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Pineapple diet: the effectiveness, the menu features

On peculiarities of pineapple diet

Duration pineapple diet that will be considered here - up to five days maximum.It vozmozhnoprimenyat it as a fasting day or two, depending on the diet kakihrezultatov you expect.

The pineapple menu with kotorymoznakomites below, there are exactly four types of meals per day.Razi is required to do so many approaches to eating throughout the day.

Very important note!In dannoydiete applies only fresh pineapple.In no case do not canned.

Make sure to portsiyakazhdogo meal was not more than 250 grams.And the most important (this is constantly reminded nutritionists) - Drink at least one and a half liters of water a day chistoypitevoy.In addition to the water - green tea that can be drunk vkolichestve 3-5 cups a day.

Use for all dneyananasovoy diet fresh juice of this fruit.Pineapple pulp can sedatstolko as you want.

As you can see from the above, such a diet will be enough for the abundant fluid intake, because budutschitatsya norm more often your trips

to the bathroom.It is advisable if you spend etidni house near the sanitary facilities.

Pineapple tincture

Certain diets ananasomdopolnyayutsya another fat burner such as ordinary vodka.That is a very vdopolnenie some diet experts in nutrition offered kupotrebleniyu pulp pineapple infused vodka.

If you do not have protivnebolshoy proportion of alcohol in your diet, take note ananasovoynastoyki recipe.Cook it very simple.

  • Step 1. grind one sredniyananas (this can be done in any grinder - a meat grinder through a blender so on).
  • Step 2. Fill the pulp butylkoyvodki.Cover the container.
  • Step 3. Put the container in a dark place iprohladnoe, for example, in the pantry.Withstands week.
  • Step 4. izemkosti filtered liquid.Tincture of pineapple ready.We use for other purposes.

This tincture is considered by most usilivaeteffekt diet pineapple.Eat it should be before every priemompischi in the amount of one big spoon for all "of dietary" days.Last dnevnoypriem - before going to bed.In this case, a spoonful of tincture must "seize" kusochkomananasa.

Pineapple menu

Finally we reached and samogomenyu in the pineapple diet.Here are four servings of food recommended neyzhelayuschim reduce weight.

Early in the morning (soon after awakening), drink a glass of water and cook their own first breakfast of pineapple.For this izmelchaemv blender pineapple with natural unsweetened yogurt (kefir can).Dobavtetakzhe into your morning smoothie spoon to choose from: granola, oats, raisins, bran.

second lunch.About v10-11 morning you are invited to try the diet one hard-boiled egg, a slice of salted atakzhe sea fish on rye bread or loaf.

At lunch, prepare a dish izrisa cooked in Indian.Without meat, but with condiments.For example, a dry curry with sweet paprika.

night (18-19 hours) you editeparu potatoes, cooked in their skins and watered sauce.For example, low-calorie ketchup ilidrugim.

But this menu pineapple dietepredlagaetsya only the first day.On the second day, it certainly dolzhnoraznoobrazitsya.For example, you can cook your own dinner of shrimp or chicken, or turkey, or lean beef.Only boiled or cooked Napara, baked in the oven.In no case did not roasted or as kebabs naotkrytom fire!

for dinner instead kartofelyaovoschnoy make salad with fresh vegetables (do not forget about the different kinds of cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers).Season with chopped vegetables can sousomiz lemon juice, pineapple juice, a spoon of olive oil.

What possible effect?

And now go to samomuglavnomu.Moreover, for what was started and the whole idea with pineapple in a food - for effectiveness against excess fat.

results if deystvovatstrogo the proposed plan will be such (with diet supplements ananasovoynastoykoy): loss of seven days to 2-3 kg of excess weight, a month - up to 9-10 kg.

How, you ask, mozhnodietu stretch to a month, if it is recommended by nutritionists not dolshepyatidnevnogo term?We answer.Typically, circuit weight loss with pineapple predlagaetsyasleduyuschaya.If you need a small amount of weight reduction, the dietypriderzhivayutsya 2-3 days as unloading and cleanse the body, then plavnyyperehod to his normal diet.Such fasting days repeated every week kazhdyedve.

If neobhodimobolshe lose 2-3 kg, will have to work more thoroughly.For etogopriderzhivaemsya diet (preferably with a tincture, unless contraindicated) to five days.Then within a month nastoykuvkupe used only with their usual food, strictly in the amount of spoon before the next meal.

Amusing facts about diet

  • Pineapple diet is very tasty, healthy, balanced on a set of products.

  • to lose weight with pineapple pribegalasama Sophia Loren, moreover, that the pineapple is one of her favorite fruit.

  • Bromelain contained in pineapple, it is the vehicle accelerating assimilation of protein foods, besides etotferment helps to improve digestion.

  • pineapple diet sometimes metkonazyvayut "postprazdnichnoy."This is the best option handling post-holiday days with the abundant and fatty food during last.

  • If during the diet does not work out further polenitsyai exercise for weight loss, fitness into sportzaleili at home, yoga, twisting the hoop around the waist, a simple hiking -Results double delight.And thin waist with thinner thighs zastavyatsebya not long in coming.