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What are the principles to choose a stroller for the baby?

Firstly, that izbezhatposleduyuschih sales-purchase of the vehicle, it will be better if kolyaskabudet transformer and will be adapted for any age child.Nevozmozhnopredskazat when your baby starts to sit steadily and when it will neobhodimootkazatsya the standard cradle.And it may happen that in the period kogdamalysh still can not sit two seasons will change and you will have menyatkolyasku for warming or relief.Wheelchair-transformer combines sebeprisposobleniya for any transportation conditions.

Secondly, you must obratitvnimanie on the materials from which made wheelchair.Try to give otplastika in support sisteme- it is short-lived.It is better to stop for okrashennyhmetallicheskih supports, in our time they are made with lightweight but stable kpovrezhdeniyam.

Fabric material strollers dolzhenbyt easy to wash, resistant to the ingress of moisture and the fabric on which budetlezhat baby should be easily removed for washing.If you do not printsipialnopokazat all that you have had a child with

a particular polovoyprinadlezhnostyu, better to stay in a neutral color fabric materiala.Eto all colors except red and pink, as well as blue and dark blue.This kolyaskubudet easier to sell, you're not going to keep it for life as svetluyupamyat?

If set to kolyaskeprilagaetsya cradle-carrying, it is a good idea, so oblegchaetsyaperenos child on floor.However, it is not too important element often otetogo devices quickly discarded.In summer, it's hot, and carry the baby without vperenoske upper anchorage unsafe.In winter, the baby may be neytesno by thick clothes and blankets.

Almost all modern kolyaskiosnascheny bag for carrying things a child.This bag must be easily removable without transforming strollers, easily opened and closed.Not stoitpredavat important set of compartments in a purse, dostatochnoodnogo, but spacious and open eyes, to easily find the right thing.Plyusombudet well as the presence of a special pocket for the bottle, which will keep its vvertikalnom condition and does not give the kid lunch break.

Speaking of devices dlyaperenoski things in wheelchairs, we can say that the same will not be superfluous nalichiebagazhnogo compartment at the bottom of the stroller.Although this device is rather bolsheprigoditsya mother than the child.A bag of groceries and bulky toys mozhnoperevozit there.Order your stuff in the luggage compartment is not soiled vdozhdlivoe time of year, let this slot will not be in the form of a lattice basket asploshnym, plastic or fabric.

Just sometimes kolyaskahsuschestvuet pocket that raspolagaetsyana back outside.This pocket will help you unload the front sumochku.V it can keep things that you use from time to time, for example, a mosquito net for stroller or replacement cap for baby, while sumochkabolshe suitable for transportation of the things that you regularly use in vremyaprogulki (bottleswater or milk, diapers, wet wipes).

will be wonderful if in a stroller komplekts already includes a raincoat and a mosquito net.These devices today mozhnopriobresti separately, but it is better if they are to be attached to the stroller, takkak sizes will fit exactly to your model.Let the baby walk undisturbed nor rain, nor annoying midges!

If the summer behind, note whether the stroller winter insulated pad.Mounted onatak that covers the legs and torso of the child from the rain and cold vetra.Obratite attention, it is easy to be put or remove the child from the stroller prinalichii such devices.Ideally, if it does not require polnostyusnimat cover and, for example, simply unzip.

child safety ozabochenakazhdaya mother, and it's time to check on the safety of our carriage.For a start, pay attention to the small details in wheelchairs - they should not be.Vseknopki, buttons and zippers should be only from the outside, any regulyatorypolozheniya strollers too.

sredstvodolzhno your vehicle be equipped with adjustable length belts as catalysts are currently the car.Fixing must be such that the child does not unfasten his smogsamostoyatelno.Soft pads on the straps are way too, because many children are terrible restless and can erase skin straps on the shoulders.Although it is especially for children from year babies are usually not strapped.

draw your attention naporuchen for which will keep the kids.He must be strong and obitymtkanevym material.Metal railings, though look safely, but ochensilno heating up in the sun and can deliver the baby discomfort.In addition, the handrail must be mounted latch, connecting it to the bottom of the carriage, so Ned kid out below.

If your baby sleeps in vremyaprogulok, the absolute advantage will be the presence of foldaway konechnoychasti bottom carriage - it will protect your child from falling out when rezkomtormozhenii.With that, the change of position of the end of the bottom must be driven vdvizhenie by removing certain limiter.

Soon the child begins to sit, then you need to look at the footrest.For we shall present vsegodva important requirement: the strength and the ability to remove them.If your rebenokspokoyno sitting in a wheelchair contemplating the world, it does not mean that one prekrasnyyden he does not want to stand on legs, leaned on delivery.You must be sure that onavyderzhit.

next, and probably one izsamyh important points that I would like to touch upon - is vozmozhnostregulirovki pose child.Let your carriage will be level 4 fiksatsiipolozheniya child: lying, half upright, semi-sitting and sedentary.Lezhachiyuroven for sleeping baby.Young children easily fall asleep on svezhemvozduhe, and can do it in any position, however, let it budetestestvennoy.Semi-lying level is ideal for a drink from a bottle, and zhechtoby not see the sky, but the mother.Half-upright level helps malyshunachat sit and sit-suited for the time when the kid himself uverennobudet hold back.

Wheelchair - this is an important purchase, so let is a long time and really, you and most important passenger!Walking is the always happy when convenient and mom and baby!