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Kaffa - trendy earrings

Kaffa - it svoeobraznyeukrasheniya ear or neck and temples, which are fastened by means zazhimovili arches.They are made of different metals and stones may imetraznuyu shape and design.Some of them look more massive others - neochen.These ornaments are available in a wide price range, so podobratdlya themselves suitable Kaffa can each of the fair sex.Idazhe if you already have pierced ears, you will appreciate the Kaffa and vynepremenno want to choose for yourself at least a couple of these originalnyhzapominayuschihsya jewelry.

History and Kaffa

If someone thinks Kaffa is a extravagant invention of modern designers, this person glubokooshibaetsya.Kaffa appeared long before our era.The first of similarity etihserezhek that were made of gold, according to the data obtained in hodearheologicheskih excavations appeared in the British Isles.Analogs Cuff bylinaydeny in ancient India and Rome.

truth about cafes forgotten for a long time, thinking about these original decorations only in the 50s of

the last century.Togdakaffy decorated with traditional for these so-called decorative earrings elementami.Kak rule, they were floral ornaments.

In the 80 years of Kaffa become catalysts are currently all the rage.In those years, they had the appearance of a ring suspended to seredineuha.In 2003, the collection was released Cuff, it has become very popular.Eeavtorom became AlexanderMcQueen.Earrings were made in Indian style.

last known to the entire mirkollektsiya Cuff saw the light in 2009.She was released united mezhdusoboy brands Lovemadei Han Cholo.Earrings from well-known brands have a curved serpent ukrashennyhtsepyami that sometimes fell to the neck, or even to the middle of the back.

In fashion there are now Kaffa?

Today kaffyschitayutsya one of the trendiest trends.Modern Kaffa mozhnopodobrat any style: glamorous rocker, ethnic, hippie t.d.Osobenno relevant in this season, as before, will be Cuff, ukrashennyenaturalnymi feathers or decorated with bright floral prints.

Fashionistas who have zhestkiybrutalny disposition, and prefer to dress style punk or rock, be sure otsenyatmetallicheskie Cuff, made, for example, in the form of spiders.

zhivotnogomira Various representatives often act as decorative elements Cuff.It may bytyascheritsy, cats, frogs, snakes and other animals that look in kachestveukrasheniya very original.It varied fauna all chaschevstrechayutsya in the new collections Cuff.

But Kaffa - is not tolkoekstravagantnoe decoration for girls buntarok.These original mogutbyt earrings made of precious metals and encrusted with precious kamnyami.Takoe decoration, certainly, can complement the sensual evening dress.

Kaffa - it is very convenient

To wear obychnyesergi necessary ears pierced.Clips creates unpleasant pressure on the ears, causing discomfort.So you will have to forget about the dream nositkrasivye earrings?Of course not, because for just such occasions and suschestvuyutkaffy, which are attached to the middle or upper part of the ear.With kafami nikogdane ears ache and not be weary.Kaffa - is not only beautiful decoration but also iochen convenient.

only slight drawback, which have Cuff, is that they cling to the hair, vyzyvayaopredelenny discomfort.To avoid this, you can just put your hair by making a pony.In addition, there Kaffa two-in-one.One of chasteytakoy earrings made in the form of a comb or a kind of pins, which krepitsyapryamo to the hair.Looks decoration is more than impressive.

Kaffa and experiments

sure stoitpoeksperimentirovat with Cuff, combining them, for example, with different golovnymiuborami.Diane Krueger loves to wear a beret of Kaffa.However, you can wear a fashionable hat, fedora.

When it comes to packing, the dlyakaff perfect updo.Even if you love to sraspuschennymi hair, hair-shell or an ordinary beam which trudamozhno not do yourself, not only open Kaffa public, but ipodcherknet beauty of your face and neck.

What makeup is more suitable dlyakaff hard to say.These earrings look beautiful and painted eyes, the IP distinct arrows, and even the so-called make-up nude face, against which oniesche stronger stand.

only limitation votnoshenii Cuff may be asymmetric shape of the ears.The fact that kaffypodcherkivayut ears and attract the attention.If the shape of the ears with you all vnorme, be sure to try to try cutting-edge fashion and Kaffa.

stars like Kaffa

all know and love the singer Ferdzhi.A it just is one of the biggest fans Cuff among the stars.Kaffa sdizaynerskoy metal snake that has created a joint brand Han Cholo & amp;Lovemade, become a feature of this card talantlivoypevitsy.But not just Fergie often prefers Kaffa usual earrings.Takieizvestnye singers like Rihanna and Katy Perry, who otlichayutsyaekstravagantnostyu and originality, often appear at various receptions vkaffah.Even Helen Mirren, famous actress, too, is Cuff, who imeyutizyskanny and sleek design.

Where better to buy Kaffa?

if you dare to gotovyprisoedinitsya extravagant women of fashion, it is better to buy from Kaffa takihizvestnyh brands like Chanel, H & amp; M, TopShop.A collection of brand Lavnin even presented kaffy.Tak men among such diversity necessarily be those of Kaffa, kotoryeidealno suit you.