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Accessories disco 70

Things disco - is primarily an image, an example of which is the youth of that time could show all his personality in discos, to stand out from the crowd, shine and sparkle under the light of lights.However, to look stylish and dance, do not require special skills.The main thing in fashion disco - the brightness and brilliance, a challenge to the gray and ordinary, so the appearance was limited only by imagination of its owner.Accessories disco 70 played a big role here.
Nowadays, modern fashion, tired of the strict, gray business suits, happy holidays and gives a party in style disco full power.Of course, if you are burning clothes and accessories like night neon lights - yellow, orange, green, crimson, purple flowers - you cheerful and happy.Letting in his life these colors, you can not be tedious and prone to depression.
Accessories disco.
to finish any clothing style disk is used as much as possible light and bright colors.Attire (otherwise these garments called simply impossible), made

from almost any material: leather, velvet, silk, suede, modern artificial fabrics, embroidered with shiny rhinestones and sequins.To turn bright clothes to hit the disco style suit shiny rivets, zippers, fringe.The main thing - a sense of celebration and originality.
Shoes in the disco outfit no less important detail.In both men and women, the peak of disco fashion 70s began on a high platform shoes, and, oddly enough, sneakers.The brighter - so fashionable.The leaders, of course, there were silver and gold patterns, embroidered with glittering ornaments.Equally considered chic shoes and sandals thin high heels.These shoes are not as popular today.Of course, everyone chooses colors for themselves, but the high platform and pin still firmly hold its position in the modern fashionable outfits.
discs and accessories are not behind on the appearance of clothing and footwear.Mad popularity enjoyed bright and big enough decorations of plastic, silver and leather.Huge bracelets, massive earrings, rings inspiring dimensions, pendants, chains, decorated with stylish representatives of the '70s.While virtually no need to limit yourself to the amount of jewelry worn - no measures disco does not know.At the same time it gained popularity and jewelry made of crystal, iridescent in the light of rainbow disco lights.To dress with ethnic motifs certainly added the same accessories of leather or treated wood.Popular bracelets could be worn on one hand, and on the two.The larger and heavier they are, the better.Many of these accessories style disco successfully continue to win the hearts of today's fashionistas.No one is surprised massive bracelets and earrings - they only emphasize refinement and femininity fragile the fair sex.Modern technologies have significantly diversify the look of jewelry, so it is unlikely they will soon go out of fashion.
Another unique element of the disco had glasses.It would seem that you can come up with the glasses?One can only wonder how their options are endless frames were both in form and in color!Shades of juicy berries, colored glass from pink to blue.Unique items for the decoration - rhinestones, feathers, sequins - this description of the ideal points of disco.They must be bold and bright, just screaming.These trends are strongly evident in the accessories of modern show business.Although we can say that almost any discreet outfit can be accentuated by stylish glasses.
most surprising and completely separate attribute fashion 70s style disco and steel various icons.With drawings and inscriptions, bright and imaginative, they were everywhere.They are pinned to clothing, scarves and ties, to bags.It is impossible to imagine fashion without the disco this method of self-expression as icons.And it would be strange if this sweet fun young people are not left itself as entertainment in this century.Today, as then, the icons often delight the eye of passers-by, though not as much as in the 70s.
And of course, no disco was not without clothes, accented with leather and fishnet gloves and mitts.Their color, as well as the color of clothing is not restricted.They should prevail bright colors and glitter.
Bags always occupy a special place among the accessories.Disco they had complete freedom.Rivets and lanyards, badge and drawings, embroidery and finish - all this could be present on the bag, and at the same time.And as always, the more detail, drawing attention to the bag, the better.
In far 70 of the fair sex had the opportunity to decorate their hairstyles, not only by laying in afrostile, although it was then considered a kind of benchmark.In the fashion of the time we entered barrettes and headbands for the hair with the banks, as well as wide decorative ribbon tied on the forehead.And if it was silver or golden color - the enthusiasm and attention possessor were provided.These tapes were men.
special beauty had belts with various finishes, wide and narrow, with imitation leopard color, with rivets, with shiny buckles.They were gorgeous complement to the image of disco fans.Gold and silver belts were necessary to everyone who considered himself stylish and fashionable.Many of these belts safely and confidently took his place in the wardrobe of a modern stylish people.Today straps can be worn with almost everything, combining seemingly quite incongruous things.For example, a belt worn over a cardigan or a light dress, can someone seem odd at first glance.However, properly selected, it adds the image of a unique charm and elegance.

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