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Model plate: weight stabilization

History of model

scientist nutritionist Finlyandiiesche 80s of the last century prishelmetodom experiments to develop a "model plate."It was meant to ensure that no more effort to learn the principles of good nutrition.Metodikarasschitana to ensure that a balanced diet has gained and balance sposobprinyatiya food.To do this, select only the "necessary" food isoblyudat their weight.That is, the ratio of food should not exceed the established norm.Also dietitian concluded chtopravilnoe distribution of food on the plate will serve vizualnymorientirom.Methodology Finnish uchenogopomogaet avoid heavy, difficult and for some people unbearable calculations.So, if you want to lose weight, every day muchaetesebya arithmetic calculations to determine the permissible norm upotreblyaemyhkalory.But the plate will determine how many calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other stored therein.

simplified system power

To acquire skills in using metodikepohudeniya plates, you should take one dish that

would dostigalapo its diameter of 23 centimeters.Next, mentally divide it into two rovnyechasti.The first half will be responsible for filling of vegetables, in the content of starch kotoryhnet: cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, and so on.It is not necessary to cook these vegetables, you mozheteupotrebit some of them in its natural form, most importantly, observe hygiene.

If you want to make the cuts, then cook vegetable salad and naslazhdayasvkusom discharged kilograms.By the way, the amount of vegetables consumed has no restrictions, the more you ihupotreblyaete, the better for your body.But be vigilant, kogdanachnete watering vegetable salad with mayonnaise, butter and other fat produktamisoderzhaschimi.Suitable for burning calories lemon (juice it can be vydavitvmesto oil), nice suit soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, you can vzyatpodlivku of nonfat cottage cheese or natural yogurt.If vyreshili used as a filling vegetable oil, it podhodyaschiyvariant.But do not use at one time more than 2 teaspoons.

best option - it sochetanieovoschey and root crops, taking them to be not only sufficient, but too much, then there is so much to the edges of the plates was not vidno.Takoy approach is justified by the fact that the calories in these products naimensheekolichestvo.Start a meal worth it to them, and then gradually move on to inespeshno other parts of the plate.Groups must be divided into four parts.

principle model plate

first printsip.Kogda you begin to eat vegetables, then they spent chewing bolshekolichestvo time.So, while chewing your brain reacts to the flow of nutrients informatsiyui vorganizm.Accordingly, you already know a bit fed and how much food vampotrebuetsya for full satisfaction.As is known, in order to signal satiety reached the brain takes 15 minutes.

second principle.Scientists have proved that the product has a lot of cellular substances.They fill your stomach iprivodyat to addiction.That is, every time you need the same kolichestvopischi to fill the cavity of the stomach.If fill it with vegetables containing minimalnoekolichestvo calories, it can thus contribute to weight loss.

Some of the plates zapolnenymyasnymi and fish dishes, as well as a side dish.Since the vegetables, you avtomaticheskiumenshaete dose of other departments plates and thus calorie prinyatoypischi.But there are other advantages vegetables are responsible for protecting the body inesut a large amount of vitamins.

Next vtoruyupolovinu is divided into two parts, even so, to fill quarters.One chetverteydolzhna be filled with products containing protein.For example, chicken, fish, meat, turkey, eggs, mushrooms and so on.Another quarter is given garnish.Dlyagarnira allocated about 120-150 grams.For example: potatoes, buckwheat (glass), rice, pasta, cereals, etc.eslihotite you can spend all this bread, but it should be black ilitselnozernovym.


Diet podrazumevaetdvuhrazovoe eating: you can have lunch and dinner.But the dessert also predusmotrendietoy if they are not abused.It must be either glass or odinfrukt berries, skim milk or yogurt.It is worth noting that you can eat on "svoeyosoboy system" is not necessarily to eat at exactly 18.00, or 19.00, vymozhete eat at any time of the day, the main thing that then you 2 or 2.5 chbodrstvovali.Remember, before you go to bed, you have to move vtechenii 3:00 maximum.

balanced diet using plates

Plate - it svoeobraznyyglazomer.You must first of all be patient and a little distsipliny.Eto just the first time, and then vampomozhet already established regime and will not have myself in something uschemlyat.Nastroytes that you do not lose weight immediately - this process is designed nametodichnoe influence.Still, do not be upset, because this process subsequently will make you beautiful and refined.