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Prevention and treatment of cellulite

Recently, a colleague of mine in the hearts cried out: "Why men do not have cellulite?Their hairy legs, he would not notice! "Sadly, but the" orange peel "really appears only in women.Body type and age has nothing to do with it.The adipose tissue of our thighs and buttocks are formed female hormones - estrogen.A side effect of the process is the hated cellulite.To try to overcome this phenomenon only one firming cream - is like fighting windmills.Minimize and even eliminate what is happening can only be complex.But first, is to figure out where the legs grow rather "orange peel".

Drop the unnecessary

Listen to your body.Pain, tension in the lumbar region or sacrum is almost always accompanied by blood circulation in the feet: swelling, heaviness, tiredness.All this leads to the development of cellulite.To exclude from the list of causes of back problems, consult your neurologist.

find out if you have the risk of venous insufficiency.He was exposed to girls working on standing work.Perhaps among r

elatives were cases of varicose veins.A survey at the doctor-phlebologist will not be superfluous.As a precaution, a good course of massage, pressure therapy, sosudoukreplyayuschee drugs, for example, gels with horse chestnut extract or arnica - in general, procedures to drain.Comfortable shoes and cool rising douche morning and evening - a mandatory part of the program.

How long have you got up on the scales?Overweight cellulite is on friendly terms.And until you get rid of a friend, the second will also be an eyesore.The right solution for a good prevention and treatment of cellulite - establish digestion and help the body get rid of toxins.Instead publicized anti-cellulite diet consult a gastroenterologist.Only a specialist is able to choose a balanced diet that promotes weight loss, tailored to your individual circumstances.

Fizkult hi

Take time for yourself.A 15-minute charge daily and the gym twice a week.Many?My grandmother is 86 years old, and she every day before going to work doing exercises.Yes, it's not a typo.She still works and looks great.It is best to burn fat is aerobic exercise: jogging, step aerobics, bicycling.Weight Training is also required.Thanks to them, it is possible to increase muscle mass and to correct errors of the figure.As a result of training with the weighting you spend a lot of calories.The main thing - do not overload your body and poured into sport mode gradually.Eliminate cellulite 100% one firming cream, unfortunately, impossible.

Auburn, beautiful!

quality prevention and treatment of cellulite, can fight cellulite, have a large range of vehicles.Among the time-tested - lipolytic manual massage.Quality procedure should not resemble the interrogation.The presence of bruises and other micro traumas after the massage says more about the lack of professionalism master than the high efficiency of the ritual.

Seaweed digested fat in problem areas, so they are used for local slimming.After the "wrapping" assured tone of the skin, lymphatic drainage (about minus one centimeter at the waist), and increase immunity (algae - a storehouse of iodine).If you can not take a course of wraps in the salon or clinic, arrange thalassotherapy home.Clean the body scrub and rub mitten or soft bristle brush until the skin turns pink (but without fanaticism and pain).In warm water, the temperature of which does not exceed 36-38S, add sea salt, algae and a complex of essential oils with anti-cellulite effect.Mix the ingredients with the help of the shower and sink.Lie in a relaxed state for 20 minutes, then wipe with a towel.Shower do not need to take.Apply on the skin cellulite cream or gel until completely absorbed (stroking first, and then pat) and climb into bed.Repeat the ritual must be twice a week 10-12 times.

Comprehensive Approach

forms in order to improve the interiors combine several techniques.We selected programs that have left a good impression and slender silhouette.

Coffee ceremony

Coffee or tea?Both!Caffeine - a major component of soft drinks - became the basis of anti-cellulite therapy SPA Contour Coffee.He has a wonderful lymph drainage and fat-burning properties.The procedure for converting rubenovskoy women in a more modern standard of beauty includes several stages.Intensive modeling massage with scrub peach seed warms the body and prepares the skin for the adoption of effective drugs, such as firming mask with extracts of coffee beans and yerba mate leaves.Her master carefully puts on the problem areas, and wrap you up like a doll in the thermal blanket for 30 minutes.One can only relax and use this time to sleep.But in reality you will be pleased with the elastic hips, buttocks tightened and smooth skin.

Around the world

Stone program for detoxification and modeling silhouette Academie - a great way to not only re-sculpt the body, but also to establish "traffic" in the gut (that is where lies the reason slagging).First Master polishes the problem areas scrub with Himalayan salt.Then pass all the active points "tread panther and a bear": the alternation of soft surface and deep movements slowly sinking into a sweet slumber.The next step - massage with stones from the African tree vakapu.Unlike hot stones, smooth wooden wedges are constantly in motion, actively acting on the stomach area, the hips and buttocks.The process of correction is completed seaweed wraps and applying tightening gel.Due to such variety of beauty techniques improve not only figure, but also the mood.

Magic Cocoon

In the fight against cellulite and excess centimeters brown algae Fucus no equal.The procedure with the mysterious name "parafango" reinforces their action by means of heat.The first thing the master puts on your body is a 100% natural blend of crushed sea salt, healing mud, algae, kelp, herbs: chamomile and nettle.With this organic cocktail removes dead cells, and produced an intense draining massage with a focus on problem areas.Then you take a shower, and the fun begins.Comes in a concentrate of fucus, speeds up metabolism.Master it covers every centimeter of your body, and then brush gets warm melted paraffin.It's nice to ants!As long as you nap in a kind of cocoon, there is a chance to imagine how you will look stunning in a new bathing suit.After the procedure, relies to drink a cup of ginger tea and enjoy a renewed reflection in the mirror.Hardware technology developed by leaps and bounds.Under the guidance of professionals smart machines work with the body on all fronts.

Entertaining physics

No needles, bruises and scars.Apparatus Lipocav very similar to all the familiar ultrasound device.While beautician leads a special nozzle for areas in need of correction, in the processes happening stunning.Under the influence of ultrasound in fat cells form bubbles that grow and burst.They are destroyed and cell membranes, whereupon all unnecessary (liquid and fat) is displayed in the blood flow and leaves the body by natural means, that is through the lymphatic system.The process takes no more than 30 minutes.After the "non-surgical liposuction" it is imperative to make lymphatic drainage.For example, spend a few massages with miracle machine Skintonic.Thanks to a rotating Teflon balls, it forms a vacuum that tightens and smoothes the skin.It must be admitted that after the course of treatment your favorite jeans will sit much freer.

All Inclusive

futuristic design of the device Velashape - the first thing that captivates even the sophisticated procedures Woman.Non-surgical removal of "breeches", "tummy", getting rid of cellulite and powerful lifting of the skin - this is an incomplete list of wonders that the power of this unit.The trick is that it uses just four types of energy and affects the deeper layers of skin.Infrared radiation reduces subcutaneous fat, high-frequency bipolar energy stimulates the formation of collagen.Add to this the mechanical and vacuum nozzle, which stimulates lymph flow and makes the skin smooth and supple.The only negative - a strong heating of the skin during the procedure, and sometimes pain.Have to endure 30 minutes.But the result is worth it!

Pre-course wraps and hardware procedures, consult with a gynecologist!