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Kissing a man: What will it downers?

kiss a man in a dream: how to treat?

It is sad, but the interpretation of the dream is not as pleasant as his story.For married women, this scenario will soon change marks or fraud on the part of a spouse.Girl having a serious relationship, kissing a man dream book is treated as an approximation of separation.Sad ending is inevitable, even if a partner was not just a friend, and your current young man.If the kiss was passionate, the parting is near.It is likely that the guy will propose to sever relations.

So, if the young lady had a kiss with a man, whose age is much higher than it, it is that same prophetic dream.It is very likely that after what he saw, the girl will pay attention very elderly man.By itself, a good man, perhaps wealthy, but to tie a relationship with him or not - it depends on your moral principles and feelings.

The interpretation of a dream in which you kiss a man.

Turning to the interpreter of Freud can be understood that the dream carries some kind of warning about the threat to be deceived.For girls, this dream means a quick ac

quaintance with the handsome and charismatic man, but as it turns out, this gentleman is just a gigolo.

As stated in the Dream Miller kissing a man is unfaithful to her chosen ladies.But, oddly enough, a married kiss in a dream with her own husband says that in their family there is harmony and mutual understanding.

kissing former symbolizes that your light to it is not yet extinguished.In reality, you can as much as necessary to convince myself that everything went and cooled, but the soul through Sleep suggests otherwise.Do not be fooled.Incidentally, such a picture in a dream can mean that this young man is not satisfied with their personal lives, and often recalls ending an affair with you.

Of particular importance is that what emotions you experienced during sleep.If the process kiss bring you pleasure, it is a sign that you will soon be deceived.Testing indicates dissatisfaction with excitement or nonexistent sex life.Kissing at the same time do it with disgust - a symbol of what lurks in your body disease associated with psycho-emotional disorders.

What does a dream in which you kiss a stranger?

interpretation dream book: kiss a stranger

often sleep this scenario indicates a clear dissatisfaction with their current chosen.If there is no, then it can be viewed as a signal that your heart wants to love and be loved.Look closely, maybe the person that you thought unsuitable match, is the very protagonist of your novel.

Yes, most of the treatments did not promise the dreamer that is repeated in real life.But, despite this, something that dream kisses guy - good alert for possible trouble.

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