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Lose Weight tasty: banana-milk diet

Nuzhnoimet in mind that the milk-banana diet refers to the category of mono-diet.Etooznachaet that your body will receive only those substances that nahodyatsyav banana and milk.But these substances are not enough to normalnogofunktsionirovaniya body, so it is important to further prinimatkompleks multivitamin.It is also recommended to follow such a diet is not dolsheodnoy week.In some cases it is sufficient and three days.

Benefits inedostatki banana dairy diet

Odnoiz the main advantages of this diet is that in the banana and milk soderzhitsyamnozhestvo useful trace elements and vitamins.Banana is rich in vitamins A, E, C, B. It also contains sucrose, glucose and pectin.This delicious fruit soderzhatsyai useful elements: iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and others.Navernyakakazhdy of us noticed that after one eaten a banana feeling golodapokidaet long.And all because the banana contains a lot of starch ikletchatki.

banana-milk diet has a positive effect on the intestine, and it

cleans nashorganizm of toxins.Potassium, which is found in bananas, stimulates obmenveschestv, and this has a positive effect on the skin.In addition, we can not agree that eating bananas is much nicer than rice buckwheat.But in this case are all individually.

Kaki most fruits, the banana has healing properties.Doctors rekomenduyutezhednevno include in your diet milk, banana cocktail to those people who have problems with cardiovascular system.In addition, bananyhorosho enrich us with energy, which is so necessary for children, athletes iprosto active people.

Mnogiedevushki afraid to eat bananas, because they consider them too high-calorie.On samomdele it is not.One apple contains more than 100 calories, and one banana-from 72 to 135 calories.As you can see, a banana is not much different caloric otyabloka.So do not be afraid of extra kilos, which allegedly mogutpoyavitsya banana.It is worth noting and useful properties of milk.In dannomnapitke contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and other elements.All etiveschestva with regular use of a beneficial effect on teeth fortress of bones, as well as they are able to relieve pain in the joints.

Edinstvennyyminus such a diet is that a diet too meager.Not vsedevushki able to eat a few days only bananas, milk, cottage cheese ilikefirom.During such a diet your body will not get dostatochnogokolichestva proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and other nutrients.As ilyubaya other diet, the banana-milk diet has some contraindications:

  • idiosyncrasy products;
  • diabetes and chronic diseases;
  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • kidney disease, liver and gastrointestinal tract.

Luchshevsego before diet consult a dietitian.Nor rekomenduetsyaprovodit such a diet more often than once per season.

Kakpodgotovitsya to diet

Ochenvazhno to choose the bananas.Bananas must be ripe.You can not pokupatnedozrelye fruits, as they are less digestible and flatulence inakopleniya gases.It is strictly forbidden instead of fresh bananas ispolzovatsushenye bananas, because they are six times more calories.In addition, in the year lyuboevremya can easily find in any store bananas.

Chtobyprotsess weight loss to be successful, buy bananas medium length.Bananas dolzhnybyt rich yellow color and have a thin peel."Plantains" imeyuttolstuyu peel green color and they are long.

Lyubayadieta requires prior preparation of the body.Do not immediately zhekilogrammami absorb them bananas and drink liters of milk.To start ustroyterazgruzochny day tea, non-carbonated mineral water, yogurt.Per day vypivaytene least two liters of purified water.On the next day after the start of the discharge dnyamozhno banana-milk diet.

Recipes dlyamolochno-banana diet

diet based on milk

Kazhdyyden allowed to eat no more than three bananas and drink no more than trehstakanov milk.This amount of product to be divided into six priemovpischi: breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, dinner and late supper.Vrezultate you get for half a glass of milk and half a banana nakazhdy meal.Between meals should drink plenty of fluids: vodunegazirovannuyu cleansing, herbal tea, green tea.With this dietemozhno lose three to four kilograms.

Dlyaraznoobraziya possible to prepare cocktails out of milk and a banana.In a blender smeshayteneobhodimoe number of products, and you have a delicious and pitatelnyynapitok.

diet based on yogurt or kefir

Takoyvariant diet also is designed for three days.The only difference is that you need to use chtovmesto milk kefir or yogurt.During the day you can eat and drink tribanana three cups of dairy products.

diet based on cheredovaniiproduktov

Kolichestvoproduktov remains the same.However, the products can be alternated.Each priempischi must take on one product: for breakfast - a banana, navtoroy breakfast - a full glass of milk for lunch - a banana for lunch - a glass of Molokai so on.Milk can be replaced with yogurt or kefir.

diet with a gradual decrease in product

Kazhdyyden you have to reduce the number of products.Do not forget that produktynuzhno also distribute for several meals.The first day - three litramoloka and nine bananas, the second day - two liters of milk and six bananas, tretiyden - one liter of milk and three bananas.

seven-day diet

Priderzhivayastakoy diet a day can get rid of one kilogram.Every day vamnuzhno to eat half a kilogram of bananas and drink at least two litrovzhidkosti (tea, water).With such a diet necessarily in your diet is necessary vklyuchityaytsa.But the day you can eat no more than one egg.

banana-milk diet with cheese

Tvorogprekrasno combined with bananas.Adhering to such a diet, you pridetsyasochetat banana and curd days.For example, on odd days you nuzhnokushat only cheese (300 g) and one grapefruit, and on even - three bananas and milk tristakana.If you want to increase the duration of the diet, the chetnyedni add 200 grams of meat and one egg.

Long banana-milk diet

Dlitelnosttakoy diet may be about a month.However, the need to adhere nekotoryhpravil:

  • Breakfast should always consist of water and bananas;
  • from your diet is necessary to completely eliminate the flour dishes, pastries, sweets and chocolate.If you will want to eat, what to do vybiraytebanany;
  • latest meal should be no later than 20:00 pm, when etomrekomenduetsya go to bed no later than midnight;
  • During the day you need to be sure to eat these foods: fish, eggs, chicken and other foods rich in protein;
  • on the diet need to completely abandon the liquor otkureniya, smoked foods and preservatives, as well as fast food;
  • The day allowed to eat at least five or six bananas.

Tepervy know how you can lose weight with help of delicious banana-milk diet.

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