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Bridal Fashion Trends 2014

Trend 1 - monochrome

white dress combined with high black gloves and black frill around the waist, asymmetrical black top dress with white classic lush bottom.Do not forget that in the black dress of the bride - it's fresh, relevant and easily.But such a move should be supported and the styling of the interior or cited in the suit of the groom (white flower in his lapel black jacket - this is enough!).

Trend 2 - more colors!

White - a classic color, but it does not fit all.If you have already visited the bridal salons, you know what, in fact, there a variety of colors.Ivory, golden sand, beige, bright-white, beige and white.Choose shade dresses need only the color of their skin: dress any case something should not merge with its shade.Also ideal dress should emphasize the color of hair and eyes.Here we must be especially careful blondes and light Light Brown girls.This season, designers have joined the palette of colors all shades of champagne, pale pink, pale blue, pearl gray.But red dress

es for the wedding - is still a sign of vulgarity.

Trend 3 - dresses in the style of Kate Middleton

fabulous royal wedding was an example of a dream come true, and Kate herself - the personification of the princess of the 21st century.Designers could not forget the loudest wedding of the century and offered to brides remember the motives of this elegant, noble and luxury dress with an incredibly beautiful trail.

Trend 4 - do not need a veil

now proposes to replace unusual veil hat with a veil and floral wreaths and rims in the style of Lana Del Rey.Particularly relevant in the summer flowers wedding.If you decide to use colors, keep in mind that they should be repeated in your bouquet and groom's boutonniere, and room decoration.

Trend 5 - Basque

That blow up the world of fashion last season, and now almost come to naught - only brought into wedding gowns.Short or long, symmetrical or asymmetrical - it depends on how unusual should be your dress.And remember that the Basque looks good on a slim figure.Owners extra padding should seriously evaluate all the pros and cons.

6 Trend - minimalism

laconic models must be filled out improperly expensive material - white silk.This dress is not only outshine the bride, but also attract the attention to detail.Ornaments are also to be luxurious.Another option - a laconic dress with the addition of bright color.For instance, bright pink shoes, bouquet and floral wreath.Freshness, youth, enthusiasm.

Trend 7 - open shoes

Dear girls, before you leave "in light of" new shoes, take two weeks to ensure that they deliver to the state when the leg you do not even feel it.The rule is not new, but it is better to recall.In the summer outdoor shoes are allowed, even sandals if they are not to the beach option, and your dress does not visually look too "heavy".Otherwise, it will have to "keep" lacquer "the shuttles' heels, which are in harmony with a touch of the dress.

Trend 8 - cloak

cloak, made of silk and lace, fine skrott shoulders and neck in the official part of or in the evening when you want to escape for a moment from flowing around the holidays.Cloak replaced the classic version of capes and nothing inferior to her in terms of functionality.The rest - a matter of taste.

Trend 9 - gloves

Black high, short transparent, silk, lace.Variants of the sea!The main thing to remember that under the gloves should hide handle groomed with perfect bridal manicure (jacket or shades of pale pink).

Trend 10 - open dress

In the informal part of the bride is allowed to choose a very seductive cut dress.But sometimes closed dress able to make a greater impression than the open.Look closely, and may instead be a deep neckline, bare backs and open hands you choose a dress with a lace top translucent, which will cover only the arms, shoulders and back.

choice is yours.The main thing that this day you will no doubt enjoyed themselves and you were nice and comfortable to be in this dress.The only way you will feel the pleasure of the holiday, but will not rush its completion.