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Massage against cellulite and excess weight

again recall what factors trigger nasty "orange peel".Yes, of course, lie at the root of hormonal jumps and even - as confirmed by recent research laboratory team Biotherm - genetic mutations, but still at a closer and, fortunately, a manageable level to blame - a slow metabolism and the accumulation of excess fluid and toxins in the subcutaneousfat cells.The number of these cells does not change, but they themselves are able to increase 600 times!That's where those ugly bumps, protruding from under the skin.The only way to tame overgrown fat cells - it became too thick to break their shell and let out too much.Then each cell is reduced to normal size again become harmless and necessary part of the body.This is what the eager hands of the masseur, and all the smart car, which people learn to do for themselves this difficult work.So what to prefer?


not so important, what kind of massage you choose: Spanish or Chinese.The main thing is that it is done manually.The advantage of the fingers i

n front of the machine is obvious.Masseur feels the intensity with which you need to work through a particular site.The machine - no.That's why when technologies or LPG vacuum massage cellulite and excess weight after 2-3 sessions, showing stunning results, comes stagnation.The secret is that any anti-cellulite massage (except aromatic) involves painful impact.Machinery hurt every time the same, and the body has time to get used to and develop "response" machined - reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings in the traumatized area.The manual massage is from session to session impact will be slightly different, which means that the body can not get used to the methods of exposure and not to react to them.In the body's own processes are, the master only sends them in the right direction.

Experts believe that the fight against cellulite are more suitable non-European, based on warming up the muscles and acceleration of lymph flow, massage techniques cellulite and excess weight, and oriental techniques, primarily Chinese, Indonesian (Balinese) and Thai.

in oriental massage techniques are about 150 impact.It strokes, bending, clicks, pressing, vibrations of varying intensity and at different angles.Even without the use of special tools - needles, jadeite or silver plates, bamboo sticks, which are used extensively in a variety of massage schools, to master a choice - how hard to press the point than to massage: the fingers, wrists or elbows, and even usethe weight of the entire body (massage legs).

In Chinese practice of massage is carried out not with the lymph, as it is in Western medicine, and during the course of energy - the so-called meridians 12 basic, 2 and 8 extra wonderful.Primary and secondary meridians associated with the internal organs and distribute energy throughout the body, are responsible for the wonderful conclusion of surplus energy.This specialist should be able to find them.

As well as more than a hundred scattered around the body specific energy points, each associated with one of the meridians, and, therefore, and organs.Depending on the combination and sequence, the same terms are used in anti-aging and therapeutic massage aimed at improving the kidney, liver, spleen ... The best-known way to impact on the point - acupuncture, or acupuncture.

Coffee Break

More recently, cosmetologists thought coffee one of the most provocative in the sense of cellulite products.This is true declared caffeine cellulite external means №1.Caffeine is included in virtually all anti-cellulite creams and gels, and then regular coffee grounds can be a wonderful means of massage.Now nutritionists rehabilitated and "coffee inside" - evidenced by current research.

appears, coffee can also help us to maintain a good shape.Caffeine activates the metabolism of fat, under its influence in the tissues occurs lipolysis (fat).Thus, stimulated energy consumption and fat becomes smaller.The preconditions for the formation of cellulite, no!Conversely, caffeine promotes fat utilization.In moderate amounts of coffee has a positive effect on the health and appearance of the expense it contains antioxidants and caffeine.


Nothing they do not help, only irritate the skin.If the sad result of your acquaintance with the aromatic.Anti-cellulite - it is a massage is such a thing in a low, as a semi synthetic oils are still some places successfully issued for natural, or in violation of the technology.

the aromatic anti-cellulite massage has benefited, and indeed led to a magical transformation, which he is credited, you must use high-quality oil basis (so-called fatty oils - grapeseed, almond, peanut, etc.), and dissolve it in a few drops100% natural oils with a special anti-cellulite activity: lemon, grapefruit, petit-Grein or black pepper.

Aromatherapy massage does not have to be intense: Lightly massaging of lymph.Essential oils, not manipulation masseur destroy fat bumps, water and reduce the output volume.Therefore, you can replace the "ether" massage "the ether" as the bathroom.To achieve at home cabin effect, you should for three weeks every day to take a warm bath with a special blend, diluted in 50 ml whipping cream or a handful of sea salt.Use oil petit-Grein and lemongrass for a reinforced attack on body fat, black pepper - to precision strikes on subcutaneous tubercles and oil fennel or parsley - to display the excess fluid.

One home

undeniable plus salon procedures that there is over you are professionals trained in special techniques impact on muscle and fat.But at home, you can do so much more than you think.This is the home of anti-cellulite complex of measures:

Lie on a hard surface, bent knees to his stomach tighten, hold their hands to the body.Several times (6-10) shook for rounding the spine.This will speed up the metabolism in the lower (most problematic for women!) Body parts.Repeat "rocking" three or four times a week.

vigorously massage the skin with a natural bristle brush of medium hardness, and then arrange the heated skin express douche: include warm water for a few moments and then change it is very cold.Repeat two or three times a week.Every time you take a shower, do not forget to massage problem areas - so we confront stagnation and fat deposits.Most convenient to use soap and water - massage tiles.This useful product "2 in 1" appeared in many brands today.

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