation is considered to be a combination of a white dress, black shoes and silver jewelry.This image can be completed bag metallic colors and make a smoky makeup with dominant gray.

To the white dress is perfect silver jewelry and accessories in metallic.

The supplement white dress?By

white dress ideal:

  • hat
  • Short jacket
  • bright beads and big bracelets
  • Scarves bright color with a print
  • Bags and belts with metal inserts
  • Leather Jacket

Several options that can be used, selecting accessories to the white dress.

Choose jewelry to a white dress

usual white dress always looks a little boring, so you should diversify your image decorations.

  1. If you are planning to go to work or walk in a white dress, use the monochrome beads or silver pendant on a chain.
  2. Originally will look beads in several levels.If each of them is a different color, you will look very bright.
  3. to the board with quarter sleeves, always wear a massive, colorful bracelet or chain elegant metallic colors.
  4. If you want to wear and bracelet, and earrings, try to focus on one thing.If massive bracelet - wear small earrings and vice versa.
  5. To emphasize the neck using long earrings.
  6. color of embellishments are always dependent on the actions to which you are going.If you need to create a peaceful image, use pastel shades, but never use a beige color, it lost against the background of dress.
  7. perfect evening for bright colors: cherry, dark green, bright pink.
  8. Universal become ornaments of metal: silver, gold add to your image of elegance and elegance.

Will be a win-win choice silver jewelry.

choose jewelry and accessories to the white dress quite difficult.But do not forget to follow your style and appearance to make their way of truly unforgettable.